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'Wind Power' Pickens Denounces Obama Energy Plan Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, May 20, 2011, 02:57 pm

Alternative Pickens.bmpTexas Billionaire T. Boone Pickens, a strong proponent of wind power, faulted President Barack Obama on Friday, contending that the White House failed to develop the energy plan he pledged for Americans as a presidential candidate in 2008.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “the oil magnate an advocate for alternative fuels said at a town hall meeting at a southeast Pennsylvania university that the Democratic president hasn’t followed up on a campaign promise to end America’s reliance on Mideast oil within 10 years.”

Pickens said, “he’s never told us how we’re going to get off the Mideast oil, and no one’s ever asked him. We’re the only country in the world that has no energy plan.”

Pickens emphasized though that he noted Republicans have also been remiss in tackling the difficulty.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “since taking office in January 2009, Obama has boosted corporate fuel economy standards, put billions of stimulus dollars into renewable energy projects and worked to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In March, Obama called for a one-third reduction of oil imports by 2025.”

Yet, many of his proposals have stalled in Congress, where the GOP have placed an emphasis on increased oil drilling over renewable energy initiatives.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (9)add comment
written by Michelle , May 20, 2011

Don't you be dissin' my boy, Boone. Don't do it. You hear me!

written by Austin , May 20, 2011

Alternative energy proposals stall in Congress because of GOP opposition, so it is Obama's fault for not pushing them hard enough?

written by furrpiece , May 20, 2011

All of the wind turbines, solar panels, and various thermal differentiation schemes in the entire world do not equal the energy produced from one coal mine.

As much as I respect Boone Pickens, who was hawking natural gas in the early 80s, our nation cannot convert easily or quickly away from oil to other energy products.

And, why should we?

If we announce to the world that we will begin drilling anywhere we have found oil - or are likely to find oil, the price of gasoline will drop to under $2.00 per gallon in just a few days.

OPEC will also cave in like a cheap tent.

As for Obama, he's been the greatest failure as a Western head of state in decades. It's like having a corrupt Chicago mayor as President. (Yes, "corrupt Chicago mayor" is redundant.)

written by ElHombre , May 20, 2011

After reading furrpiece's rant, an old quote from a Texan sprung to mind: If ignorance hits $50 a barrel, I want drilling rights on that man's head.

written by Ken Dickson , May 21, 2011

Alternate energy as we know it is not the answer to our problem. We have plenty of natural gas to run cars & trucks. electrcity does not just come out of the plug, natural gas will provide that power, not to mention coal....both items Obama hates! He wants to "break the coal companies...not to mention oil & gas, Agriculture, etc...anything that makes this country great. His policy is to replace "productives" with "non-productives"!...America will be great again...if & only when Obama & co goes back to "Capone-land"!

written by Buffy , May 21, 2011

The US has been at war numerous times all over the Mideast, we needed to just take over therir oil or have them pay us back for what it cost us to defend them from their leaders.

written by Austin , May 21, 2011

Now that Cuba has discovered oil reserves how long before the US decides to invade and "liberate" them or suddenly decide that trade with Cuba is a good idea after all?

written by furrpiece , May 22, 2011

The fastest path to economic recovery in our country includes a return to cheap energy, including petroleum products. We also MUST increase the supplies of oil and gas to lower the cost of oil, and keep it low.

The Obama Administration is the biggest and most unprecedented impediment in the history of our country to both a vibrant economy, and cheap energy.

The sooner he is thrown out of the White House, and his administration of Socialists, Communists, Maoists, Marxists, and perverweirdosrdos is thrown out of our government, the faster our economy will heal.

written by Byron George , May 23, 2011

When oil prices spiked in 2008 I seem to recall some of the Democrats on this blog blaming President Bush. I just paid $4.00 a gallon. Would any of you like to blame President Obama? That's what I figured!

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