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China's Yangtze River too Dry for Ships Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, May 12, 2011, 07:23 am

Allow Yangtze.bmpThe longest waterway in Asia, the Yangtze River, which is China's most important shipping route, has been shut down by the worst drought in 50 years that has kept cargo ships stranded and 400,000 people without drinking water.

The Daily Telegraph of London reports that, "water-levels have sunk as low as 10 ft. in the main thoroughfare of the 3,900 mile long river that stretches from the glaciers of the Tibetan plateaus to the coastal city of Shanghai."

The Yangtze River basin is home to 1/3 of China's population and is reponsible for 40 percent of the nation's economic growth.

According to the Daily Telegraph, "emergency teams have beeen sent to the river's middle reaches around Wuhan in the central province of Hubei, to rescue two ships that have been grounded in the past week and help any others that become stranded."

A 140-mile stretch of the river above Wuhan has been closed to ocean-going vesseels, due to the shallow waters, as ordered by the river's management office.

To read the entire article from the Daily Telegraph of London, link here:

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written by Sir Percy , May 12, 2011

It appears that the evidences of climate change are getting more prominent. Record and unusual floods or rains in one area, such as USA right now, Australia and China earlier and the opposite unusual droughts like in China and other areas now. I hope that this is just a temporary coincidence but humans just have to focus on this as a top priority.

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