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‘New Delhi Super Bug;’ a Global Threat Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Aug 23, 2010, 03:04 pm

Bug Delhi.jpgThe thriving medical tourism industry in India is turning into a medical nightmare. A ‘New Delhi’ super bug is emerging into a deadly flu pandemic.

CCTV News of Beijing reports that, “the World Health Organization announced that the swine flu pandemic may be over, but a new global threat is emerging. The threat comes from a bacterium called New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamse-1, pointing its origen from Indian capital New Delhi.”

The controversy began with British investigators insisting that the bug originated from New Delhi. Yet Indian health authorities contend that the western world is attempting to denigrate its reputation in the health industry.

Director-General Dr. V.N. Katoch of the Indian Council for Medical Research, said, “in the recent past, like when there was H1N1 from the west, then they don’t tend to do that. People in our side of the developing world feel they are trying to malign us, but, to me, objection is the interpretation and data, and saying that the troubles have started here. It’s without any substance.”

According to CCTV, “Indian authorities say the hype is unwarranted. Research on antibiotic-resistant super bugs has been going on for years, and several stains have been identified all over the world. Indian health authorities say that a foreigner who came to India for surgery contracted the super bug is a matter of chance, and it’s unfair to create a scare perception about Indian hospitals. Indian citizens feel the same.”

A New Delhi resident, Montgomery said, “I am afraid this is a basic conspiracy, since it will directly hit medical tourism, because health tourism in every way is booming here. The infrastructure, our doctors, cost effectiveness is also there.”

To read the entire article from CCTV News, link here:

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written by Paul Perry , August 24, 2010

Stories like these, whether true or false, will cause even those who can afford other options into adapting to rationing via Obamacare.

written by Cathy Spencer , August 25, 2010

NDM is not a catastrophe as its being projected in the media. More than half a million people travel to India every year for high end medical care at one tenth the price in US and Canada. How many people have been infected or have died because of NDM so far ? Let talk with facts on the table. Sensational Journalism does not help anyone

written by rufuslevin , August 25, 2010 India that just put you into the "untouchable caste" and holler "unclean" when you come around.

The Indians would NEVER be so stupid as to go for Obamacare...that is why they have all the outsources US jobs today....they are smart folks.

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