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White: Perry in it for himself Print E-mail
by Will Lutz    Fri, Jun 25, 2010, 09:34 PM
CORPUS CHRISTI – Former Houston Mayor and Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Bill White kicked off the Democratic State Convention today by blasting his opponent Gov. Rick Perry. The main theme of White’s speech is that “Rick Perry is in it for himself” but that White is in it for Texas.
Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner called the speech "one of the most negative speeches by a nominee for Texas governor in modern history" and accused White of runing "a campaign of no substance"
White was introduced to “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. Formal introductions came from Sens. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) and Royce West (D-Dallas) and his daughter.
White started out by emphasizing his support for diversity and stating that Rick Perry is all about promoting his own self-interest. A key theme Democrats are making in speeches today is that they are problem-solvers, and they are characterizing Republicans as those seeking to divide.
White specifically accused Perry of bringing “Washington-DC-style” politics to Texas while he solves problems. “He’s good at commercials, I’m good at getting things done,” White said.
White also is trying to cast the blame on Perry for the state’s fiscal problems. “Perry is managing Texas beyond its means,” White said.
Texas has a budget shortfall, in that the cost of current services exceeds expected revenue. But for the current biennium, Texas is in surplus, with a Rainy Day Fund estimated at $9 billion – a fiscal situation that would make other large states envious. White’s shortfall estimate was $18 billion.
White unveiled a five-point plan on education. He proposed funding quality pre-Kindergarten for all students, restoring excellence to vocational education, cutting dropout rates, allowing teachers to teach content by putting less emphasis on test scores, and making higher education more accessible and affordable.”
Here are White’s key specific attack points on Gov. Rick Perry:
1. Rising Insurance Rates (White promised he would raise wages, instead)
2. Importing nurses and welders from out of state (White promised we would train more here)
3. The influence of the State Board of Education over the curriculum (White promised he would put computers in the classroom, instead)
4. State Boards and Commissions that serve Perry’s campaign contributors (White promised they would serve “ordinary Texans”)
5. Perry’s alleged secession comment (White promised to stay in the US)
6. Traffic congestion (White called the Trans-Texas Corridor “corrupt,” and promised that the Texas Transportation Commission would be run in a bi-partisan fashion and would focus on Texans’ mobility needs).
White also pledged he would live in a double-wide trailer while the Governor’s Mansion is being rebuilt. (Perry’s rental mansion was a common attack line at the convention.)
In response to White's attacks and proposals, Miner said, "Governor Perry’s proven leadership, Texas values, and priorities of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and job creation have made our state the envy of the nation. Voters will reject Bill White’s liberal agenda of supporting Obamacare and cap and trade legislation that would cripple the Texas economy, greater restrictions on the right to bear arms, and limited voting rights for the military." 
For White this speech was critical. His delivery was upbeat. The length was about right. And he was enthusiastic. White is sometimes portrayed as a dull technocrat, so much so that the Perry campaign sent out a news release suggesting that a bottle of NoDoz would be including in a “Democratic Convention Survival Kit.”
After White’s speech the convention recessed for the evening.
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written by Clyde Hicks , June 26, 2010

So, let's see : "problem solver" is now DEM-Speak for "radical".... interesting. Sort of like, in DEM-Speak, "liberal" or some similarly benign sounding term is always used in place of "communist" [as in, "Barack is a liberal"].

Now let's see how it works in real life with a hypothetical problem to be solved :

PROBLEM : the forest is overgrown and there are so many trees that they are choking one another out, and not enough sunlight is getting in to the trees, so many of them are failing to thrive.

DEM solution : send in the EPA to take over the forest; and for "backup" send in "big sister" and a small army of taxpayer paid "homeland security" personnel to "taser" anyone who dares to even make a comment in opposition. Then cut down the entire forest, and turn the ground that is all that remains of it over to a union that has donated a lot of money recently to BAHAMA. DEM-Speak will call this "problem solving". DEMS may remind America that they had to destroy the forest to save it.

REPUBLICAN solution : thin out the trees. Chop down some and use them to make the full array of forest products, from lumber to paper to whatever else can be made that will be useful. Use private initiative to do this at a profit with no outlay of taxpayer funds; and then wait till end of tax year when some of those private profits will be paid in as income taxes. Result : net gain for US Treasury, and profit for private sector, and job creation, and creation of useful products, with end result including a healthier forest. DEM-Speak will call this "self interest at its worst", and will note that Hugo Chavez and Castro would not do it this way; and DEM-Speakers will wallow in self-pity claiming they are victims of a group of capitalists who are "in it for themselves".

That is how it all seems to work in the bizarre environment of DEM-Speak.

written by G S , June 27, 2010

The biggest argument against White is California, New York and New Jersey. The longer Democrats are in power the worse shape the state is in.

written by furrpiece , June 28, 2010

Perry is only in it for himself?

How quaint; stupid and trite, but quaint.

Why is White in it? Why was Richards in it? For that matter, why were Shivers, Smith Briscoe, and other Democrats in it if not for themselves at some level?

White, for example, is for amnesty of illegals. (Of course; Democrats need their votes to take Texas.) But, what a disgrace that he wants to reward illegal behavior with American citizenship, just to win an election.

White is welcome to take that nonsense to California, or somewhere, but we don't need it in Texas.

written by Juna de la Paz , June 28, 2010

Mr. Furrpiece :

We do not need the White "amnesty" foolishness here in California, either.

If you guys in Texas do not want it, and we do not want it, maybe this gringo maldito, "White" can take it and try to peddle it to communistas in the federal zone in Mexico.

Please don't send your Texas problems, like this Mr. White. to us here in California.

written by furrpiece , June 28, 2010

Welcome Juna,

The rumor is that if White loses, he'll join the Hair Club as a test model, or star in the remake of the Adams Family.

In either event, we'll try to keep a short leash on him.

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