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Roddy B, From A to Z Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Thu, Feb 17, 2011, 11:16 am
For the first time all season, Roddy Beaubois was in a Dallas uniform. How did he contribute to the Mavs’ 116-100 victory over the visiting Kings on Wednesday? What does this mean for the 39-16 Mavs going forward? We chronicle A Night With Roddy B … From A to Z.

A Assists. Beaubois’ critics say he cannot/should not play point guard. And yes, he is a natural 2. But after 54 games of watching in street clothes, he took the floor and recorded six assists. Not bad for a natural 2-guard.

B Bench – the bench that Mavs coach Rick Carlisle says is “among the NBA’s best,’’ the bench that second-wave leader Jason Terry insists is THE best in the league, the bench that just got a lot better with the return of Rodrigue Beaubois in a Dallas uniform after having broken his foot in August. Roddy B was the first guy off the Dallas bench (even ahead of Jet and of Shawn Marion). At the 9:53 mark of the first quarter, Roddy B made his entry to wild cheers from the audience.

C Consistency. “Roddy was the flashes of brilliance with no consistency last year,'' Carlisle said. "’Rodrigue’ is the new guy.''

Can Roddy B be “consistent’’ enough to put up this sort of line -- 13 points on 6-of-13 shooting (1-of-4 behind the arc) with six assists, three turnovers, three steals and one rebound in 21 minutes of action – on a nightly basis? That’d be a pre-trade deadline boost that could answer lots of questions for Dallas.

But he’s still going to be “Roddy B’’ to us.

D DeShawn Stevenson. The Mav whose role is most likely to be impacted by The Return of Roddy B. Earlier this week, Carlisle was thoughtful enough to mention DeShawn’s work as a role-playing starter – this after the original plan called for Stevenson to be something like the 11th man – as “a godsend.’’

DeShawn will handle this like a pro, no doubt. For he understands that the way for the Mavericks to vault from what they are – a 39-16 team trying to hold down the No. 2 seed in the West – to what they might be is to add something.

Something like Rodrigue Beaubois.

E Evans, Tyreke. Not available due to a foot problem, the second-year guard for the Kings might’ve held Roddy B in check. And might’ve kept Sacto from falling behind so far, too. “Well,’’ Kings coach Paul Westphal said, “it’s certainly tough. We had 26 turnovers tonight and he and Beno (Udrih) are our primary ball-handlers and some nights we battle turnovers, but never that bad. And it really shows what he brings to our team at both ends of the floor. When he doesn’t play teams tend to score a lot more on us and we tend to turn over the ball a lot more, and he’s a big part, obviously, of us being able to be competitive.’’ No Tyreke-vs.-Roddy B robbed the game of some marquee value. But the Mavs aren’t complaining.

F FREE. As in FREE RODDY B, the campaign – complete, of course, with t-shirts that Beaubois himself owns three of – that launched a year-and-a-half ago.

G Gassed. Beaubois was given eight minutes in the first quarter – remember, last season he averaged just 12 minutes per game and was only allowed to play in 56 regular-season games -- and along with some turnover sloppiness, scored six points with two assists. He was 3-of-5 from the field, his two misses coming from the arc. And when the eight minutes were up?

He was gassed.

H Health. The foot. How’s the foot? No, the foot is good,’’ Roddy B reported.” I have to get my legs into it—the cardio is kind of tough. It’s been a long time, but I have to keep working on it.”

I Ian Mahinmi. Roddy B’s fellow Frenchman was with the Spurs last season and is a Mav this season. Last spring, when Dallas opposed San Antonio in Round 1 of the playoffs, Beaubois was lured out for a night of socializing with the “enemy’’ Spurs Frenchmen Mahinmi and Tony Parker. Roddy B’s Mavs buddies found out about the crossing of enemy lines and warned him off doing so.

Roddy B didn’t understand the seriousness of the offense. He did it again.

Now that The Ianimal is a Mavericks backup, maybe next time Roddy B wants to party in French, he can do so without befriending the hated Spurs.

J Jermaine Taylor. The Kings youngster started in place of Tyreke Evans and scored 12 points in the first quarter. Taylor busted out early and then, late in the first half, busted, period, in a successful attempt to prevent an alley-oop to Beaubois. Before Roddy B could leave the floor, Taylor intentionally plowed into Beaubois, sending him sliding into the front row of the audience.

K Kidd, Jason. Beaubois’ mentor in so many ways – and a person who counts himself as impressed.

“I thought it was a great game for him to come back, in the sense that there’s no pressure,” Jason Kidd would say of Roddy after the game. “Just to make him feel comfortable.”

L Laissez-faire. A reasonable criticism of Beaubois’ personal style. (Using the loosest definition of the French term, “to live and let live.’’

He is easy-going. But don’t mistake that for uncaring.

The last Euro who got that treatment while in a Mavericks uniform was/is Dirk Nowitzki. And you see how that criticism’s turned out.

M MFFL. That’s “Mavs Fan For Life,’’ and those hard-core followers were “Roddy, Loud & Proud’’ in support of the 22-year-old.

“I really liked it,’’ Beaubois said of the fan support. “It feels great to be a part of it again, and I’m happy about that.”

N Nowitzki, Dirk. Desperately in need of a second banana. OK, it’s too early to force that on this kid. So maybe the Mavs will have to win with seven or eight second bananas. The Mavs are 12-1 when they have at least six players score in double figures. They had eight in double figures against the Kings.

O Oklahoma City Thunder. The team that technically drafted Roddy B with the 25th overall pick in the 2009 Draft. OKC choose Beaubois for Dallas, though, and Dallas chose and then handed over the Thunder’s pinpointed guy:

B.J. Mullens.

There are no “FREE BJ MULLENS’’ chants or T-shirts in OKC.

P Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Roddy B’s birthplace.

Q Quote of the Night, from Roddy B: “I have to find my rhythm.’’

See? Even HIS expectations are high.

R Rookie. The Mavs veterans joke around that he’s still “our rookie.’’ But let’s don’t ignore the stat discovery from last spring, when Roddy B became the first rookie in NBA history to join The 40/50/80 Club by shooting 40 percent from the arc, 50 percent from the floor and 80 percent from the free throw line.

S "Survival," said owner Mark Cuban of his Game 1 goal for Roddy B. "It means I want him to get a good start. (I have) no expectations at all. You can't get that excited. You want him to play, have a good game and get back in the rhythm of things."

T Thirty-eight. Dollars. That’s how much a $9 upper-deck ticket was selling for out on the street outside the AAC.

U “Untouchable.’’ The word Mavs sources keep “leaking’’ to some media outlets in an obvious attempt to make sure the NBA knows how much the kid is valued. What’s implied is that Dallas doesn’t want to include Roddy B in a blockbuster trade.

It’s not true. … He’s not “untouchable.’’ … though after Wednesday’s effort, you could almost understand if it was.

V Victories. Thirty-nine of them. Only San Antonio, Miami and Boston have more. Dallas’ success has been constructed while a man short. Beaubois is that man. Maybe this gets answered when Vegas takes notice, but how many victories can this team rack up now?

W Warriors. It was back on March 27, 2010 when Beaubois scored a career-high 40 points against the Warriors. That occasion and that opponent feeds the idea that as a rookie, he only succeeded against inferior foes, but …


X X-Factor. It’s an abused cliché in sports. So many guys want to be perceived as “The X-Factor.’’ … but they misunderstand its meaning. “X-Factor’’ doesn’t mean “star.’’ “X-Factor’’ means “a hard-to-describe influence or quality’’ or “an important element with unknown consequences.’’

That’s Roddy B. And anyone who thinks the Golden State game was a fluke must’ve not seen Game 6 in the first round of the playoffs at San Antonio, when Carlisle finally plucked him from mothballs and Beaubois scored 16 points in 20 minutes.

Y “Yeah,’’ Sacto coach Paul Westphal said of the Mavs, “they’re loaded. You start talking about the guys you have to defend on the three-point line. When you talk about our team you say ‘watch out of for Casspi on threes, Garcia is out so you don’t have to worry about him, and sometimes Beno can get hot.’ You go down their team and you’ve got Dirk, and you’ve got Stojakovic, two of the greatest three-point shooters in history, Jason Terry … and then there’s Barea, and Cardinal is shooting 47 percent (from three) and, oh, by the way, Jason Kidd, he made 6-of-7 on us. So, you can’t slump off those guys behind the line and at the same time they’re very good at attacking the basket and they play together, they know how to use screens and dive to the basket. Their centers killed us tonight because we tried to rotate too much. You don’t have a body to put on them they can hurt you. They’re a very, very smart veteran team with great weapons and they’re very unselfish, too.”

And somewhere in that monologue, Westy also said: “And don’t forget about Beaubois. He’s back.’’

Z ZZZZZZ’s. As in sleep.

“I’m tired,’’ Roddy B said. “It was tough. But this is the first one, and I need a couple of

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