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30% of S Koreans Believe Naval Ship Sinking a 'Conspiracy' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jun 1, 2010, 08:24 AM

Conspiracy Korea.jpgNetizens in South Korea are going wild with spreading rumors that the U.S. is responsible for the naval ship, Cheonan, sinking that occured over two months ago. The Chosun Ilbo revealed that according to a recent poll, 30% of South Koreans don't believe North Korea sunk the Cheonan.

Well, Koreans do have a knack for falling prey to conspiracy theories. Yet, they are sincere in their beliefs. While speaking to Koreans I compiled, a list of conspiracy theories in which a Korean tried to persuade me of an irrational argument and got angry when I mocked their comments. Here is my list of Top Ten Korean Conspiracy Theories:

1)  George W. Bush ordered the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center, since his father was doing business with the Saudi Royal Family.

2)  Japan will launch a full-scale war against South Korea to reclaim territorial rights over Takeshima/Dokdo Island.

3)  American ranchers covertly exported beef products tainted with 'mad cow disease' to South Korea at the behest of the C.I.A.

4)  Donald Rumsfeld started the 'Swine Flu,' because he owns shares in Tamiflu, an anti-viral drug.

5)  Those afflicted by the 'Bird Flu' can be cured by eating kimchi, which is a 'magic cure' for cancer as well.

6)   So-called Korean prophets predicted that a massive earthquake would strike California, so Koreans must return to their homeland.

7)  Former President Roh Moo-hyun claims he hates the U.S., but he's trying to fool Koreans since he's a "puppet of American imperialism."

8)  Dictator Kim Jong-il of North Korea is "glorious" for making nuclear bombs, since he hates America.

9)  The U.S. should be destroyed by Osama bin-Laden, because America has the number one economy and that's not right, Korea should be number one.

10) A protestor was witnessed walking in the subway carrying a sign: "Stop Global American Capitalism." Meanwhile, she wore a baseball cap with the American flag, Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Levi's blue jeans, Nike sneakers, holding her 'Coach' purse, and adorned with expensive jewelry and make-up.

To read the entire article from the Chosun Ilbo, link here:

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Comments (4)add comment
written by furrpiece , June 01, 2010

I confess to being totally amazed that any South Korean could conjure up a rationale for why the U.S. would want to torpedo one of its ships.

The last thing the U.S. needs right now is another distraction on the other side of the world that could potentially become a shooting war.

But, I certainly agree some South Koreans can be very creative when it comes to conspiracies.

written by bob gratton , June 02, 2010

i do like the first one since there more chance of that to be true then osama did attack american.the 4 one not bad, but he didnt start the flu but definitly made it look bigger and more dangerous then it was to sell more useless vaccins.

written by Obama , June 02, 2010

The Cheonan is an anti-sub escort with US aided advanced sonar. If it can not detect a North Korean sub or firing torpedo, either its sailors are all idiots, or the story is fabricated by
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to sway South Korean voters in the June 2rd election.

written by hnfke , June 07, 2010

As you know, any time you mention Korea, you will be flooded by shills for Korea.

Your analysis is spot on. But that isn't important when dealing with Korea.

The USA needs to pull out of Kora so they can fight and die for themselves. No more American blood should be spilt for the American hating Koreans.

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