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In the Name of Security Print E-mail
by Paul Perry    Wed, Nov 24, 2010, 01:42 PM

For all of the human flaws of our founders, including their failure to rid the nation of chattel slavery at the beginning, they would not recognize us. For we are now a nation of materially prosperous slaves content to play follow the leader all the way to complete bondage in the name of security and our fears.

I’m sick of it. Republicans historically are at their most conservative when they are out of power, but too often act like liberal Democrats when they are in power. Take Medicare Part D, for example. That little gem of welfare state expansion was passed by a Republican-led Congress at the instigation of the Bush administration and quarterbacked by TEA Party-hating Republican strategist Karl Rove. I call it Bush’s Obamacare. This is security ( some drug coverage) over freedom of choice and certainly over your wallet.

The increased Medicare coverage of prescription drugs subsidizes higher prices for prescription drugs. Medicare Part D made it illegal for Americans to import their prescription drugs from other countries. It cut off Americans, both Medicare patients and the rest us, from being able to buy legal prescription drugs of the same quality we buy from our local drug stores from foreign sources at lower prices – formerly a common practice..

Ironically many of those drugs are manufactured here and sold to foreign countries at lower prices than we can buy them. Due to tougher negotiating by foreign governments, they are cheaper in places like Europe and Asia. Should our government set these prices? No, but the fact that these same drugs are sold cheaper somewhere else indicates Americans are getting fleeced.

Medicare Part D was the largest expansion of domestic spending since LBJ was in office, all in the name of making Americans feel more secure.It has now been exceeded by the current administration.  Americans pay the highest prices in the world for their medications. We have been selected by a legal drug cartel, the pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), through Congress to pay prices far above what the rest of the world pays for the same medications. In the eyes of the leadership of both major parties, you are merely a peon who serves to pay off their corporate friends.

Medicare Part D was sponsored by the Bush/Cheney/Rove administration and fully supported by local congressman, including Joe Barton, who joined other Republicans and most Democrats to fleece American taxpayers.

One of the many legitimate criticisms of Obamacare is that the bill was too long to read in the review time allotted by Democrat leadership. Nancy Pelosi, in her imitation of cartoon arrogance and stupidity, said that we had to pass the bill in order to learn what was in it.

However, Republicans also engaged in similar tactics in the passage of both Patriot Acts One and Two. There may have been some good things in those bills and I am not opposed to national security, but the very idea that your computer records and even your residence can be entered without notice and your effects examined is counter to the words and intent of our constitution.

Once again, these bills were too large to be examined by Congress in the time allotted by then-Republican leadership. Fear was used as justification and to motivate public acceptance.

Fourth Amendment rights? I guess those were lost in all the ink.. The untamed words of one of our nation’s founders comes to mind – a question: "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?"

Fill in your answer. Compare it to the founders. Turn off the TV and look it up. These words are foreign to both the current and previous administration and several before them in their bipartisan rape of our constitution. They are foreign to modern Americans, for shame.

The latest travesty is at the airports. How long will it be before we are forced to follow the same pornographic abridgements of our natural and constitutional rights at public gatherings such as sporting events that we are forced to endure at airports? Nudi-scans anyone? How about a free grope from some ill-trained "civil" servant?

We are told not to worry, we are to be molested by a person of our own gender. Oh well – don’t ask, don’t tell, all in the name of creating and using public fear.

What society has judged reasonable for the most part, such as metal detectors and explosive sniffers, has been upgraded into full-blown intrusion. Intrusion that even a government study admits would not have stopped last year’s underwear bomber and would get the gropers arrested in any civilized society. We are losing our liberties due to the manipulation of our own fears.

The message from the administration’s minions is, Shut up and obey. And a once-free people submitted because they were afraid.


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written by ElHombre , November 24, 2010

This column is close to approaching an event horizon of willful ignorance, Johnny-come-lately concern, and distortion. There's so much of it that it would take days to unravel it all.

From now on, conservatives must spend at least half of every column explaining exactly where they were during the Bush admin. They must then admit they were wrong to be silent and beg for forgiveness from their readers.

written by Paul Perry , November 25, 2010

Well Mr Brave ( El Hombre) pseudonym.
I was in print opposing the Gulf War and the Patriot act and taking heat for it under my real name. BTW I supported Ron Paul for President in 2008.

written by Henry4440 , December 06, 2010

Typical. More liberal drivel from ElHombre. Methinks he needs to get a life, get his head on straight and out of the place where the sun don't shine.

written by Steve Heath , December 20, 2010

Elhombre - pull your head out. If you've paid attention, you would know that paul Perry and others like Tom Pauken can hardly be held responsible for the shortcomings and failures of the Bush/cheney karl Rove neocon crowd - Those who equate "Republican" with "Conservative" or at least true conservatives like Paul Perry really show their ignorance. By the way, how's your boy Obama doing ending the Bush Neocon wars, repealing the Orwellian patriot Act type legislation or reducing unemeployment (other than the unemployment of underprivileged Wall street banksters who appear to be in line for another $200 billion plus annual year end bonuses) - Amazing how liberals refuse to admit that their party is nothing but a bunch of paid whores for the Wall street bankster crowd that continues their relentless outsourcing of formerly good union manufacturing jobs overseas. Admittedly, the republicans are no better, but if you really want to see who is truly standing up for the American worker and family, yopu may want to look at people like Paul Perry, Tom Pauken or pat Buchanan. If you don't understand what i am talking about, you really don't have a clue.

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