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Texas EPA Czar Stalks Natural Gas Industry Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Apr 11, 2011, 07:20 PM

Armendariz Vox.jpgMany business people from the Lone Star state invest in natural gas, since the emissions are cleaner than fossil fuels. While making the air cleaner, they create thousands upon thousands of jobs for Texans. Nevertheless, President Barack Obama’s Texas EPA czar, Al Armendariz, a professor at S.M.U. in Dallas, Tx., argues that natural gas is dirty, so he intends to crack down on the industry.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “natural gas may burn cleaner than other fossil fuels, but when total greenhouse gas emissions are factored in from a leading extraction method, it is far dirtier than backers suggest, according to a new study from scientists at Cornell University.”

Robert W. Howarth, lead author of the study, a preliminary version of which as posted recently, claims that “in fact, the process of obtain natural gas through hydraulic fracturing could greatly contribute to emissions of methane and carbon dioxide, making it dirtier than oil and coal.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, “researchers focused on the large amounts of methane that escape into the atmosphere during hydraulic fracturing, the controversial technique in which oil companies force millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals into a well to break open shales and other dense rock formations and release natural gas. It also looks at the indirect emissions into equipment and vehicles used to extract, develop and transport.”

The oil and gas industry contends that natural gas would be pivotal to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil while also addressing fears about climate change.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (4)add comment
written by furrpiece , April 12, 2011

It is clear as a bell that the Obama Administration is at war with Texas. This is a red state, and likely to remain so for years. It has also contributed greatly to Republican coffers, especially out of the energy sector.

Obma, a Marxist, believes he can use government power to bring Texas to its knees, bankrupt the energy sector, and make life so miserable for Texans that they will give in.

So, it's not surprising that Obama has hired yet another token Marxist who agrees with his Far-Left radical views, to be the warrior-in-chief against the entire state of Texas.

Perhaps they should study San Jacinto.

written by Jason K , April 12, 2011

Then I guess he's also at war with Pennsylvania, which voted for him in the last election.

Natural gas is fine... using methods to get it that cause huge amounts of pollutants is not.

written by Boston Green , April 12, 2011

THERE is a video~audio of Armendariz at a public function bragging from a podium about how he has told his staff at EPA to be like the ancient Roamsns, and then elaborating to tell the public audience that he told his staff that the ancient Romans [who he told the staff to be like] would conquer a Greek coastal town or village and then immediately round up the first five men they found in the conquered town or village and crucify them, and after that the Romans would not have any "trouble" from the remaining villagers.....

This guy, Armendariz, is clearly a stupid idiot; but as this clip shows all too clearly, he is a dangerous idiot at that !

Is he the sort of guy to be holding a responsible position of public trust ?

Is he the kind of guy who belongs on a university faculty ?

written by Ken Dickson , April 12, 2011

This "nutso communist" needs to be fired & NOW!!..not only by the Feds, but by SMU!! Actually the Board of Regents of SMU should be called into question for allowing him to continue to teach when he also draws federal money!!

Obama wants to fight Texas? We have beat greater tyrants! What a couple of Boobs & we are paying them both!

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