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Stolen Valor and Stolen Justice Print E-mail
by John Browning    Tue, Aug 3, 2010, 03:40 PM

I’ve previously written about the Stolen Valor Act, a federal law passed in 2006 that makes it a crime for individuals to falsely claim that they had been awarded military decorations and medals.  The act carries a punishment ranging from fines to up to a year in prison.  The law came in response to a growing number of cases around the country, in which sham veterans were falsely claiming war hero status in order to get everything from money and veterans’ benefits to favorable car loans and free meals.  Since the law’s passage, military fakers have been prosecuted nationwide.  Among the phony war heroes I wrote about was a judge who actually claimed to have won not just one, but two Congressional Medals of Honor before ultimately being exposed as a liar.

Recently, however, the Stolen Valor Act has come under attack by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who contend that the law criminalizes speech and therefore violates the First Amendment.  In federal court in California, Xavier Alvarez contested his prosecution under the Stolen Valor Act on constitutional grounds, but his argument was rejected by the judge (an appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is pending).  In Denver, Colorado, though, the ACLU and military poser Rick Strandlof found a far more receptive audience in U.S. District Judge Robert E. Blackburn.

A couple of weeks ago, the 32 year-old Strandlof stood accused of posing as “Rick Duncan,” a wounded Marine captain who served three tours in the Iraq war and survived the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, receiving the Purple Heart and a Silver Star.  He used that persona to found the Colorado Veterans alliance, solicit money, and campaign against the war, usually backing Democratic candidates.  Judge Blackburn dismissed the case against Strandlof on free speech grounds, calling it “facially unconstitutional” and saying the government had no compelling reason for restricting Strandlof’s false statements.  Responding to the government’s argument that lying about having military medals diminished their meaning, Judge Blackburn wrote, “To suggest that the battlefield heroism of our servicemen and women is motivated in any way, let alone in a compelling way, by considerations of whether a medal may be awarded simply defies my comprehension.”

The ACLU applauded the decision.  Denver ACLU attorney Chris Beall said, “The First Amendment protects speech we don’t like.  We don’t need the First Amendment for speech people like.  The government cannot criminalize a statement simply because it is false, no matter how important the statement is.”  Meanwhile, Congressman John Salazar (the Colorado Democrat who introduced the legislation), wrote “This is an issue of fraud, plain and simple.  The individuals who violate this law are those who knowingly portray themselves as pillars of the community for personal and monetary gain.  The Stolen Valor Act has been upheld by other courts and I am confident this decision will be overturned on appeal.”

Just who was this fake war hero with a supposed First Amendment right to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes?  Rick Strandlof first popped up on the criminal justice radar in 1997 under the alias “Richard Glenn Pierson.”  He did a five year jail stretch in Montana on forgery and bad check charges.  Behind bars, he didn’t exactly redeem himself to the jail administrators by filing lawsuits against the facility for such things as putting artificial sweeteners in his fruit drink and for denying him his “constitutional right” to hardcore pornography.  The convicted forger evidently still wanted to be someone else, though, and his use of jail computers and lawbooks to pass himself off as a lawyer cost him his job in the prison library.  Out of prison, Strandlof moved to the Reno-Lake Tahoe area in 2005.  Here he raised funds for his “Reno-Lake Tahoe Grand Prix Foundation,” promising to bring open wheel racing to the streets of Reno while financially supporting underprivileged kids.  By the time Strandlof’s phone was disconnected and the race website was taken down, local donors realized they’d been had.

Strandlof’s disappearance coincided with a transition into politics.  He had become active in the Reno chapter of an anti-Bush organization, World Can’t Wait, and drove local voters to the polls.  As it turns out, he used a stolen rental car to do so, and Strandlof spent nine months in county jail for possession of a stolen vehicle.  Out of jail, Strandlof re-surfaced in Colorado in 2007 as an anti-war activist and advocate for veterans’ rights.  He became “Rick Duncan,” and started the Colorado Veterans Alliance.

At first, local veterans – including ones serving on the organization’s board – were taken in by Duncan’s energy, the fact that he peppered his stories with convincing details about life in Iraq’s Forward Operating Bases (FOBS), and little touches like the “Got DD214?” bumper sticker on his car (an inside joke for vets, the DD214 is the official form issued upon a soldier’s release from active duty service).  He passionately spoke out on behalf of Democratic candidates leading up to the 2008 elections, and for the plight of homeless veterans.  He explained away his stuttering and sometimes erratic behavior as residual effects from the trauma of being wounded by an improvised explosive device during his second tour in Iraq.

But being just another grunt wounded in the service of his country apparently wasn’t enough for Strandlof.  As “Duncan,” the high school dropout became an Annapolis graduate and Marine captain.  After hearing veteran Hal Bidlack speak of his experience being at the Pentagon on 9/11, Strandlof too would recount tales of being there, and in fact parroted some of the legitimate veteran’s own remarks.  But when Strandlof misrepresented himself as working for Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, word got back to Sen. Udall’s office and they met with Dan Warvi, a board member of Colorado Veterans Alliance.  Warvi started checking into the military service record of “Rick Duncan,” and learned from Annapolis that the last naval officer with that name had graduated in 1948 – roughly 30 years before Strandlof was born.  Warvi found out that Colorado Veterans Alliance’s name with the Colorado secretary of state’s office was registered to someone he’d never met – someone named Rick Strandlof.  As board members started digging into Strandlof’s background, they found out about the Grand Prix fiasco as well as the court documents showing that during the same time period that he was supposedly in Iraq, Strandlof was in fact sitting in a jail cell in Nevada.  The house of cards had come tumbling down.

What Strandlof did was essentially counterfeiting.  Just as a counterfeiter turns paper into money he didn’t actually earn and thus devalues legitimate currency that people actually worked for, Strandlof diluted the value of honors others earned.  If phony war heroes are permitted to spin their yarns with impunity, awards for true acts of valor will seem as commonplace as a Girl Scout merit badge.  And when fakes like Strandlof are exposed, the public cannot help but be that much more suspicious when a bona fide war hero does come along.  There is a reason why all of the Congressional Medals of Honor bestowed since the war on terrorism began have been presented posthumously:  earning it often demands the ultimate sacrifice.  We should treat those who earn distinctions like this with the respect they deserve, and punishing those who buy a medal on eBay and lie about being war heroes is one way of showing that respect.

I disagree with Judge Blackburn.  He swore an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States, much like I did.  And even though I know it’s a federal crime to impersonate an Article III federal judge (just see 18 U.S.C. § 912), I can’t help getting a twinkle in my eye when I think of the advice from one conservative commentator:

“[T]he next time that Judge Blackburn walks into his courtroom and the bailiff says ‘All rise,’ everyone in the courtroom should stay seated.  In fact, they should all show up at the courthouse wearing long black robes.  All the attorneys, all the witnesses, and all the spectators should request to be addressed as “your honor” throughout the session . . .  When His Honor complains, they should all just say that they are well within their constitutional rights.  There’s no compelling interest involved . . .  It’s protected speech.”

After all, it’s only honor.

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Comments (81)add comment
written by Susan Viser , August 05, 2010

What should you do if you know someone that ordered dress whites and medals on Ebay and posed as having been a student at Annapolis? This young man told all of this to my daughter & broke her heart (plus more things than this lie). She found out when they were engaged.

written by didimau , August 05, 2010

Very interesting article above. Recently heard of a Vietnam combat veteran of the 25th infantry division who was denied membership by the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association. This VNAM vet met every standard to belong to this assn. which is not much. Seems in order to belong to this CVMA one only has to SERVE in a war zone no matter what ones job was. The Nam vet earned a Combat Infantryman Badge in Vietnam. The state rep in R.I. who rejected the Nam Vet was a desk jockey in Iraq. The National president who backed the R.I. state rep in insulting this Nam Combat Veteran has no combat badge. They rejected a real combat veteran but yet go around with a big patch claiming they are combat veterans. To me this is stolen valor and a insult to a Vietnam Combat veteran.

written by R , August 05, 2010

Sounds like it's pretty easy to defy this judge's comprehension. Like many others, he just doesn't get it. Does he think people become judges just because they can wear a robe and be called "your honor?" Hmmmmmmmm.

Great article. Thanks. BTW, it's not "Congressional Medal of Honor." It's just "Medal of Honor."

written by RTO , August 06, 2010

Always thought the CVMA were all veterans that earned a combat badge of some sort or a medal of valor. Checked out their website, Section 1
Any person:
Of good character.
Who is a Veteran of a Foreign War, "Combat".
The ONLY Acceptable proof for membership to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a copy of one's DD 214 or ERB which must be surrendered to the BOD for verification.
Must own and operate a Motorcycle of 500cc or above.
So if a guy was stationed in Jordan or Kuwait in support they could be in the CVMA? They could wear a patch claiming to be a Combat Veteran? Hell that is the same as me wearing a green beret or saying I am on Delta Force. Whats the difference? Point well made didi.

written by Proud CVMA Member , August 12, 2010

Didi and RTO,
"Heard of"? That carries as much weight as "this guy my cousin knows...". We are a motorcycle association dedicated to helping Veterans. If the Veteran you "heard of" served in Vietnam and earned a CIB I would think there would be at least one piece of official paperwork indicating this. Oh, and RTO, there is a HUGE difference. One Soldier went to where he or she was told, the other is intentionally committing fraud. What would you do with the clerk in Mogadishu who hopped on the back of a truck to go into the fight and return his buddies to the airport? What would you do with the truck driver? Each and every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine is an honorable person. For you to imply otherwise is damn shameful and shows who you really are....a couple of badge hunters I suspect. IF you ever even served that is! Before you disparage perhaps you should contact!

written by Another Proud CVMA Member , August 12, 2010

Seems to me that "didimau" and "RTO" are two elitists that are legends in their own minds.

You OBVIOUSLY have NO CLUE on what you're talking about.

The CVMA is an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby.

Our mission is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to help veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say "Thank you" and "Welcome home"!

Our membership is comprised of Full Members with verified combat service. We sponsor and participate in many motorcycle-related charity events each year and donate to various veteran care facilities and veteran charities.

written by RTO , August 12, 2010

What is the verified combat service Proud CVMA member? You skipped over that issue. All one has to do to belong to the CVMA is have 20 bucks, a DD 214 that shows one served in a war zone no matter what job one had, and ride a bike over 500 cc's. You got no clue what happened in the R.I. CVMA. The pogue state rep and his puppets denied a authentic Vietnam combat veteran membership. Oh yeah hero, National knew about it and your Eagle crawled behind a dirt pile and let R.I. CVMA lie about this combat vet. This is the third rel deal Combat Vet who had a big problem with the R.I. CVMA in less than one year. All earned the CIB, two were Vietnam vets. You want people to call themselves combat veterans when they are only war veterans is what this is blog is all about CVMA Member. What else do you claim you are? Special Forces, Navy Seal???
Seems you approve of STEALING VALOR.

written by sarge , August 13, 2010

Proud CVMA member, who the he-l are you trying to kid. A airborne ranger is a airborne ranger, special forces is just that and a combat vet is a combat vet. That being a Troop who was in combat, proof being a combat badge or a medal of valor. He-l when a rocket or mortar comes in behind the wire, does that make everyone behind the wire a combat veteran? Quit masking the problem of stolen valor to cover your own hyde. What your giving me above is wannabe talk to cover your own pogue azz. Bet you want to give everybody in a war zone a silver star as well or you already wear one that wasn't earned? Define combat veteran for us Proud Combat Veteran? Sure their are some that will be amused.

written by didimau , August 13, 2010

Instead of calling Judge Blackburn above, your honor. These proud members of the CVMA want to make him an official COMBAT VETERAN. The judge could of drove Stalone to the screen set of Rambo or been the Cook for the cast of Black Hawk Down. Talking about BADGE HUNTERS, take a peek at this legend. (put some lights on him with his ornaments, he will look like a Xmas tree)

written by jerry , August 13, 2010

cooks, mechanics, clerks etc. etc. etc. who actually seen combat in the US Army are eligible for the Combat Action Badge
That is why this badge came into existence.

The Army did away with the Close Combat Badge and approved the "Combat Action Badge," which can be awarded to soldiers in any MOS or unit.
The CAB may be awarded to any Soldier, branch and military occupational specialty immaterial, performing assigned duties in an area where hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay is authorized, who is personally present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy, and performing satisfactorily in accordance with the prescribed rules of engagement.

The Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) is a personal military decoration of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and United States Coast Guard which is awarded to those who, in any grade including and below that of a Captain in the Navy and Coast Guard (or Colonel in the Marine Corps), have actively participated in ground or surface combat.

written by guest , August 13, 2010

The R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Associations mission is to look at eligible veterans and keep the ones who are followers and yes men so the state rep and his handpicked BOD can fulfill their need for power. A combat veteran who earned the CIB was ran out of the R.I. chapter last fall. A Vietvet who earned the CIB was denied membership. Another Nam vet who earned the CIB was stripped of a position in the chapter based on fabricated lies. All this happened in less than a year. Tell me nothing is going on here with people who earned the CIB and people who served in Vietnam.

written by 101st - 68/69 w CIB , August 13, 2010

What I don't get reading some of these blogs is how can one wear a patch that states Combat Veteran, if you were not in Combat?

So did this motorcycle club put itself together so non combat veterans could wear something that states combat giving the illiusion they did combat?

Why not give that right to wear that patch to ones who actually did combat, and a proudly served, or a support patch, verses a non combat vet making people believe he or she is not basically a wolf in sheeps clothing.

written by Big Red 1 (CIB) , August 13, 2010

I agree with my 101st Brother, Wolves in Sheeps Clothing was put well. Wearing a title you didn't earn is disrespectful to those who put there lives on the line.

I don't discredit, or disrespect my brothers and sisters who served in the background, but if they didn't step up to the plate, isn't fair to those who had to deal with things they'll never understand.

written by 25th-1st of the 27th 69-70 , August 13, 2010

What I'm not pleased reading is if this group in RI has an axe to grind with those who earned CIB's and are Viet Nam Veterans.

Was with the 25th and don't appreciate hearing a fellow brother or sister that earned a CIB, had what seems the qualifications was denied membership, especially by what seems to be those who didn't qualify to put a patch on the states combat veteran?

written by Marine w/CAR , August 14, 2010

Seems this group (CVMA)has no respect for those who did the dirty work, especially the phony who runs it. Guess it was his only way to get a patch claiming to be a combat vet. Hooo Ra

written by FOBBIT , August 16, 2010

I was a clerk in the Marines. I did go to Iraq twice. I was not in the crotch and I do not claim to be a combat veteran. I know what my Marine brothers who were up close and personal to death and injury went through. Anyone who is claiming to be a combat veteran and isn't is nothing but a liar and a fraud. They are stealing valor period. People that steal valor are low life slugs.

written by Army DI , August 16, 2010

combat veterans being denied membership, thrown out and disciplined by the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is disgusting to say the least, especially by those who never been under fire. These remf's should bury their heads in the sand for discriminating on what they falsely claim to be: Combat Veterans. And National CVMA knowing about this is and not correcting the problem is even more deplorable. Who is the beer guzzling hero above? ( ) Is he high or drunk? Don't see any combat badge on him at all amongst all the doo dads and glitter. I will bet that the back of his vest has a big patch stating he is a Combat Veteran. Like playing high school baseball and saying you played for the Yankees. Whats the difference? Everybody should be proud of their service to our country but why make off you were something when you were not?

written by FOBBIT , August 16, 2010

There is a big difference between being "in country" and being in combat.
If you served oversea's in a theater of operations, that certainly makes you a veteran of a foreign war. It DOES NOT make you a combat veteran.
Proof of exposure to combat would be a CIB, CAR, CMB, Bronze Star, ARCOM with a V, etc. A campaign ribbon is not a combat award.
And a civilian organization does not have the right to alter or devalue the title of Combat Vet.
Non-combat biker veterans walking around with a big patch on their back saying COMBAT VET are as phony as these other valor thieves. This needs to be looked into ASAP!

written by RCV , August 17, 2010

Well posted fobbit and I do agree with you. The lies that were spread about the combat veterans who earned the CIB by the R.I. CVMA BOD and by the National CVMA were outragious. It seems anybody who questions the R.I. CVMA BOD about anything especially if one has earned the right to be called a combat veteran is labled a trouble maker or a sh-t stirrer and is ousted by these in the rear with the gear veterans for no reason. These actions by those who claim to be combat veterans will be exposed. The truth will prevail in the end.

written by poncho , August 17, 2010

WOW,this really blows my mind. I just got into the cvma by-laws and as far as i can see, it doesn,t take much to be a member in this group. How could they not have made a combat vet a member of this group. Sounds like it is being run by a bunch of wanna be,s. How come there national group never got involved?

written by lefty , August 17, 2010

The National president got involved deeply poncho. First he jumped all over the state rep and commander for what he called pseudo prospecting this Nam combat vet. Then he sided with them. Then he came down on them one more time and finally made false acqusitions about the Nam vet posting on web sites like this one. The truth hurts and exposing liars with truth seems to be the answer here. R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association even has members that are not veterans and they deny a Nam combat vet, throw out a Gulf War combat vet, strip another Nam vet of a BOD position in less than a year and all three earned a CIB. As far as joining up, 20 bucks, DD214 stating you earned a campaign ribbon in a war zone and have a bike over 500 cc's and you can wear a big patch saying you are a combat veteran and thats when the R.I. state rep gives his nod your his type of yes man. fobbit up above is correct about this situation with the CVMA in R.I. has to be exposed for what it is.

written by Son of a Combat Vet , August 18, 2010

How long these people from the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association been posing as genuine combat veterans? I read the requirements to join and you people are right, this is a case of stolen valor. My late dad earned a Combat Medic Badge in Vietnam and was very proud of it and was proud of being a combat veteran with the First Cavalry Division. He would have been very upset if he read this about veterans claiming something they are not.

written by preacher , August 20, 2010

Hey poncho, the National Pres. who goes by Eagle got involved with this case of a Vietnam combat veteran being denied membership in the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. Him and the R.I. CVMA state rep who calls himself Gizmo must snuggle up in the same sleeping bag because they both fabricated the same type of lies and accusations in order to keep a Vietnam combat veteran from joining the CVMA.

written by poncho , August 20, 2010

preacher,I do not know how this can be happening to a combat vet who has all the qualifications as stated in other blogs, to be denied membership !!!!!
Who can investigate the national board as to the reason they gave, to deny membership to this vietnam combat vet ???
Who would want to join an association that denies membership to a combat vet ? What MC do they think they belong to anyway ???

written by preacher , August 21, 2010

I really think that the membership of the CVMA has to take charge of THEIR association poncho. For some reason people like the CVMA Prez eagle, and the R.I. state rep gizmo, think the CVMA is their show to display personal power over others. Poncho the CVMA has been around for around 10 years, has 60 plus chapters around the country but yet has only 4/5 thousand members. Why is that? I think the way the R.I. CVMA treated this Vietnam Combat vet with the national CVMA Pres. backing their play answers this question. Some chapters may be ran very well and do the right thing but the actions of the R.I. CVMA and the national pres of the CVMA puts a coat of rust on the whole CVMA. It seems to me after looking at R.I. CVMA's by laws and reading what some of their fed up members have to say, they think they are a MC and try to use some sort of rank or class system in the way they run this chapter. How many real combat veterans is going to put up with that?

written by preacher , August 21, 2010

Well poncho the Nam combat vet was put out to pasture and denied membership by the state rep in the R.I. CVMA and the National pres. Its a powerplay on anyone that does not fit their need for a follower. They simply make up BS to deny his membership and usually make up all sorts of trash but never say the real reason and that being fear of being exposed as frauds. Their used to people just walking away PO'D but this is not happening this time. I think they bit the wrong Vietvets in the azz with their lies and games. Don't think this group of vets are going anywhere to soon poncho.

written by poncho , August 22, 2010

I know someone in RI and I think that he may belong to this cvma in RI. I will give him a call and find out whats going down. I,ll be in touch.

written by preacher , August 22, 2010

Good deal poncho. Would be great to hear the whole nine yards about this stolen valor and judging combat veterans by this R.I. state rep and the national president who never went outside the wire.

written by little rhodey vet , August 26, 2010

I belong to the VFW in R.I. I know this VNam vet who was denied membership by the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association. He is a true combat veteran. He is a citizen who contributes to his community,he is a veteran who helps veterans in a huge way through his organization which he is the chairman.
This R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association assaulted this VNam veteran's character, assaulted his organization that helps veterans, and assaulted his credibility and sevice to this country with fabricated lies
To deny this veteran membership in a association that he totally was qualified to join is point blank wrong. The R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and their National for being an ally in this injustice should hang their heads in shame.

written by poncho , August 26, 2010

Little rhody,
i do not know what vfw you belong to but if this is the case of the ri cvma not allowing a qualified combat vet into it,s association, then you should be passing the word around to other veterans and let them know how a true combat vet is treated.
I got some info from my freind in ri and he say,s that all the bull shit from the ri state rep is nothing but bullshit. he is an ego manic who has three names, ME, MYSELF AND I.
an oranization is as strong as it,s members and if it chooses to let a few lead them, they will be as strong as those who lead or as week as those who lead!!!!

written by little rhodey vet , August 27, 2010

I understand what you are saying poncho. The Nam vet who this R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association would not let in their ranks is a member of the VFW in the state of R.I. Many and I mean many veterans have been informed about the R.I. CVMA. They not only insulted this legitimate combat veteran by telling him he could not join but they raped his character and his good work for other veterans which he does with a organization which he started and chairs. To me this is a case of stolen valor on its own. You have to remember the state Rep and National President were the big players in this disaster with the R.I. cvma but the biggest offenders were the members who wanted to stay cluless and would not stand up for what was right. Heard the problems in this R.I. CVMA are far from over which is no surprise to me.

written by little rhodey vet , August 28, 2010

This rejecting of a legitimate Vietnam combat veteran by the R.I. CVMA is nothidden agenda here in the ocean state poncho. I belong to a VFW in Cranston R.I. and a lot of the Vietnam veterans here and elsewhere are pretty upset that the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association treated a Vietnam combat veteran the way they did. This state rep, the national president showed this Vietnam combat veteran no respect at all. How do they expect to get any in return. The word is out on the R.I. CVMA, and spreading fast which well it should be. Stealing valor and showing a veteran disrespect is no laughing matter.

written by poncho , September 13, 2010

Heard more shit from this freind of mine in RI and i could not believe what is going on with this screwed up chapter. He said that at first he thought that the association was veterans helping veterans, but he said it also includes community. I thought it was veterans helping veterans acording to other chapters ??? I heard that they also threw out a cvma member
(supporter) who brought up at a meeting an incident that happened with an MC at a bike blessing ? What was that all about. All this stuff sounds like the starting of a dictatorship of some sort. I will stay in touch with my freind and keep you informed . Stay cool. Poncho

written by Capodecina , September 13, 2010

Poncho, no incident happened with a MC at a bike blessing. Word came to me that a MC had a problem with one of our members. Which I looked into and it wasn't true. Also this support member was removed from the chapter because his sponsor withdrew his sponsorship because of his behavior. As for the Vietnam Veteran denied membership it had nothing to do with this man being a Vietnam Veteran or his military service. Thats all I will say about that. For the record I am a Viet Veteran myself. I have no further comments I can make on this subjust. This is the only post I will write on this blog. Also i am the Chapter Commander.

written by lefty , September 14, 2010

You say your the chapter commander of the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Assn. Your one of the main players who made false accusations about the Vietnam combat veteran who wanted to join your R.I. chapter. You the state rep and the national prsesident of the CVMA all should be ashamed for not letting a real combat join your chapter. Your the one who spread the word to the support member that one of your members had a problem with a MC member. You also said this support member who is a very sick disabled vet, started a fight with you, the state rep and some other joker in your R.I. CVMA chapter. This support member is very sick and on a cane, and you said he started a fight? Lets get real capodecina. Your no Vietnam veteran as far as I am concerned. Your a traitor and nothing more.

written by Amazed , September 18, 2010

Amazed anyone would want to be part of these sorry a-- vets.

written by Bob , September 22, 2010

RI Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association was not allowed to take part in the RI Operation Standown. Seems the word is out on horassing veterans instead of helping them.

written by Bob , September 23, 2010

Hey, who made the State Commander of the VFW take off his Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Patch?

written by Real Conbat Vet , September 26, 2010

Shame on Veterans treating a Vietnam Veteran the way Mr. Marabello was treated. The dues that this Veteran paid upon returning home from Vietnam like we all did is the reason why the Veteran’s of today are treated with honor and respect.
Let me set the record straight here these Veterans need to apologize to Mr.Marabello in a public setting not behind closed doors. They will have to go a long way before they gain my respect. Respect and integrity go to those that stood behind Mr. Marabello.
That is Veterans helping Veterans. This VFW state commander still needs to apologize for the false statements made by him. Mr. Marabello has my vote for a good job done for Veterans. Keep up the good work because there are a lot of true veterans that support your cause.

written by RCV , September 26, 2010

The sick support member who goes for dialysis that the RI Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association state rep, commander and BOD tossed out of chapter 9-1 for starting a fight with all of them at the same time, made the RI VFW state commander take his patch off at the RI operation stand down. How do these guys have the gall to call themselves combat veterans? The only combat that the major majority of these fobbit's seen was on video games. This big bad VFW state commander even asked the Vietnam combat vet who he put down and belittled for forgiveness.

written by Billy Boy , September 27, 2010

bob, what was that about the ri vfw commander taking off his vest ??? What,s going on about the ri cvma not doing security at the stand down ? From what I have heard about the ri chapter there are a lot of under handed tacticts going on in little rhody. I heard that there monthly meetings are now going to be quartely because of low attendance ?
I also heard that the viet nam vet who they denied membership because of bad character just raised over $8000.00 for the wounded warrior procect ? WOW.

written by red one , September 28, 2010

Billy Boy, The RI vfw commander should thank me for taking off his vest because if the president of operation stand down saw him wearing it, would have torn it off his vest then would have told him to get off the property. This vfw commander should have thanked
me for telling him to take off the vest. This vfw commander is not a bad guy, he is just on the wrong side of the fence. I was going to ask hiim to leave but I decided to let him stay. Yes, I amon the commity for operation stand down and in charge of security. I follow orders coming from the president. It is up to me who pulls security for us.

The ricva did nothing to support
the operation stand down cause.
Instead of them doing security during the night, why hell, they find a way to go home. I had only two people stay up all night when the plan calles for
several people. Both the operation stand down president
agreed on not having the ricvma
pull security no more.

written by RTO , September 28, 2010

your saying the RI vfw state commander who was made to take his CVMA patch off at the RI operation stand down is not a bad guy? How soon we forget, click on the URL below and read what he had to say about a Nam combat vet and his group who raises money for veterans. shame on him..

written by Vinny Rizzo , October 05, 2010

for the good of all vets, the right thing to do is like they did in the godfather after sonny was killed. work things out in the best interest of all veterans.

who's right who's wrong doesn't matter. I went to ri4gis blog site, and was impressed with sites to point its vets who might need help in the right direction, and besides just that they are without a shadow of doubt trying to help our veterans.

be it this motorcycle group, its a shame that they just can't work it out, and as the ri4gis state on there logo, united we stand. It makes sense for the bigger picture, verses this on going dispute.

I'm a viet nam vet, and also know what we had to go through coming home, and that something other vets should take into consideration. We have a lot more things we are sensitive to, than any other vet. The homecoming was a bad as any battle many of us encountered. We had to constantly prove we were not what the media portrayed us as. Finally after 30 years of mistreatment, and not understanding, the truth came to surface. We the Viet Nam vet finally got our respect for America.

in ending, my hat is tipped to ri4gis and there work to help our vets

written by flatline , October 05, 2010

rto and red one,
I bet this guy was sent there to get any info he could and bring it back to his RI cvma state rep and chapter commander. I heard that he even came back a second day but this time without his patch. Why ???? He had to be collecting info for his pals !!! Is this guy a vfw commander or an errand boy for a bunch of liars who denied membership to a qualified vietnam combat veteran who earned a CIB.
I am a combat vet but I do not belong to this so called chapter. Who would want to be prospected by a bunch of combat wanna bee,s anyway. I,m sure that there are some good chapters in this fine country of ours. I find it hard to beleive that the nationals have not done anything for this qualified vietnam combat vet. Why even have by-laws if you don,t live by them ??????

written by poncho , October 07, 2010

You should have watched the whole movie. There was justice in the end.
If you knew the whole story of how this vietnam combat vet was treated and then denied membership into the association, you would not just throw in the towel as you suggest. They in the ri chapter are dealing with a bod of liars and ego sucking leaches. I see it as justice will be served when the bod is dissolved and on the street where they belong. If these people were true veterns then they would not have denied membership to a qualified combat vet. That is the way I see it anyway.

written by RTO , October 07, 2010

Do you call a person or people who will not stand up for a veteran in the right a brother? I call them sheep and the RI CVMA state rep is leading these sheep right into the slaughter house.

written by COMBAT VET , October 12, 2010

I think that the State rep and regeonal rep are in the same shoes as JANE FONDA...TRADERS. i THINK THAT DALMAZZI AND HIS BUM BUDDY SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE CVMA. veterans do not treat veterans like trash. we all know who the rubbish is, the THE R.I BOD.

written by sarge , October 14, 2010

I hear you Combat Vet. If HANOI JANE FONDA made goo goo eyes at the MEATBALL lttle Rhodey CVMA state representative, he would make her an honorary member with no hesitation.

written by COMBAT VET , October 15, 2010

sarge I agree with you the R.I cvma should take out the trash,starting with dalmazzi and his bum buddy.I have no respect for this trash.I can't belive that they take someone who is not or ever been a vet and it is ok to wear the full member patch and turn a CIB VIET NAM VET away. It's time to take out the trash

written by sarge , October 15, 2010

Ya know Combat Vet, the Little Rhodey CVMA state rep and BOD turning a CIB Viet vet away was tasteless. Throwing out a disabled veteran support member, saying this veteran tried to start a fight with the state rep the commander,and the public relations BOD member all on the same day is pretty disturbing never mind lacks testacle fortitude. Then taking a BOD position away from another CIB wearing Viet vet based on false stories spread by the yes man, traitor commander is another disgrace. Then we have the state rep and his past commander stooge running a CIB Gulf War vet out of the chapter last fall. Whats next, the bannishment of any veteran from the RI CVMA who does not kiss the state rep's feet on command? I would not doubt anything that happens in chapter 9/1 of the CVMA, all blessed by the regional rep and the national president.

written by bug , October 15, 2010

Anyone sticking up for the vietnam vet who was railroaded out of the ricvma by the state rep and chapter commander will now be thrown out of the chapter. That is the word that is on the street( vfw,s ) now.
The cvma has a national bod and regional rep. that could give a rats ass as to what went down in the ri chapter. It,s not how many times you fall that counts, it,s how many times you get up.!!!!

written by COMBAT VET , October 15, 2010

sarge: I think that the national president and DALMAZZI and MUD CAT. is a few french fries short of a happy meal

written by sarge , October 16, 2010

bug,it all boils down to which side brings in the most dues. The Vietnam vets side, five to eight members, $100 to $160. The RI cvma state rep side, 10 to 15 members at 20 bucks a head, 200 to 300 bucks a year. Now all can see why the regional rep and the national pres went against what was the right thing to do. Combat Vet those people you mention have no honor, no dignity and no morals to do what they did to another veteran. They know the truth but will never admit they were part of this witch hunt to take down a Vietnam vet. They will walk away from the cvma before they admit the truth or take down more veterans in order to hide their lies.

written by COMBAT VET , October 16, 2010

sarge,one of the national president's job is to see that every state goes by the the national bylaws,from what I read that doesn't happen in Rhode Island, dalmazzi's way or your out. the national president never checks out what's going on there,he just takes the word of two liars(dalmazzi and mud cat).I don't understand why they say vets helping vets,what does that mean? I have no respect for any of them including the national president, what kind of a leader is he?

written by sarge , October 17, 2010

Thing is COMBAT VET, it seems the CVMA National President is passing the buck on the R.I. CVMA situation down to the RR who is nothing but a another CVMA yes man. The bottom line is the National Pres backed these people and their lies in the R.I CVMA to smear and tarnish a Vietnam combat vet. I hope all Vietnam vets and veterans in general in the CVMA see the big picture here in the R.I. CVMA. This all could of been settled when National was contacted in April 2010 but National fumbled the ball and are hiding from the truth in this matter.

written by CPO , October 18, 2010

what comes around, goes around.

written by didimau , October 20, 2010

The R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association allows non vterans in their chapter as so called honorary members but will not let a proven Vietnam combat veteran join. Is it me or does something stink with this scenario?

written by didimau , October 20, 2010

The RI combat veterans motorcycle association, chapter 9/1, has members that are NON veterans and they will not let a verified combat veteran Vietnam vet join their chapter. How pathetic doe this make these losers look?

written by Combat vet , October 21, 2010

Sarge, what needs to happen is get rid of the trash like jane fonda (dalmazzi) and that useless RR mud flap and just maybe the R.I. chapter would be a chapter of brothesr and sisters.all they are is power hungry morons. I guess they pick on the nam vets because there is not many left.if (jane Fonda) had to stand and fight he would run back to MAMA.xr

written by Jarhead , October 21, 2010

Capodechino be careful whom you blame on these blogs.
Things are not always what they seem.
You seem to have the art of falsely accusing people like Phoenix because you
have the power of Chapter Commander.
Even your PR guy said that you were a bad Road Captain and not a safe rider. Anyone that has ever followed you can vote a
yes to that fact. You want to know the truth you could not lead a bunch of bees to a flower show.
This is a true statement not a lie. I approve this message.

written by Ed Gantner , October 29, 2010

The guy on the left in this picture belongs to the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association in R.I. and is a big bad BOD member there. . HE is wearing on his left hand side a Combat Warfare Specialist (SCWS) insignia which looks like this. This award came out in 1992 and this poser got out of the Navy in the 1970s.

written by namvet , October 30, 2010

Another example of the Rhode Island Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association disgracing themselves. I would bet and give odds that this guy wearing something he did not earn is not alone in that group who urinates on Vietnam veterans or any veteran who stand up for their rights and stand up for their brothers.

written by Real Conbat Veteran , October 31, 2010

Eagle, Mudcat, Gizmo, Capodecina and all the rest of the players in
the CVMA have reached a new low by removing the memberships
of the three Vietnam Veterans that stood up for a fellow Vietnam
Veteran being denied membership in the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1.
I hope that I have the chain of command correct because to these
Guy’s that is more important than what is right and just.
Eagle to bad that the procedure change how applications are sent in
and not held by the SR (GIZMO) to look at the individual and see if
he fits in his t-shirt club All this would have been avoided.
That’s what this is all about. You so called leaders should have steeped
up to the plate and right the wrong and let Frank be a member.
One last note Mudcat thanks for the help.
How did you explain the threatening phone call to Eagle?
How about the one that said I will see what I can do?
Next day at the Chicken Dinner a set up to remove the three
Vietnam Combat Veterans. Was the call bait to get us there?
Pay Attention removing us from the CVMA Chapter 9-1 will
Not make us go away. No lies on this end. Same story a
Vietnam Veteran was denied membership in the R.I. CVMA.

written by Real Combat Veteran , October 31, 2010

Sorry hit the wrong key.
Real Combat Veteran

written by Real Combat Veteran , October 31, 2010

Eagle, Mudcat, Gizmo, Capodecina and the rest of the players of the CVMA
that took part in denying a qualified Vietnam Veteran membership.
I hope that I have the chain of command correct because that seems
all that matters to these so called great leaders.
Eagle too bad the changes that were made in how applications are
handled now were in place seven months ago all this would have
been avoided.
Capodecina here you go again blowing your own horn again saying
how great you are. I hope that you tell the truth to all you interact with.
We all know how big your mouth is if it doesn’t have a but in it has a
fork in it. At the next group tell the truth is that all these Vietnam Veterans
did was stick up for another Vietnam Veteran.
Same story here the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 denied a Vietnam Veteran
Membership. YEP same old story has not changed in seven months.
If it does you will be the first one that is told.
Mudcat thanks for all the phone calls you sure helped out the cause.
The call the day before the chicken dinner was a good one.
I will see what I can do for you guy’s.
Was that to get us to go to the dinner so you could remove us
from the Chapter? How is that change working out for you guys?
We the loyal Vietnam Veterans are not going away.
I wonder if you told Eagle the truth what was said.
I am sure that you did being the stand up Veteran that you are.
In the end the truth will prevail. No lies on this end.

written by didimau , November 01, 2010

Lets look at this R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association for what they really are. Force out a Gulf War Combat Vet in 2009, deny membership to a Vietnam combat vet 2010. Throw out 3 Vietnam vets 2010, except money from a charitable organization or person deeply involved with a charitable organization (whenever they can), make up lies and throw out a disabled vet support member 2010, have two veterans wearing military badges they did not earn, one is the PR BOD member, have two honorary members who are not veterans one who basicly runs the chapter. The list goes on and on, and these so called veterans claim they are all for helping other veterans. Their nothing but a joke, they only help their own ego trips.

written by RTO , November 02, 2010

Looks to me the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association along with their National Pressident defines STOLEN VALOR and STOLEN JUSTICE very well. The word is on the street about these frauds.

written by ME , November 02, 2010

Hey capodecrapa where are you? Does your big fat mouth not want to defend your honor? Put out the butt and tell us about how great a leader you are and how the pack you led back from DC left you on the side of the road. When the Vet you road with told me I could not stop laughing. There were tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
So tell us again how great you are. Blog on and tell so more lies about these Vietnam Veterans. Tell us again that they were removed by Eagle and the National boy's for defending the honor of another Vietnam Veteran. We need to hear that story about the application not being sent to the National Secretary. After all he sent out four applications and four copies of his DD214. Why I bet just about the whole country has a copy by now.
Great Leader tell us again what the R.I.Chapter CVMA 9-1 does with all their money. Please tell us again how this R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 is helping Veterans.
Hey Cousin Vini tell us the real story about the patch removing incident at Operation Stand Down this year. I am sure mudcat was told the correct story or did your story
help get the three Vietnam Veterans removed from the Chapter? I wonder?

written by One who knows , November 03, 2010

Popeye, come on your wearing one of those medals that you didn't earn. Talk about fakes, your the biggest one. So quick to judge others wearing a badge that didn't come out until 1994???? How's that your wearing it?When did you get out in the last 60's - 70's? Does it make you feel better being a pretender? Do you think maybe you should have mind your own business, and maybe none of this would have happened. You screwed (2) good men - Hope it makes you feel good. All other members beware, of rats running around you, and if you or anyone reading all this really wants to be a member of the CVMA anywhere USA

written by One who knows , November 03, 2010

why not see or look into that title they wear Combat Veterans or the term. I find it offensive to have anyone wear a patch that is misleading. I've seen the patch but always assumed that the wearer was a combat vet?

I can see if the one wearing it was in combat, other than that no one should be allowed to wear it. War veteran if they served in country, but not in combat. As the VFW does, but to put Combat on for someone who didn't is nothing short of stolen valor and should be looked into legally. Maybe through the Stolen Valor Act.

written by Real Combat Veteran , November 05, 2010

To someone who knows the truth.
1. R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 refused membership to a qualified Vietnam Veteran.
2. Three fellow Vietnam Veterans were removed from the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 for defending the Vietnam Veteran that was removed.

All of you can say anything that you want but it can not and will not change the truth R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 removed a total of 3 Vietnam Veterans, one loyal support member and refused a qualfied Vietnam Veteran membership in the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1. All of the above is the truth. All that has happened is a great cover up to make the CVMA look like heros and discredit the few Vietnam Veterans that stood up what was right.
Yes Eagle, Mudcat and all you high and mighty National BOD members are wrong for sticking your head in the sand letting this go down the way it did.
These few Vietnam Veterans are still here What will be your next move I wonder?
OH Yes I know more lies.
To the one that knows the truth tell the story again and let’s see if it is the same?
The truth is the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 refused a qualified Vietnam Veteran membership.
Hey Cousin Vinney let’s hear the truth about the patch removing incident at Operation Stand Down? We need to hear the truth about that one. You know that you caused a lot of s—t. Are you campaigning to be the next Sate Rep? Look out Mike he is after your job!!!!!!!.

written by Real Combat Veteran , November 05, 2010

To someone who knows the truth.
1. R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 refused membership to a qualified Vietnam Veteran.
2. Three fellow Vietnam Veterans were removed from the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 for defending the Vietnam Veteran that was removed.

All of you can say anything that you want but it can not and will not change the truth R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 removed a total of 3 Vietnam Veterans, one loyal support member and refused a qualfied Vietnam Veteran membership in the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1. All of the above is the truth. All that has happened is a great cover up to make the CVMA look like heros and discredit the few Vietnam Veterans that stood up what was right.
Yes Eagle, Mudcat and all you high and mighty National BOD members are wrong for sticking your head in the sand letting this go down the way it did.
These few Vietnam Veterans are still here What will be your next move I wonder?
OH Yes I know more lies.
To the one that knows the truth tell the story again and let’s see if it is the same?
The truth is the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 refused a qualified Vietnam Veteran membership.
Hey Cousin Vinney let’s hear the truth about the patch removing incident at Operation Stand Down? We need to hear the truth about that one. You know that you caused a lot of s—t. Are you campaigning to be the next Sate Rep? Look out Mike he is after your job!!!!!!!.

written by Real Combat Veteran , November 08, 2010

Most of the Vietnam Veterans I know shy away from the camera and stay in the back ground. We don't post a sign on our back that demands a hand shake. Most Vietnam Veterans greet each other with a "Welcome Home Brother". Most of us haven't joined any organizations for forty years because we were shunned and disrespected when we came home. Only a true Vietnam Veteran can know what that feeling is all about. My fellow Veterans out there this disrespect from the R.I.CVMA Chapter 9-1 is what this is all about. It took me forty years to join some sort of organized group to find out the resentment is the same as it was forty years ago showing disrespect to a Vietnam Veteran. Shame on all of you steep up and make this situation right for the Vietnam Veterans that were disrespected. Eagle, Mudcat, Chapter 9-1 BOD swallow a little of that pride and arrogance and make a formal apology to these stand up Vietnam Veterans. This is what F M was trying to say at your meeting when a few of you laughed at him while others walked out.
We took all the S---t to make things right today for Veterans.

written by Viet Nam Vet , November 11, 2010

For those after Viet Nam, when people or the Citizens of this country realized what they did to us returning home, was a big a scar as the ones we left in Viet Nam. It was Nam vets who made sure that no veteran would every come home the same. We made sure that all those who followed came home with the dignity, respect and pride they deserved, unlike being spit at as we did.

All of this blog and what the RICVMA has done to its Viet Nam vets is nothing short of a flashbacks of times long ago.

I have been reading these blogs and can see that the RICVMA has the mentality of once was, how WWII vets treated us, and the public.

Some of you with your comments prove that you are as ignorant as it was back then.

You can't beat Viet Nam Vets they all understand the meaning of being treated like dirt, and survived it, with great success.

Not one comment has been made to Dessert Storm Veterans, Gulf War Vets or any Vets other than those leading this bull Sh_t Assoication.

Eagle as you are called are the biggest fake, wearing a patch that states Combat Veteran, as what I can see about the RI State Rep. You didn't earn that right as did others. Fakes and Frauds and nothing short of it, just like many of your members who didn't earn it.

The only ones qualified to wear that titled is those who earned it, and for those that did have a medal to prove they did, unlike many of you.

As a Viet Nam Veteran, and on this special day, "Veterans Day" maybe all should remember those who lost their lives, those wounded, physically, and mentally, and just maybe work to correct this injustice that has happened in this chapter.

Happy Veterans Day

written by RTO , November 29, 2010

The R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association chapter 9-1 was asked to have a special meeting to address the accustions made and to give the three Vietnam veterans that were thrown out a chance to defend themselves. This meeting request was made by a full member to the whole chapter, regional rep, and National BOD. This meeting was denied by the R.I. CVMA. Even a murderer gets his day in court. So much for one's rights in the CVMA. Disgusting to SAY THE LEAST....... Vietnam combat veteran denied membership, Vietnam era vet throw out of the CVMA, Vietnam combat veteran stripped of a BOD position, three Vietnam Veterans thrown out of the R.I. CVMA chapter, all within 6 months.

written by dinkydau , December 01, 2010

Once again we come down to this, the major majority of the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association are not combat veterans. Most are REMF'S or FOBBIT'S feeding off the VALOR of people who were downrange (actual combat). Why on earth do people insist on being called something they are not is the question here. Their actions and insults toward real combat veterans shows exactly what they are and that is frauds. Real combat veterans show these liars what they are not and that scares them.

written by BREAKER , August 03, 2011

This is an old blog and I apologize for diggin it up but I just had to comment. Please notice the grammer, verbage and slant from the following posters....didmau, RTO, sarge, poncho, lefty, preacher, Real Combat Vet, Rev, Billy Boy, Red one, flatline, bug, Combat Vet, ME, One who Knows, little rhodey vet and dinky dau...strangely similar! I would be willing to bet my Combat Action Badge that most if not all of those names are the same person engaging in a running diatribe with himself. I would also venture to say that the IP addresses of all of those would be the same. While doing some on-line research about the CVMA for personnel reasons I found that this person who had a beef with the CVMA has posted this same crap on albiet hundreds of blogs in the last 12-18 months...usually posting his original complaint then followed within hours or days with a responding message using a different name. Advice for said poster(s)...knock the chip off your shoulder and to borrow from one of my favorite movies..."get busy living, or get busy dieing". Thank you all for your time and God Bless America and my fellow Veterans!!!

written by combatveteran , August 15, 2011

Seems the shit stirrers who followed this "gansta wannabe" Frank out the door of the CVMA, mouths are shut.. Why's that? Did they find out their RI4GI leader who they defended is a fraud?... Seems he wrote some stuff on the internet about Tommy Boy and Kinky Ken... shame on him... RI4GI is nothing but burnt toast while the CVMA is out there with veterans helping veterans daily... boys, where's your picket signs and wise ass comments now ? ROFLMAO

written by SGTFC , August 15, 2011

Breaker your comment above looks very similiar to those you talk about. Are you confessing to something?

What are you feeling guilty about boy? Maybe that CAB you got is not earned. Is that it?

written by hammer , September 25, 2011

think breaker is the chairman of RI4GIs. he was denied membership in the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association for bad character, thrown out of the American Legion, had problems with the VFW and the Wounded Warrior Project dropped RI4GI's from raising money for them... what more has to be said?

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