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Houston Man Continues to Fight Obama from Grave Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Mar 22, 2011, 04:31 pm

Cancer Obama.jpgOne Houstonian won’t let death stand in the way of trying to stop President Barack Obama from getting re-elected into the White House in 2012.

Fox News reports that, “Jim Harrison, who died Feb. 27 at the age of 68, used his obituary to call for Obama’s defeat, MyFoxHouston reports.”

The obituary reads as follows, “in lieu of flowers, at Jim’s request, please make a donation to ANYONE running against Barack Hussein Obama or the American Cancer Society.”

According to Fox News, “Harrison’s stepson, John Rundlof said the obituary was ‘kind of a parting shot.’ Though the family has gotten positive and negative feedback, Rundlof said Harrison just wanted to see ‘change’ in Washington.”

His widow announced she endorsed her late husband’s message.

She said, “we saw it. We said, ‘Yes Jim. You’ve got to put it in.’ It was awesome. He’s a staunch Republican and everybody, they remember that obituary when they see it,” Ginger Rudlof told MyFoxHouston.

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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Comments (6)add comment
written by RufusLevin , March 23, 2011

Watch out....the Democrats will take down his name, and use it to illegally vote for Democrats in the next election. Stealing votes is the only way they win TERRIBLE are their candidates.

written by manny s , March 23, 2011

He’s a staunch Republican ....then he is also a staunch idiot not to be abel to see that the republicans drove this country to the ground,,, it should read... donate to make sure we keep the black man out of the white house.. or donate to anyone but the republicans that drove this country to the ground..

written by Percy St. Clair , March 23, 2011

May GOD bless and keep you, "Houston Man".

written by RufusLevin , March 23, 2011

Uh, manny...that be de one-half black man in the white in mulatto president...who is driving the nation totally beneath the ground. And the white folk be against the one-half white part....because it is weak weak weak.

Not only only is Obama a product of mecegination, but he was born of an athiest mother and father, a polegemist alcoholic non-american citizen that sponged of of the US Educational system, and has ALWAYS lived a dysfunctional life married to an angry race biggoted woman.

May he soon pass out of the white house so we can begin to repair the damage that he and the Democratic congress liars and thieves have done to the USA.

manny, you may just be a pot calling the kettle black refering to idiots.

written by Jonathan Green , March 24, 2011

May he rest in peace.

written by RufusLevin , March 25, 2011

I guess he considered Obama and Cancer to be on par with one another. I think I would agree with him.

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