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Let's Get Ball Rolling For Cowboys' Jerry Jones To Recruit LeBron To Mavs Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Tue, May 25, 2010, 04:30 PM

    On behalf of, I tweeted this at 1 p.m. Tuesday:

    Owner-of-Mavs Cuban cant yet talk to LeBron. Owner-of-Cowboys Jerry can, however. If u know what I mean.

    And the ball begins to roll …

   My initial thinking, detailed in slightly more than 140 characters:

   The owner of the basketball team in DFW is Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban would like the Mavs to become LeBron’s favorite team. But Mark Cuban can’t yet talk to LeBron.

    The owner of the football team in DFW is Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones already knows that his Cowboys have become LeBron’s favorite team.

   But Jerry Jones CAN talk to LeBron.

   If you know what I mean.

   By 5:33 p.m., the astute Tim MacMahon had picked up the ball an advanced it downfield by contacting Jerry Jones. Tim obviously "knows what I mean'':

   IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones counts Mark Cuban and LeBron James among his many friends.
   Might Jerry help his business buddy Cuban's all-out efforts to recruit LeBron?

    "I don’t think that Mark or the Mavericks really need me in any way," Jones said after the NFL owners' meetings. "They stand tall with what they could bring to the table for any basketball player, LeBron included."
   Oh, I'm sure Cuban would welcome all the help he could get.
   Cuban is well aware of LeBron's passion for the Cowboys. It's no coincidence that Cuban has publicly pondered the idea of the Mavs playing occasional home games in Cowboys Stadium, even mentioning that it could help attract free agents.
   LeBron and Jerry first met when the Cowboys opened the 2008 season in Cleveland, a game King James attended with a Cowboys cap on his head. LeBron was a guest in Jerry's suite for the Cowboys Stadium grand opening and had the owner of his favorite football team speak during his All-Star weekend party.
    "Certainly, I appreciate that he’s a Cowboys fan," Jerry said. "He’s a credit. He’s a credit to sports and certainly the NBA. But Mark Cuban doesn’t need me to do anything but carry his bag for him."

   And now it’s time to fill in some blanks:

   *My man Jerry Jones’ humility here is lovely – but he’s not fooling anybody. Jones would love to be invited to be part of this circus.

   *Such involvement will be commonplace. The Knicks will get Derek Jeter to be a recruiter. One report says they will enlist Donald Trump. Another says tennis star John McEnroe will pitch in. When the Rangers courted Alex Rodriguez, they enlisted the help of Mike Modano.

    It’s commonplace and it’s common sense. If the Mavs' chase doesn't involve the Cowboys in some way, they will have missed a grand opportunity to help understand LeBron (and any other potential acquisition) what makes DFW tick.

   *As I mentioned to start this thing: Cuban and the Mavs cannot recruit LeBron yet. But Jones and the Cowboys can. Today.

   So yes, Jerry Jones can “carry Mark Cuban’s bag for him’’ – especially if that’s some sort of Billionaire-Club analogy for “help to recruit LeBron James.’’

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