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DA Watkins Parties with College Students at Mavs Game Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Sep 23, 2010, 11:43 AM

In all likelihood, Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, a Democrat, was not wearing his $3,000 tailor-made tuxedo when he partied with a group of law school students inside his luxury suite at a Dallas Maverick’s home game, which cost $1,975. Mr. Watkins purchased both the tuxedo and Mavs’ tickets by plundering from his campaign war chest.

What was D.A. Watkins wearing to chill with today’s college-aged generation? Perhaps, he wore his fraternity gear to mark the occasion. He graduated from Prairie A&M University, where he successfully pledged with Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Mr. Watkins’ fraternity earned notoriety for the “hazing death of Michael Davis at Southeast Missouri State University.” The incident was ranked in the Top 10 of “Worst Greek Hazing Scandals & History.”

According to OnlineColleges, “Kappa Alpha Psi had ‘a horrendous tradition of hazing at the school. The pledges of Kappa Alpha Psi underwent two weeks of physical battery that culminated on a Valentine’s Day event of multiple beatings where fraternity members set up ‘stations,’ each of which issued physical and emotional abuse. Davis was beaten so badly that he was left with broken ribs, a lacerated liver and kidney, multiple bruises all over his body, and the bleeding in his brain that killed him. The state of Missouri made hazing a felony after this incident. The university presents a lecture each year in observance of Davis’ death.”

D.A. Watkins graduated from Prairie View A&M four years prior to Mr. Davis’ death at a different chapter. Yet, one can wonder if Mr. Watkins inflicted similar hazing practices on his younger pledges through their initiation rites. One can always ask him, but it should be noted that all frat brothers feel a sense of obligation to maintain a ‘code of silence’ on the topic of hazing.

To read the entire article from the Dallas Morning News, link here:  To learn more about hazing at Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, link here:

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Comments (8)add comment
written by CubanCigar , September 23, 2010

Dallas deserves this creep.

written by Alton Darwin , September 23, 2010

What kind of "journalist" references a 16-year old hazing death at a totally unrelated campus in a different state to an uninvolved person's current behavior?

Do you paint all the members of the larger Zeta Beta Tau by the same brush? Their hazing death (as detailed from OnlineColleges) was in 2002. Do you use the same measure for Kappa Sigma, who appears on the "Top 10" list TWICE? How about Sigma Alpha Epsilon? That hazing death occurred in 2006... In Texas!

Why Kappa Alpha Psi got dragged into this, I can't imagine; however, this "article" basely smears a whole organization for the sake of your cheap, political pot shots.

One can ask if your journalism professors are proud, but I venture to guess they would institute a "code of silence" about claiming you as a student.

written by Shadrach , September 23, 2010

This is about the bottom of the barrel.

Kappa Alpha Si is the 3rd oldest and one of the largest black college fraternities in America, with chapters at 377 colleges.

One of those chapters, about 750 miles away from Prairie View has a bad incident and you want to assume that every chapter of the nations largest black fraternity is automatically guilty of identical hazing, and that District attorney Watson is somehonw complicit?

Wow, now that is the definition of baseless guilt by association.

Does this mean every person, who has ever been a member of any group, with any chapter, anywhere with any hazing automatically is guilty by associaiton?

Did you do the same for George Bush's association with Yale Skull and Bones society, or only for Democrats?

Disagree with Watkins if you wish, but please, a little discretion and staying on topic would be nice.

written by rufuslevin , September 24, 2010

Vote him out. Elect a REAL D.A.

written by furrpiece , September 24, 2010

There is something very very wrong with this picture.

written by Austin , September 24, 2010

If a hazing incident 4 years and hundreds of miles away from your smear target is the best you can muster you need to find a new angle of attack. This is pathetic.

written by paul , September 24, 2010

yes. I don't like the guy, and this IS pathetic. Seriously, maybe you should have just taken the day off if you had nothing to write.

written by Len , October 10, 2010

Tom: your ignorance is beyond belief!

Kappa Alpha Psi is most known for its motto which is "Acheivement in every field of human endeavor." Thousands of high school boys have been mentored and learned how to be great men in the Kappa League program. which is in its 42nd straight year. across the US. And most recently Kappa Alpha Psi has received an award from St Jude's Childrens Hospital for our Sunday of Hope program which donates money to St Jude.

Kappa Alpha Psi denounces hazing and encourages any person whether they are a member or a person interest in becoming a member to contact the appropriate authorities if any hazing incidents occur.

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