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QUOTEBOARD: Locker-Room Talk About Mavs 106, Grizz 102 And '10X50' Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Thu, Apr 1, 2010, 04:48 AM

   History was on the line Wednesday as the Mavericks worked towards 10X50. Memphis was in control but the good guys rallied in the fourth quarter to take the game in OT, 106-102. and DallasBlog eavesdrop. ... Onto the Quoteboard!


On the challenge of containing Zach Randolph
"Zach's tough because his J's improved so much, he shoots the three now a little bit, he's a very hard driver left, he's super-aggressive on the boards, one of the better offensive rebounders we have in this league . . . he can do just about anything from an offensive standpoint." - Brendan Haywood

On defensive effort generally -- Memphis ended the game shooting 41%
"We really made a concerted effort to take Zach's left hand away.  Down the stretch Jason Kidd did a great job on OJ Mayo; he did a great job on Rudy Gay, anybody we asked him to play he did a great job on. When Jason Kidd's playing great D like that, we all pretty much follow suit." -Brendan Haywood

On keeping calm and focused, and the value of experience in hard circumstances
"We don't lose our composure because we got a great veteran group.  Dirk, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry -- they've been through so many wars that they don't get frustrated.  They know to stay the course, keep sticking to the game plan, and if you do that, things will normally work out well for you." - Brendan Haywood

On weathering up-and-down shooting nights -- Dirk had 9-23 overall, Jet 11-24
"As a shooter, all you really need is to see one go through.  Sometimes it might be a free-throw, sometimes it might be a layup that gets you going.  I was just happy that one went through and stuck with it.  Teammates always support me and tell me to keep shooting." - Dirk Nowitzki

"We had a lot of guys miss open shots.  We had Dirk missing open spot-ups, Jet was missing open shots there in the second half, and those guys don't miss those shots.  I knew if we continued to have good defensive energy, those shots would fall -- and they did." - Brendan Haywood

On clicking in the fourth, as the Mavericks came back from thirteen down to win it in OT
"It was a frustrating game for 44 or 45 minutes.  We had gotten a lot of good looks, we were working hard even though we weren't playing particularly well . . . But we kept battling -- Dirk hit those two threes to tie it up.  And it really energized us and it made it tough on them." - Coach Rick Carlisle

"We really had nothing going for a long time in the fourth.  Jet was really the only guy who kept us in the game for a long time, then they made a litte run and they're up eleven.  At that point, it's either go for it or you take the L.  So, we went for it." - Dirk Nowitzki

On building confidence from securing a difficult victory
"We've been down by double digits with not a lot of time left and we've come back.  So we have a lot of confidence in ourselves.  We just stay poised." - Brendan Haywood

Regarding attitude when the game gets close -- Dallas has the best record in the NBA in games decided by less than five points
"This team doesn't have any quit in it.  We're not gonna give in.  As long as we think we have a shot we're gonna continue to fight and play hard." - Brendan Haywood

On the decade of awesomeness -- it's official, 10X50
"My first game as owner NBA  told me not to set fans' expectations too high.  I didn't listen. 10X50 later, a lot of people deserve credit.'' - Mark Cuban

"It's a tribute to ownership, the commitment that Mark Cuban has made to have good players, create a great environment, get a full building.  It's work and it costs money, and not every owner is willing to do that." - Coach Rick Carlisle

"That's something special, and I'm glad I was basically a part of this last decade.  Won a lot of games, had a lot of fun, had a lot of great playoff runs.  But, you know, like I've said, I'd rather trade that for a championship ring any day . . . we've got as good of a shot this year as we've ever had, I think, and we just gotta go for it and see what happens." - Dirk Nowitzki

"Hopefully we can keep it going for many more years and have many more shots at (a title).'' - Mark Cuban

The last word
"It's a great win, and now we gotta get out of here quick and get ready for the next one." - Coach Rick Carlisle
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