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Obama Refuses to Meet Gov. Perry to Discuss Border Security Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 31, 2010, 08:18 AM

Barack Perry.jpgPresident Barack Obama is refusing to meet Gov. Rick Perry (R.-Tx.) during his scheduled visit to Fort Bliss, Texas on Tuesday, as disclosed by the governor’s spokeswoman.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “Perry spokewoman Katherine Cessinger says the Republican governor had asked to meet with the president on Tuesday to discuss border security. Cessinger said Monday that White House aides said the president would not be available for such a meeting.”

On Monday evening, the White House would not immediately respond to a request for comment.

During a presidential visit on August 9 in Austin, Texas, Gov. Perry was one of the first people to greet the commander-in-chief when he stepped from Air Force One. Yet, Bill White, the Democratic nominee for the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race, declined invitations to meet Obama that day in both Austin and Dallas.

At the Austin greeting, Gov. Perry delivered a letter to Obama’s adviser Valerie Jarret, explaining the ‘dire threat’ from drug violence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (10)add comment
written by rufuslevin , August 31, 2010 away....

scared to death to be confronted by Republicans on their turf...has to be in the White House surrounded by his thug mob or protectors.

what a wussy.

written by Clyde Hicks , August 31, 2010

Obama is a sorry communist traitor.

written by furrpiece , September 01, 2010

Barack Obama is an inexperienced wannabe over his head tying his shoes, much less being President of the United States.

He is also a coward!

He is not fit to carry Gov. Perry's briefcase. So, it is no surprise he's dodging Perry because he doesn't want to respond or be held accountable for his ineptitude - particularly with illegal immigration.

written by Shadrach , September 01, 2010

Obama was in Texas just a few weeks ago and met with Perry on this point.

Instead of seeking a non-partisan meeting of the minds, Perry used it as a cheap political stunt to give Obama a letter and make a stink about the letter.

Perry and his crew refused to actually meet with the Secretary of Homeland Security on the topic.

If Perry wishes to act like a petulant child and use the President as a cheap political prop for election year political points, then one should not be surprised when the President says "No."

To quote one of my favorite sayings, "Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked."

You guys may not think Obama is too smart, but he knows Perry is trying to use him as a kicking post. Obama is right to avoid such a cheap political trick.

written by mannys , September 01, 2010

i am glad gov. perro is worried about this now he has only ben in office for the last 20 yrs but now hes worried about the dire threat where was his letter to Bush,,oh wait its only democrats that dont care about the border....

clyde he is.. RUN AWAY...move to russian they have a big aryan nation community you feel at home

written by furrpiece , September 01, 2010

Obama is the one micro-managing the Border Patrol, and about everything else in his administration. Clearly, he's doing a terrible job on all fronts.

Perry knows that Obama is the only one who can change anything. Janet Napolitano, another incompetent lesbian in the administration, can't do a thing; Obama makes the calls.

We know Obama doesn't want to protect the border with Mexico. He wants those people flooding across so they can vote for him after amnesty in the 2012 Election (the only way he'll be re-elected).

Perry needs to keep the pressure on as Obama ain't too bright, and has never had a real job.

written by Ken Dickson , September 01, 2010

Perry may not be the "sharpest knife in the drawer" , but he is right to push the issue!!...Obama & his crowd will do nothing! He is endangering this country on every front!! We are lucky to not have another 9/11!

Obama's call to Bush was a stunt!...he was insulting to Bush all the way through his 20 months in office & if Bush was smart, he wouldn't take his call!!

written by Clyde Hicks , September 01, 2010


Por favor, Mannys : ALTO.

Este Obama es un verdadero communista, y tambien un maldito.

Yo no quiero llegar a Russia. Soy Americano Y tambien soy Texano.

written by rufuslevin , September 01, 2010 are totally mistaken. Perry met Obama's AFOne landing, and came up to him and Welcomed him to Texas...Obama was moving passed him to get with this operatives when Perry brought out the letter asking for Border toops immediately, and Obama snubbed him, forcing him to hand the envelope to Obama's Chicago thug woman Valerie Jarrad. There was NO MEETING with Obama and Perry. Obama refuses to meet with Gov. Brewer of Arizona OR with Gov Perry of Texas...only with criminal Gov Richardson of New Mexico who is a democrat.

Talking with Janet the Lesbo Homeland insecurity witch is worthless....she sends her child lawyer boy John Morton to talk down to everyone and tell them to kiss off.

written by Shadrach , September 02, 2010

Why does there have to always be personal and false attacks on this website?

Janet Napilitano has never claimed to be a lesbian, and has instead claimed to be a straight, single workaholic.

As long as she is doing her job, leave her personal life out of it, why does it even matter? See Former RNC Chair Mehlman.

Fact is that under Obama, Border Patrol agents are up, deportations are up, illegal immigrant populations are down. Yes, these are merely continuations of prior trends and aided by the sagging economy he inherited, but these are still the facts.

Perry made a political stunt. The proof is the Press Release he sent out to every RWM outlet like NewsMax.

In doing so, he burned his bridge to Obama until at least the election cycle is over. Obama is neither the micro-manager you claim, nor the moron you dream him to be.

Perry is not the innocent angel you make him out to be either. Politics is a bi-partisan contact sport. Let's not pretned it is Sunday School.

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