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Another Great Clinton Foreign Policy Success Print E-mail
by Doug Bandow    Fri, Dec 17, 2010, 06:23 am

It was never easy to understand why the Clinton administration intervened in Kosovo. The U.S. had not made a habit of deciding which European state was obligated to grant independence to which disaffected minority. For instance, Spain told Basques to stuff it without much comment from Washington. And the U.S. never worried about its allies using brutality against guerrillas--the Turkish campaign against the Kurds destroyed thousands of villages and killed tens of thousands of people, while the U.S. provided Ankara with arms.

However, the prospect of getting involved in a conflict with no conceivable relationship to U.S. interests drew the Clinton administration into the Balkans. So Washington joined with a majority of European states in a policy that could be defined as "the Serbs always lose": Everyone got to secede from Yugoslavia/Serbia, but Serbs could never secede from anyone else, whether Bosnia, Croatia, or Kosovo, irrespective of the principle of ethnic self-determination and threat of human rights violations.

Thus, the U.S. joined with a majority of European states to bomb Serbia for 78 days to force it to relinquish its control over Kosovo. Then the allies presided over mass ethnic-cleansing by the ethnic Albanian majority. Finally, the U.S. and European Union promoted faux negotiations with the understanding that the outcome was already set: independence for Kosovo. And the northern majority Serb areas of Kosovo were supposed to supinely accept their status rather than seek to remain with Serbia. When Belgrade refused to go along, the allies backed Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence. But Russia has blocked Kosovo's entry into the UN and the majority of states do not recognize the new nation.

Great work, both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

It has long been known that Albania's leaders are, shall we say, a bit "shady." Now comes a new Council of Europe report on Hashim Thaci, Kosovo's prime minister. Reports the Guardian

Kosovo's prime minister is the head of a "mafia-like" Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organized crime.

Hashim Thaçi is identified as the boss of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the runup to the 1999 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country's government since.

The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted "violent control" over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi's inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.   What a great new addition to Europe. But then, that's what happens when Washington tries to engage in social engineering around the globe.



Originally appeared in The American Spectator.
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written by Steve Heath , December 17, 2010

Apparently a lot of the claims of atrocities and genocide by the Serbians was just a lot of typical war proaganda.

We've done a pretty good job promoting the heroin trade in Afghanistan also. Seems the socialist taliban government had all but destroyed entrepreneurialship and free enterprise in the drug tafficing business, but we have once again restored free market capitalism (and enormous profitability) to Afghanistan's drug industry.

Say what you want about the evils of drug use in America - but it's a multi-billion dollar industry that creates millions of jobs in law enforcement, the prison, health care and psychological counseling industries.

I dare say that if illegal drug use were to end in America tommorrow, millions of Americans would lose their jobs, and this country would be thrown into a depression.

So if you are a patriotic America, don't just go out and max your credit cards shopping to stimulate the economy - pay a visit to your neighborhood pusher and buy drugs.

With all their genius, I'm surprised Geithner and Bernanke have not promoted this idea in their economic stimulus plans.

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