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Texas: Top State for Jobs Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 24, 2010, 05:20 pm

Jobs Perry.jpgAfter the Houston Chronicle posted a list last week of the leading state for job creation, a member of the Texas on the Potomac Facebook Fan Page community noted that the list was merely a count of the total number of new jobs. Since Texas was such a massive state with a large economy, he posited that the ‘raw jobs’ count would naturally favor Texas. He inquired whether Texas would fare as well if we factored in the size of the state’s job force.”

Since he’s an economist, the Chronicle took his contention seriously.

The Chronicle reports that, “so here’s a new list, sliced and diced by your blogger-in-chief to take the state’s size into account. And guess what? Texas still leads – though Louisiana and Rhode Island are pretty close behind. This is the list of the percentage increase in jobs for each of the 15 states (plus the District of Columbia) that gained jobs from July 2009 to July 2010.”

To see the Houston Chronicle’s state-to-state comparison charts, link here:

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written by rufuslevin , August 25, 2010

Uh...and how about California and Alaska??

Same argument hold? NO!

written by Dr. Toolittle , August 25, 2010

Texas leads the nation in the creation of minimum wage jobs. Time for Perry and his cronies to go.

written by rufuslevin , August 25, 2010

Perry is going to be around another term, get used to it toolittlebrain.

Actually, there are a lot of illegals working for less than minimum wage. Is that Perry's fault, or Obama's.

Time for Obama to go...and take the Texas Democrats with him.

written by furrpiece , August 27, 2010

Gov. Perry, and Tom Pauken, have continued to do all the right things in Texas to create jobs AND create job opportunities.

Yes; we are a Right-To-Work state, we have no income tax, our business tax structure is very favorable, we are an "at-will" state, and we have an elevated and very competitive abundance of skilled and highly-educated employees and applicants.

We also have excellent water, rail, and aerial ports with several very busy and exceptionally connected international airports.

But, there is no substitute for vibrant, positive, and engaged leadership in the statehouse, and in the workforce commission.

It isn't mentioned often, but it deserves a reminder here, that Texas has always had a positive mental attitude about success, boasts a history of mercantile accomplishment, and has been not just an engine but a generator for ideas and entrepreneurial businesses.

Texas, and its political and business leadership in Austin, deserve enormous kudos for leading the country in jobs and in economic opportunities.

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