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Obama Sends $6 Million to Global Muslim Sites Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 24, 2010, 06:26 pm

Arab Barack.jpgPresident Barack Obama’s faith may not be clearly identifiable, but he’s willing to usurp the U.S. Constitutional principle of a strict separation of church and state when it comes to using American taxpayer dollars to restore Muslim holy places.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “the good will tour of the Middle East by the imam behind the proposed mosque near ground zero is just part of the U.S. government’s efforts to reach out to the Muslim world.”

The Obama administration, this year, will spend almost $6 million to restore 63 cultural and historic sites that include mosques and minarets, in 55 countries, as revealed by State Department documents.

In 2001 under a program created by Congress, the department will fund a minimum of five projects in as many nations at a cost of more than $271,000.

The contributions include the 16th Century Grand Mosque in Tongxin, China at $76,135 and $67,500 for the 18th Century Golden Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. Additionally, $62,169 will be spent on restoring a 19th century minaret in Mauritania’s ancient city of Tichitt; $50,437 for the Sundarwala Bay, a 16th Century Islamic monument in New Delhi, and $15,450 to restore the 18th Century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina, Nigeria.

As reported by the Chronicle, ‘the amount spent on mosque restoration projects is a fraction of the total in the 2010 Ambassadors’ Fund for Cultural Preservation, which also will fund projects to restore Christian and Buddhist sites as well as museums, forts and places.”

The U.S. government has spent nearly $26 million on the program to finance approximately 640 cultural preservation projects in more then 100 nations.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (14)add comment
written by Jeff , August 24, 2010

And Bush didn't "usurp the Constitution" in creating the "Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives"? This is just good politics, after years of watching America's reputation disintegrate around the globe, it's refreshing to see us reaching out to help others.

written by Percy St. Clair , August 24, 2010

OBAMA'S faith is clearly discernable, though he does try to hide it from main street America.

Obama is a Muslim, and moreover, he is trying to guide America to become a Muslim state. He not only celbrated a Muslim holiday in the White House recently [but declines to celebrate Christmas], and gives our taxpayer money to Muslim causes; the guy went abroad and declared America to be a Muslim nation. The American mainstream press presented that as a guy who had misspoken : wrong. He knew what he was saying, and he was saying as a Muslim is that he intends to make America a Muslim state, and in fact he is already proclaiming it to be so. Why does Louis Farakan call Obama a Muslim? Why does Obama bow to the king of Saudi Arabia [as Muslims do.....]?

WAKE UP, AMERICA. The rest of the world sees and understands this ....

Read Obama's speeches he has given outside of America since he became US "President", starting with the speech he gave in Cairo, Egypt.

written by Shadrach , August 24, 2010

First, what do you mean "HIs faith may not be identifiable"? That's crazy talk.

He is a Christian, get over it. You did not like his pastor, get over it. Now, he does not have a pastor, and you think he has an Imam? Crazy!

Second, this is an historic location/cultural restoration fund. Started under the Bush Administration in 2001.

More, according to the AP/Chronicle:

"The amount spent on mosque restoration projects is a fraction of the total in the 2010 Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, which also will fund projects to restore Christian and Buddhist sites as well as museums, forts and palaces."

You do not like his policy. Okay, make a policy argument.

But please do not pretend a program passed by a GOP Congress and signed by a GOP President, somehow shows Obama does not bellieve in the First Amendment.

written by Austin , August 24, 2010

Obama drinks beer (forbidden in Islam), owns dogs (forbidden in Islam), attends Christian services (forbidden in Islam), eats pork (forbidden in Islam), and his wife does not veil (forbidden in Islam).

But he is really a Muslim. Amazing.

written by Percy St. Clair , August 25, 2010

It is widely known in Europe that Obama is a Muslim, and has been known there for some time, stretching back well before the 2008 election. People there are having a hard time understanding why so many Americans [apparently including a couple of Americans who routinely submit comments to this very "blog"] cannot see the truth.

written by tired of this administration! , August 25, 2010

sorry, I do not care who passed or set up this fund. Our country should not support the restoration of any church of any faith! This country is in trouble and I am sure the money could be put to better use right here at home. I say it is time to get rid of this program. If any attorneys read this, please lets get another lawsuit together to get rid of this program as it is against our constitution and the seperation of church and state! I am sure when this program was set up it was not intended to be used to restore any faith based sites!

written by Ken Dickson , August 25, 2010

Obama apologists all! This guy is bad & has proved it all the way!

He hates America, business, free-enterprise, free-trade, private wealth, Christianity, & attends a black liberation (not christian) church, etc, & you guys want us "to get over it"? Give us a break! We will get over it when we get this anti-American out of office!

written by rufuslevin , August 25, 2010

So, he is a bad Muslim that does not observe Muslim traditions. How else would he have gotten elected POTUS??

Michelle in a veil is a GREAT idea. Fine, get rid of the stupid dog, beer and hot way to get elected in Chicago politics without BOTH of these unless you are Jewish.

Frankly, he thinks HE is he doesn't NEED a religion.

written by Sode , August 25, 2010

Tom McGregor is one of those people that would not believe that President Obama is our President. The picture was taken in Iowa and it was when the pledge of allegiance was being recited not the National Anthem. Tom you know this but you are trying to portray our President as being anti-American.
I guess you can fool your follow anti-Obama people but not me. Nice try, Tom McGregor. Are you really a journalist or another hater? maybe another racist???? Obama is half-white!!!

written by Shadrach , August 25, 2010

Why so much hatred and anger over this guy? I just do not get it?

What has he done to deserve this?

This specific prgram is just a continuation of a GOP Program.

He hates Christianity? Come on - Christ changed his life.

He hates Capitalism? Then why is he working so hard to save Wall Street, the Auto industry, and small business?

It is one thing to disagree with your opponent. Why do people today think they have to villify their opponent?

written by rufuslevin , August 25, 2010

Shadrach, YOU said it. You just do not get it. Enough said.

written by R , August 26, 2010

"He hates Christianity? Come on - Christ changed his life." How do we know, other than his word, since we know nothing about his early life?

written by ElHombre , August 27, 2010

"Why so much hatred and anger over this guy?"

It has absolutely nothing to do with facts. It has everything to do with conservative willful ignorance and denial. If there's a Dem in the White House, then conservatives have to face up to the fact that their ideas have failed. As 'conservatism never fails, it can only be failed', the only alternative left for them is a headlong retreat back into fantasy. They get really angry when you don't accomodate their fantasies. lol

written by furrpiece , August 27, 2010

Obama is, without question, a Muslim. He was born and reared one, and has never renounced Islam.

He's also a Marxist, and done more damage to this country than any previous president - including Jimmy Carter.

America has no business restoring Muslim "holy" sites. We've already done too much for Muslims, and that charity produced 9/11.

Islam does not respect weakness; only ferocity and strength.

By the way, I love the picture of Obama ignoring our flag and disrespecting America.

Nothing has changed with him.

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