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Is Texas EPA Czar Working Two Jobs a Conflict of Interest? Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Mar 8, 2011, 04:31 PM

Armendariz Professor.jpgWhile President Barack Obama’s appointment of Al Amendariz as the Texas EPA czar has already caused a big headache for Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican, some may be wondering why Mr. Armendariz has not yet resigned from his full-time position as a professor at Southern Methodist University (S.M.U.) in Dallas.

Is Professor Amendariz trying to implement President Barack Obama’s leftist ideology into S.M.U.’s curriculum? Does Professor Amendariz not recognize a contradiction? He’s preventing the creation of new jobs in Texas by trying to halt permits for new power plants, but at the same time he gets two salaries, while most Texans feel privileged to work in one full-time job. Does he understand the pain of some Texans who are struggling financially, since he himself is a wealthy man, earning a fortune as a powerful bureaucratic official and a full-time professor? Can he adequately provide full attention to his students while engaging in full-scale environmental battles in Austin at the behest of his boss, President Barack Obama?

UPDATE: The Dallas Blog just received an e-mail of Al Amendariz' SMU Profile:

Al Armendariz

Research Associate Professor

Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering

Contact Information

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Visit website


B.S. - Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993 M.E. - Environmental Engineering, University of Florida, 1995 Ph.D. - Environmental Engineering, School of Public Health at University of North Carolina, 2002.

Research Concentrations

control of diesel particulate emissions detection of volatile compounds in contaminated soils control of mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers and industrial furnaces emissions inventories for oil and gas development improving clean air act policy and law

Research Accomplishments and Activities

Recent research projects have focused on the development of diesel exhaust particulate removal systems, to protect workers such as coal miners and bus drivers who spend considerable amounts of time around diesel engines. Additional research projects have focused on the development of field-ready methods for the detection of volatile organic compounds in contaminated soils at cleanup sites. New research into methods to reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and other coal industry.

Research Philosophy

We have an obligation to future generations to be good stewards of our environment. By doing so, we promote our own public health, economic growth, and long-term sustainability. We need the best and brightest minds to work on solving the problems of global climate change, urban air pollution, and unsafe working environments. The solutions are made by combining established and new techniques in chemistry, biology, physics, economics, and engineering.

Courses Taught

Fundamentals of Air Pollution Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Aerosol Mechanics Meteorology (general education first-year course)


Kim J., Kim K., Armendariz A.J., Al-Sheikhly M. "Electron Beam Irradiation for Mercury Emissions Control." under review by the ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering.

Kim J., Lim Y., Son Y., Armendariz A.J. "Isoprene emission rates from deciduous trees in Korea

and their potential importance to air quality." under review by Chemosphere.

Armendariz A., Garcia A., Alvarez R., McMillan M., Feldman H. "Attainment Strategies for the

New Ozone Standard," Proceedings of the Air and Waste Management Association's Annual

Conference and Exhibition, Portland, OR, June 24-26, 2008.

Armendariz A.J., Farnoud A, Huang C. "Using Electrostatic Precipitation to Control Diesel

Exhaust Particulate Emissions," Proceedings of the 12th Mine Ventilation Symposium, Reno, NV,

June 9-11, 2008.

Armendariz A., K. Gowda, G. Carney, “Evaluation of a Technique for Detection of Petroleum

Hydrocarbons in Soils”, Journal of Environmental Engineering 134(2),145-149, 2008.

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Comments (6)add comment
written by Dan Carswell , March 09, 2011

Armendariz is an idiot : a fool with a big school degree, but no real world experience of significance, and no common sense. So far, he sounds a lot like BAHAMA doesn't he ? But BAHAMA is worse, for he is a CHICOM tool; and Armendariz is just a "useful idiot" for the dear, sweet CHICOM.

written by Ken Dickson , March 09, 2011

This guy needs to go from both jobs! He is a Leftist, job-killing, anti-freedom-loving, stumbling block to society!

Why even SMU ever hired him is strange & why they would allow him to continue teaching his vile know nothing ideas is beyond comprehension! Obama loves him as someone bringing misery to Texas & the energy industry!

written by RufusLevin , March 09, 2011

ALL of his "studies" utilize completely unusable remediation or control mechanisms in the commercially viable and afordable sense...pure academic drivel. He is a hopeless overeducated ideolog...he belongs at the EPA who spent YEARS not cleaning up the SUPERFUND sites because they could NEVER DECIDE "HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN" re parts per trillion polution residues from contamination remediation the poluted sites went unabated for years and years...but the EPA kept adding people and expenses and lawyers to their staffs.

He is the PERFECT OBAMA EGGHEAD...not a lick of Common, pragmatic business sense, but an attitude of superiority, arrogance, and power hunger enough to prevent the nation from ever becoming energy independent.



written by furrpiece , March 10, 2011

Armendariz is the last guy in Texas who will admit the truth: a great deal of the air pollution in Dallas is caused by illegal aliens driving cars that are gross violators of pollution standards.

Illegals buy fake inspection stickers and even fake proof of insurance. They not only pollute the air, but they also violate other EPA standards.

But Obama and Armendariz would rather kill jobs in Texas, raise gas prices in Texas, stop the flow of oil to refineries in Texas, and do as much damage as possible to our business community and those who create jobs.


Texas wouldn't vote for either one of them under any circumstances!

written by RufusLevin , March 11, 2011

But would Richie Valens or Pancho Villa CLAIM to be countrymen to this bozo egghead?

written by deesave , March 18, 2011

If you google Al Armendariz, literally the first page that comes up is his SMU page, which says that he is taking a leave of absence while working for the EPA. Please do some basic research before casting ideological aspersions onto a loyal public servant. And don't worry, even if you spell his name wrong (as you've done, leaving out the first "r"), it's still the 4th article on google

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