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UN Calls Censorship a “Human Right” Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Jun 18, 2010, 05:48 pm

Arab Slander.jpgThe United Nations believes that the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has a “human right” to impose censorship on the media to “promote (Muslim) religious tolerance.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will even hand over funds for the OIC to ensure that strict censorship on the media will be enforced when reporters shed a negative light on radical Islamic militants that include, Osama bin-Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, al-Shabaab (Somalia) and Abu Shayaff (the Philippines).

According to Fox News, “concerns about censorship were raised after the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which has tremendous sway in the United Nations, successfully pushed through a resolution that creates a watchdog to monitor how religion is portrayed in the media.”

The OIC claims it will enforce religious tolerance by ensuring that the (Muslim) religion is not mocked. An incident occurred when Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed instigated Islamic riots. Yet, the United States and the European Union members on the council voted against the resolution, worrying that it will censor the press and assault freedom of expression.

As reported by Fox, “the resolution now opens the way for the Human Rights Council to select a special investigation on religious freedom to “work closely with mass media organizations to ensure that they create and promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity.”

The UN loves to use irony whe implementing new policies. Mr. Ban appointed a so-called “Human Rights Council,” to be the media watchdog to impose censorship. Meanwhile, the UN hires and appoints investigators to seek and punish whistle-blowers and aid in cover-ups of corruption by initiating “sham” investigation inquiries. The UN also hosts “Transparency Summits,” even though Mr. Ban is notorious for hiding internal UN documents from public scrutiny.

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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Comments (11)add comment
written by Tom Dollar , June 18, 2010

Not "damn the UN', but "double damn that ole UN"....

What tripe : how is repression a :human right" ??

When will the US exit the UN, and make it leave North America [the Canadians are far too smart to invite it to come there; and it would not want to move to Mexico now when there is so much internal strive there.....

written by Ken Dickson , June 19, 2010

The UN is a communist-dominated organization funder by the US....really an insult to all Americans! Why we do not stop our money-flow beats me, but with the leadership in DC & their leftist leanings, it will never happen!

written by furrpiece , June 19, 2010

It is no surprise that the UN believes Islamic religious PR depends largely on censorship. It's also no surprise that Islam, a fundamentally dishonest enterprise, believes it can only get good press by covering up much of its failings, shortcomings, crimes, intolerance, and fanaticism.

Just when I think the UN couldn't be more useless, it surprises me. For example:

Yesterday, the UN made Cuba the Vice Chair of the UN Human Rights Commission.

This anti-American Marxist organization is a disgrace, a huge disappointment, and an actual adversary of freedom, liberty, free markets, free flows of information, and equal treatment of all members.

We need to stop funding this fiasco, move it to Mexico, close the border to keep Eurotrash out, and be done with the entire business.

written by Steve , June 19, 2010


written by Tom Dollar , June 19, 2010


You guys a right: 100% right.

written by Bob Reagan , June 20, 2010

It’s time for the United States to reduce severely or even eliminate its funding for the United Nations. The Security Council was wisely set up with five permanent members, who were (and for the most part still are) the major global powers, but the General Assembly still clings to the absurd notion that each member, no matter how small and insignificant, has one vote. The vast majority of the nations represented in the General Assembly are small, have dysfunctional economies, and are oligarchical kleptocracies. The UN, other than the Security Council, presently exists solely so that dysfunctional nations can mooch off of (and loot where they can) those nations, mostly Western, that actually function as such, however imperfectly.

The attempt to impose censorship to “promote (Muslim) religious tolerance” as a “human right” is the height of absurdity. The UN, of course, is the same organization whose left wing ideologues came up with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that all but attempts to enact the Communist Manifesto as positive international law. There have been two treaties formulated and based on the UDHR: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The United States Senate has so far declined to ratify the latter, thank good sense or Providence as you prefer. The former has actually been ratified, but with sufficient number of reservations, understandings, declarations, and one proviso, that so far protects our citizens and states that the Constitution is actually still in effect in this country.

Withdrawal from the UN is probably not a political or diplomatic option. Nor would it be wise. Remember the sage advice to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Drastically reducing funding, and opposing the more absurd notions which come before the General Assembly, is our best option. It is an idea whose time has come particularly given the current economic woes brought about by the profligate spending of our Congress.

written by furrpiece , June 20, 2010

Has anyone ever noticed that Islam is the only religion the UN gives a flip about?

Once upon a time, I would have said the Carter White House or Braniff Baggage were the most dysfunctional organizations on the planet. But, the UN has the budget of several moderately-sized countries combined, staff from around the world, almost unlimited spending capacity, less transparency than Ray Charles in a photographic darkroom, and a record of theft and incompetence that will be legendary for centuries. Yet, it manages to bite and chew the hand that feeds it - the same same hand on the same body that created it and has tried to keep it alive.

One normally has to go to a psycho ward to find this kind of talent and loyalty. Yet, we've searched the world wide and have the best of the worst right here in New York City, and we feed and house them every day at taxpayer expense.

On second thought, who are the real dummies here?

written by Ireland , June 21, 2010

Why should this surprise us? Isn't this
Obama your US President Muslim!

The UN is notorious for having "Watchdogs"
What is the US thinking having them in
NYC! Without question terriorist!

These "Watchdog" UN MAFIA are hacking
computers, tapping phone lines, into the
US banking system, drugs, and what is
worse is the likes of having them assign
people like your BradAgelina, JayZee,
Anne Lennox, as UN Ambassadors? And
how about this Cameron Douglas the son
of Michael Douglas this UN Ambassador
sonnow in prison as the biggest drug dealer
in NY upper west side.

Tell us, how are these idiots qualified to
be UN Goodwill Ambassadors? The UN
has absolutely no credibility. We once
read how UNICEF is pocketing all the
money along with other question marks
being raised on where all the money is
going for Haiti. Haiti was worth nothing
before, there is nothing to rebuild. What
fund their "BlackMagic" and witchcraft
occult groups.

This is the REALITY you Americano's!

written by Pierre Lebon, France , June 22, 2010

Time to fully withdraw from the UN. Its has become a mickey mouse organization headed by Ban-kimoon as goofy.
Worst of all: it costs a fortune.
It seems that the UN also invited Iran to play a leading role in a committee regarding 'womens rights' ??

written by Kim Bruce , June 22, 2010

What kind of drugs is Ban ki Moon smoking?
I don't want any.
This is a warped sense of what Human Rights truly are. What is censorship but stamping out of the freedom to express ones beliefs.
Is it not a Human Right to believe what you wish to believe and express that through the written word?
No it is a Human Right to censor? I say we censor the United Nations.

written by Furious , July 15, 2011

The UN is a disgrace. It is a toady of the Islamic world and has been so from at least 1948 when five Arabic Nations attacked newborn Israel and the UN found fault only with Israel as they still do today. The open UN fervent bias in favor of Islam is a threat to the entire free world. And it is followers of Islam that are killing people of other religions all over the globe. The followers of no other religion are behaving in that manner and I weary about hearing about these being a small batch of miscreants. Damn it--read the Koran--they are instructed to kill us. To me a religion that instructs its followers to kill is not a religion and should not have the protection and freedom given to religions--Islam is a murderous cult.

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