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A Quiet Lobby? Print E-mail
by Paul Perry    Mon, May 24, 2010, 12:58 PM

While many Americans make serious cuts in family budgets and lifestyles, the profligate spending and immoral lifestyles continue at an ever-increasing pace in our nation’s capital. A symptom is that the manipulation and lies by members of both major parties are at the normal levels. The pace was probably only matched in the Roman senate before they lost their republic. The surreal circus is conducted and performed by the same cast of characters who have been participating for decades. Term limits, anyone?

Too often our politicians remind me of ancient Rome’s. Case in point: Barney Frank. Barney Frank is a congressman from Massachusetts who was exposed, if that is the correct term, early in his career for keeping a homosexual prostitute in his apartment, kind of like a pet. The problem for Cong. Frank began when his prostitute buddy, a Mr. Gobie, chose to make their relationship and his prostitution ring that he ran out of Frank’s apartment, public.

During a congressional investigation in 1990, Democrat Frank admitted to paying for sex from the prostitute. Frank was cleared by the House committee of knowing that Gobie was running a male prostitution ring out of Frank’s apartment.. He was sanctioned for using his office to fix 33 parking tickets for the prostitute. Incredulous as it might seem, I guess paying for sex was OK with Congress. One could guess that if Frank had been asked to resign, it might have set a precedent that would have resulted in a lot of empty seats in the House of Representatives. Needless to say, the Democrats controlled Congress at that time.

Then, Republican congressman Larry Craig of Idaho was one of the leaders in the effort to go after Barney Frank. Larry Craig was later to serve as one of Idaho’s senators. While serving as a senator in 2007, Craig was arrested in a men’s restroom for lewd conduct. He did not run for re-election.

I support people’s right to a private life, but there seems to be a double standard in our government when it comes to the public exposure of sexual mores. Frank’s escapades were taken care of by a friendly Congress in 1990. Conversely, it seems every time a Republican congressman is caught in a homosexual or even a heterosexual indiscretion, they are expected to resign from office by their own constituents.

It also seems closeted homosexual Republicans are often outed by Barney Frank, as he stated in an interview with lefty humorist Bill Maher. Just because you are in the closet doesn’t mean you get to be a hypocrite.

You see, Barney is very much in favor of homosexual marriage. Rumor in Washington is that he has chosen to "out" certain Republicans who, though homosexual, have opposed gay marriage. Ancient Greece by most accounts was accepting of homosexuality, but most if not all Greek city states reserved marriage for male/female unions, there being some wisdom among the ancients.

Recently Mark Souder, a Republican congressman from Indiana, resigned after he admitted to an extramarital affair with a female member of his staff. OK, it was his choice to resign. Most would argue that was proper. Conversely, when Democrat Bill Clinton finally admitted to having some sort of sophomoric sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, he didn’t resign. Our nation underwent a long impeachment proceeding over Clinton’s initial lies regarding the affair, but no honorable resignation ensued.

Notice both men had affairs with young women over whom they had power. One resigned, one did not. One initially lied about it.

Not too long afterward, Barney Frank of Massachusetts was again in the news, openly engaging in an affair with a male executive who worked for the mortgage buyer and securitizer the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), while Frank was serving on the House Banking Committee. Conflict, anyone? I think so.

Frank’s committee was involved in crafting new legislation to regulate the mortgage buyer at that time. Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored entity (GSE) that was a key link in the market meltdown about a decade later in 2008. Barney is said to have had an amicable breakup with his partner in 1998, the first homosexual congressional partner to enjoy some spousal benefits.

In more contemporary news, as chairman of the House Financial Affairs Committee (formerly the House Banking Committee), Barney Frank will be a key player in the combined Senate/ House committees’ attempts to fashion a compromise financial bill. Interestingly, once again, regulation of Fannie Mae (which took government bailout money) is missing from the legislation. Where is the legislation for regulating Frank’s former partner’s employer, Fannie Mae?

The millions of dollars Fannie Mae and little brother GSE Freddie Mac have spent in buying influence in Congress may play a role, but so may the personal relationships between employees at the GSEs and members of Congress. Evidently there are no fraternization rules in Washington.

As an avid consumer of business news, I have watched Barney Frank being interviewed countless times on banking issues. Though I usually disagree with his positions on the those issues, I have noticed he is very well informed. Informed enough to know that the GSEs, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were near the genesis of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Surely Fannie executives should have been subject to the same sort of grueling show hearings as the Wall Street executives who resold the very same securitized loans that Fannie Mae gathered, insured, guaranteed and pawned off as top credit risks. Those same mortgages proved not to be so credit worthy. Why isn’t Chairman Frank interested in them? Most of us who live outside of Washington might ask why, but if you are a long-term incumbent in Washington D.C., you probably know why.

For the good of the Republic, where are the whistle-blowers?


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written by LJ , May 27, 2010

Term limits,indeed !!Doubtful it could happen,as we now have such a large percentage of takers at the Public Trough. Perhaps when the Gubment Teat starts to dry up, enough ire will spark a change.

written by Steve Heath , May 28, 2010

Baney Frank is no dummy -he's very smart. He's also very corrupt which is why he looked the other way while the banksters and other paid for politicians looted our society collecting hundreds of billions in bonuses and phony profits and then transferring trillions in private debt to the taxpayers when their fraud and greed caused the financial ponzi scheme to collapse.

But they say character doesn't matter. Interesting how Bill Clinton said a couple of weeks ago that he should not have listened to larry Summers regarding derivatives and other matters when he was President. I have no doubt Obama one day will one day be saying the same thing about Summers (and Geithner)

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