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Reggie Love Talks Relationship with Obama Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 24, 2011, 02:31 am

Anal Reggie.bmpWithout delving into rumors, whether true or false about President Barack Obama, Politico posted an on-the-record exclusive interview with Reggie Love, Mr. Obama’s best friend. But it should be noted the White House aide was not expressing admiration for Obama’s political mind when he spoke in praise of the nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

Politico reports that, “White House aide Reggie Love, a member of Duke University’s championship men’s college basketball team in 2001, says that President Barack Obama has something in common with his former coach, Mike Kryzewski.”

When asked to compare his two former bosses, Mr. Love said, “they’re very straight-shooting, loyal, individuals. He pointed out that playing basketball is a special custom for Obama’s inner circle.

Mr. Love added, “we came to the conclusion that basketball was luck. We played in Iowa on Caucus Day [in 2008]. A bunch of his friends from Chicago had come down for the actual Caucus Day, since it was so close. We won in Iowa. We went to New Hampshire, we didn’t play, and someone was all like, ‘You guys didn’t play basketball on Election Day! And from then on, we then played basketball on every single primary day from there on out.”

According to Politico, “Love said that basketball has also helped some Obama staffers keep things in perspective, explaining, ‘It did give you some peace of mind.’”

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:

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Comments (7)add comment
written by Dagwood , April 24, 2011

So Reggie LOVES Obama!

OK, just what kind of relationship does
a President have with a basketball jock?

"We the People" do need to be delving
into this. Just look at Obama with his legs
crossed here like a woman? This is a
President? What he is doing here sitting
so intimately with this jock? Most of all
importance is where were these two headed? To some all inclusive resort on
taxpayers dollars.

"We the People" do hope this gets delved
into! Where are our tax dollars going and
how does a President have time for this
when we are in three wars. Or is Hiliary
really the one running the country?

This guy has the life! He has fooled all
with his Martin Luther speeches! Then
will retiree with one big fat pension after
what all these blacks do getting all the
US Government jobs, absolutely nothing!
They are the best laziest actors on this

Let's impeach him now. They impeached
Clinton for much less, but at least Clinton
did some work.

Obama is taking his Presidency as a gravy
train and this picture depicts it!

written by Buck Winkle , April 24, 2011

UH OH. This may not be so good.

written by Toddy , April 24, 2011

I do not know which of these hunks is cuter, Reggie or Barack. It is dreamy. I think of them both a lot when I climb into bed under my sweet rainbow bedspread. Only in America .........

written by RufusLevin , April 24, 2011

Enough about basketball between these two.

Which one pitches and which one catches?

written by ElHombre , April 25, 2011

It sounds like Tom has found a new object for his mancrush. And he's gone black! I guess the Rahm Emanuel didn't work out for him. You have my sympathies, Tom.

written by RufusLevin , April 25, 2011

ElHombre must like hummers and dancers. Wassamatta...lulac not getting enough press these days?
Obama is a don't ask don't tell opponent, except in the Oval Office.

written by furrpiece , April 25, 2011

Rumors are that's also the case at Camp David, where he takes vacations from vacations with his kids, and in Air Force One.

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