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Game 5 Mavs-Spurs Quoteboard: 'We're Coming Back,' Says Jason Terry Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Wed, Apr 28, 2010, 07:11 AM





On Caron Butler's career night, leading all scorers with 35 points and 11 rebounds
“Extremely aggressive. He really is one of our tough guys. A lot of the times he went up in the crowd and pulled down rebounds. Offensively, he had a great rhythm going and he was extremely aggressive and made good decisions for the most part. I was really, really thrilled to see him have a game like that.” - Coach Rick Carlisle

"Just being aggressive at all times, wasn't second-guessing myself, if the shot was there taking it.  Jason Kidd; all my teammates doing a great job of finding me in rhytum and flow.  Just back against the wall.  Didn't want to go home." - Caron Butler

“He had the same kind of game that George Hill had last game. He was fantastic. He was confident, he knocked it down and he brought them home.” - Coach Gregg Popovich

"That was fun to watch." - Dirk Nowitzki

Regarding the decision to start Brendan Haywood over Erick Dampier
"I thought long and hard about it.  Damp has been such an important part here and we are going to continue to need him.  He just said hey I'm ready.  So it was great.  I thought Haywood responded well to the opportunity." - Coach Rick Carlisle

Rediscovering the flowing game
"I thought (Caron's) great game tonight was not only a function of how well he was playing, but the guys around him had a great feel for getting him the ball, spacing the floor in a way so that he could drive it. Making the extra pass to find the hot guy, you know those kinds of things. And so there ain’t a lot of play calling going on at this time of the series for really either team. A lot of this stuff is instinctive. The players, we as coaches; we have to trust in the player’s ability to play the game, play together and make decisions. Hey, when you are defending like this and playing this hard good things are always going to happen." - Coach Rick Carlisle

“They’re a team where, with guys like Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, and Caron Butler, whenever you turn the ball over they’re going to turn that into transition points and they did a good job of that tonight. When you get turnovers in the top half -- free throw line and above -- which a lot of our turnovers were, it’s tough to recover from that.” - Richard Jefferson

"Just sharing the ball offensively.  If we get close to twenty assists, we're pretty tough to beat.  Means we're playing together, we're playing off each other and we're getting easy baskets, especially against a great defensive team like the Spurs are." - Dirk Nowitzki

"We were ready, the guys were ready.  You could see it; basically we were more aggressive -- we weren't walking it up, we were moving it, we were driving it, we made turnovers, we kept going back and forth." - JJ Barea

"San Antonio's a great defensive ball club.  They take away so many options and so many opportunities.  The first initial option is not there always, so you gotta look for the second and third.  We did a great job of getting it from one side of the court to the other tonight." - Caron Butler

On the hot first quarter, in which the Mavericks took a 27-21 lead
“From the jump ball they had more energy than us. I think early on we had way too many turnovers that lead to some fast break points and got them going . . . First quarter was an indication of the type of game it was going to be and we tried to break the pattern but they kept coming.” - Roger Mason

Regarding the vast improvements on defense -- the Spurs shot 36% for the game and lost 24 points due to 18 turnovers
"In order to be successful -- in the playoffs in particular -- you gotta play great defense.  I thought we brought it tonight.  We brought it to the Spurs the last couple games but we definitely brought it tonight all 48 minutes and that's why we were able to get over that hump." - Caron Butler

"They did what they did the first game. I think they got in the passing lanes, I think they caused some turnovers, and we played silly in the first half.” - Roger Mason

On San Antonio's underperformance generally -- Coach Popovich pulled his starting lineup in the fourth quarter
"We just have to have that focus.  We’ve done it before.  We understand what we need to do out there; we just need to go do it.” - Roger Mason

"We were trying to come out here and win, they just kicked our butts.” - Richard Jefferson

“Mostly it was the case of they came with the mental and physical toughness, and our starting group wasn’t very good in either category. It was disappointing tonight the way we came out. Mostly as a group, just the mental approach to the game, that was disappointing.” - Coach Gregg Popovich

This isn't over
“When our backs are against the wall, we actually react really good and usually come through.  We have that sense of urgency now." - Eduardo Najera

“Our guys are not going to mail it in. There is a lot of pride on the line in every game. The series isn’t over even though a lot of people are assuming that it is. This is one step, so we are two steps towards out goal with two wins and now we have to focus in on the next one. But, it is pretty obvious that it is going to be defense and the ability to get the ball in transition where good things can happen for us. We did a great job of that tonight.” - Coach Rick Carlisle

"We'll approach it as a close-out game.  "We know they'll come with energy and won't want to go home.  We'll have to match that energy." - Tim Duncan

"When you're backed into a corner, you've got to claw, kick, do whatever you can.  Now it's a series." - Caron Butler

“Closing out a series, that game is always the most difficult game of the season, that’s for sure. Tonight shows you why. Dallas did a great job.” - Coach Gregg Popovich

 "They just played harder and better.  They were sharp and played with a lot of aggressiveness, like a team that didn't want to go home. We were upset at the way we approached the game.  I hope that’s how we take Game 6, because we don’t want to come here for a Game 7." - Manu Ginobli

"You gotta think they're gonna be fired up down there; they definitely don't want to come back here." - Dirk Nowitzki

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written by SA , April 30, 2010


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