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Bill White Has “Path Forward” on Cap-and-Trade Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, May 19, 2010, 10:45 AM

Bill Path.jpgApparently, Bill White, the Democratic nominee for the Texas governor’s race, believes that his outlined strategy to reduce carbon emissions must be implemented before introducing carbon-based or sales tax schemes. In other words, he wants more stringent environmental regulations before imposing heavy taxes and enforcing carbon caps.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “an email dropped over the transom today in which then-Mayor Bill White gave energy policy advice to President-Elect Obama in November 2008 that appears to hint at re-branding the cap-and-trade debate.”

Yet, Katy Bacon, White spokeswoman, insists that is an incorrect interpretation of the letter and that supposedly White has never endorsed cap and trade global warming legislation.

Consistently, White has denounced pending cap-and-trade legislation before Congress, but he has been more difficult to pin down on the hot-button topic of global warming. Gov. Rick Perry stands opposed to cap-and-trade in concept, claiming it would devastate the Texas economy.

Cap and trade caps pollution levels, but permits corporations with air quality permits to trade their credits.

As reported by the Chronicle, “in White’s 2008 email entitled ‘Energy Policy at the Beginning of an Administration’ to Rahm Emanuel, who now is White House chief of staff, White outlines some of his standard policies for reducing the nation’s energy use.”

Mr. White continues on to say:

“The law of unintended consequences will prevail if carbon caps are imposed before the necessary tools are in place. A carbon-based tax or sales tax schemes could be characterized as intrusive government increasing costs unless there is a ‘path forward’ …”

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (5)add comment
written by Bonedaddy's , May 19, 2010

Bill White believes cap and trade doesn't go far enough. Typical job-killing Democrat. Keep him far away from Texas.

written by Ken Dickson , May 20, 2010

I am glad this is out! Texans have known all along that Bill White is just another job-killing Dem!

He has a plan alright...put Texas in the Obama camp & make sure Texas joins the rustblt states to ruin!

written by Clyde Hicks , May 20, 2010

It just proves that nobody who is not willing to shout out the current and prevailing national "commie" line of "bull stuff" can be a major DEM candidate; and at the same time it proves conclusively that this "Bill White" is not good for Texas, or for America : he is just a small time version of "Barack", the current "fearless leader" of America......trying to becaome a "big time" version (sort of like a mouse waiting to becaome a rat).

written by Shadrach , May 20, 2010

You guys need to read documents without your predetermined slant.

First of all, it is clear that White is against Cap and Trade for two reasons: (1) he believes it is a job killer and economy killer; and, (2) he believes it is not effective. That is clear, next.

Second, he believes in pro-Capitalism solutions that use markets and tax credits to shift to cleaner carbon fuels. Texas is a huge Natural Gas producer. Natural gas cars use identical piston engines but reduce all emissions tremendously. Why don't we have natural gas pumps at every station - because there are no cars being sold. Why are there no cars being sold - because there are no pumps. This market can easily be created in a manner that is pro-Capitalistic, Pro-Texas, and Pro-Environment.

Third, he wants to create new markets for alternative clean energy sources, by allowing micro-capitalisits access to the energy grid. This has been a very effective tool in several states and could easily be done nationally.

Paintining Bill White as a job killing Commie is insane; these proposals all show his pro-Capitalism, anti-Cap-and-Trade approach that can reduce all emissions and lower the cost of energy.

Since when is incresing markets to provide a better and cheaper product against GOP or Conservative ideology?

written by Franklin Poe , May 20, 2010


open your eyes and ears, and engage you brain, too. If White is against this "Cap and Trade" then he needs to make it perfectly and unmistakably clear, instead of flirting with it, making it clear that he will help to enable it, and then "detailing out" some little "apparatchik" to tell you the lies you want to hear. After his lies seduce you, he will have his way with you, Shaddy ....

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