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The Plan to “Out Source” Nasa: Dangerously Bad Policy Print E-mail
by Skip Reynolds    Thu, Mar 11, 2010, 05:38 PM

Now there is news that the  Obama  Adminstration has plans to “out source” NASA, or some portion of its work and mission.  This news is quite vague, and that vagueness is likely not accidental;  but the mere mention of it ought to be enough to cause major concern. 

This is not merely a very bad policy proposal : it is a proposal fraught with great potential danger to the national security of The United States of America, and thus to the well-being of every American.

Yet the announcement has not produced any great response.  Perhaps this is because most Americans have very little real understanding of what NASA does.  Maybe it is because most Americans do not understand how dangerous it could be to give away technical information that could be used, literally, by others to do great harm  to Americans.  Or  maybe it is because most Americans cannot imagine an action by an American Presidential administration that might, either through great foolishness or on purpose, to do things not in the best interest of America and her people.

Typically, Americans see NASA in a friendly but hazy way as a sort of real world equivalent of  Phantasy Land and Tomorrow Land, a place where they might actually encounter someone like Ludwig Von Drake, and certainly a place filled with excitement and wonder.  Most Americans do not give any thought to the critical role of NASA in giving birth to cutting edge technologies, nor do most Americans think about the commercial, defense, and  national security implications of  being either the nation in the lead on development of such technologies, or else perhaps  for some reason being positioned behind leaders who might be other nations with postures adverse to America and Americans, and with social and political systems unfriendly to America and to freedom in the world..

Since at least the time of   World War II  the possession of technical expertise has been a particularly  key component of national security, and not only for America.  When Hitler’s Germany had  missiles to fire at Britain, and nobody had missiles to fire back, the British suffered greatly.  

Since WW II there have been many advances in both missilery and other technologies, and America has been able to stay in the forefront of technical development.  This, in turn, helped America to defeat the Soviets in the protracted Cold War.  America’s pre-eminence in the fields of science and technology gave America advantages in trade, diplomacy, and national defense.  Other nations have envied this scientific and technical knowledge, and have coveted it, and have been willing to do virtually anything to get parts of it.

For example, the Soviets stole nuclear technology from America.  More recently, during the time of the Clinton Administration, the Chinese Communists found various ways to obtain much advanced   technology from the United States. The Chinese Communists are not the friends of the United States, and letting them obtain such technology was, and is, really dangerous; but nobody in the Clinton Administration, which was so very friendly to the Chinese Communists, ever spoke publicly about the dangers.

Today we have another Presidential Administration which is quite friendly with the Chinese Communists.  This is no accident : the Clinton Administration and the Obama Administration both grow from the Democrat party, which at its apex has been dominated and led for some while by a hard-eyed group who call themselves “socialists” to achieve some measure of deceptive cover, so that others will not call them what many of them are, communists; which is something not too palatable to most Americans, but very acceptable to the Chinese Communists.  Indeed, it is not much of a secret to anybody except the mainstream American press that the Chinese Communists have been aiding and abetting, and funding, the American national Democrat party for many years, and have been doing so with substantial assistance of many types.

So how does any of this possibly relate to NASA?

Simple : NASA is not simply the home of lovable characters who in real life might seem like Dr. Von Duck.  NASA is a great national asset : a store house of all sorts of technical knowledge and expertise, and the home of much new and cutting edge developmental work in the fields of science and technology.  Further, NASA inter-relates with many parts of our American national government, and also with many programs that our friends and allies in other parts of the world are involved in.

In the past,  Fort Knox was a national treasure chest of sorts.  Today, NASA is a great national treasure chest.

In the past, if a foreign power, like the Chinese Communists, had wanted to spoil, or steal, the money  supply of the Untied States back when our national currency was on a gold standard and the gold was stored at Fort Knox, that enemy might have tried to burrow in to Fort Knox to get at  the gold.

Today, if a foreign power, like the Chinese Communists, wants to tinker with or steal scientific or technical knowledge or expertise, that enemy could best accomplish that goal by somehow penetrating NASA.  NASA may not be the storehouse of all the advanced technical and scientific knowledge; but if someone wanted to choose one place from which to harvest or acquire such knowledge today, the best single place in the world to do so would likely be NASA.

The present administration will no doubt try to claim that “out sourcing” is going to be a big cost saver; but the truth is that under the U. S. Free Enterprise model of  sharing the tasks of development between private enterprise and government, there is already plenty of “out sourcing”, and there always has been.  So it is important to see  this recent news about  plans to “out source” NASA, or some portion of its work and mission, for what it is : it is not news, but instead it is a propaganda  smokescreen   intended  to permit the current U. S. Administration to try to implement an unsavory operation to open  up the gates of NASA so as to let out the advanced scientific and technical knowledge, and so as to permit it to get into the hands of others.

Who will those others be : the same Chinese Communists that were given, improperly and to the great and permanent detriment of The United States of America and her people,  so much sensitive technology and related information by the Clinton Administration.

Will it be beneficial to Americans to permit this to happen?

Definitely not.


Mr. Reynolds is an attorney in private practice.


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Comments (8)add comment
written by ElHombre , March 12, 2010

"Mr. Reynolds is an attorney in private practice."

And Mr. Reynolds should keep his day job. For a shorter, more entertaining version of this column, please watch Sterling Hayden's perforemance as Gen. Jack D. Ripper in 'Dr. Strangelove'. Yeesh...

written by Group Capt. L. Mandrake , March 12, 2010

And while we're at it, let's close down some useless federal departments and out-source those missions back to the states. Great time to do it....we're broke. You call this a conservative position? This makes more sense...

written by rufuslevin , March 12, 2010

Better we should outsource the White House and the Congress to ANYONE that will swear to uphold the Constitution, serve only four years, take no salary nor benefits including health ins, expense accounts, perks, or retirement, and who can and will balance the budget every year.

written by Te Wu , March 12, 2010

Thank you very much, Mr. El Hombre. Your assistance in the great cause is noted, and appreciated so very much.

written by ElHombre , March 13, 2010

"...take no salary nor benefits including health ins, expense accounts, perks, or retirement"

Have you actually thought this out? Those qualifications would prohibit anyone who isn't a millionaire. At minimum. Not exactly a way to get a 'man of the people'.

written by George , March 13, 2010

We should just give the senate and congress jobs to the Chinese. The FBI has spent millions learning the Chinese intelligence only to learn, they get it from within our own country. Nixon, Clinton and now Obama

written by George , March 13, 2010

AT&T gave up Bell Labs and Bell Labs is nothing like it used to be. NASA took Bell Labs' place and now we want to share it or give it away. Our children and grandchildren will have nothing. The Chinese own us thanks to Nixon, Clinton and Obama.

written by Washington Watcher , March 14, 2010

George, you are correct. It is unfortunate that we are in this situation.

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