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Chavez Moving towards a Marxist-Socialist Dictatorship Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Jul 9, 2010, 12:04 pm

Cardinal Hugo.jpgCardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Venezuela issued a statement claiming that President Hugo Chavez and his government are ignoring the Constitution and “want to impose a Socialist-Marxist system in the country to control all sectors. This system is totalitarian and is leading to dictatorship led by the elite who is ruling the country.”

According to El Universal, “Jorge Cardinal Urosa Savino issued a statement from Rome saying that President Hugo Chavez Frias has no right to insult, defame or slander any Venezuelan.”

Cardinal Urosa’s statement is quoted as saying that, “the president has insulted me several times, thus exposing me to mockery. I strongly reject such attacks that are unbecoming for such a person.”

He reiterated his criticisms about the situation in regards to Venezuela. “Today, I am responding to the assaults against the bishops and against me, because rather than rejecting the offenses we are trying to denounce the dangerous situation facing our beloved motherland.”

As reported by El Universal, “the Church leader clarified that he is not under pressure from any sector. Urosa Savino added that he has made some statements about Venezuela’s situation in the media that have been ‘regrettably’ misinterpreted by President Hugo Chavez.”

He explained that the head honcho of Venezuela, “rather than reflecting upon the arguments and changing his behavior is discrediting and attacking us.”

Cardinal Urosa Savino announced in a statement that President Chavez and his government are seeking to impose a Socialist-Marxist totalitarian dictatorship.

To read the entire article from El Universal, link here:

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Comments (3)add comment
written by furrpiece , July 09, 2010

Hugo Chavez has in his DNA all of the nationalistic Marxist traits for "dictator for life" government.

It is no wonder he praises Castro and alternatively likes what Obama is doing to the United States, or complains when Obama doesn't do enough damage.

Chavez is ripe for assassination. He is stealing from everyone who has anything to steal in Venezuela, and is nothing more than a "robbing hood" for the poor.

It is interesting that Chavez has not nationalized/socialized as much as Obama has, in terms of percentage of the economy.

But, give him time.

written by Clyde Hicks , July 09, 2010

I keep trying to tell you that this jerk belongs dead.

written by Ken Dickson , July 10, 2010

I think Obama is Chavez's brother!

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