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Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers Fans? Enjoy The Ride Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Thu, Mar 4, 2010, 01:05 PM

    So you just know the Lakers are better than the Mavs, eh? And you are absolutely sure that the Cowboys aren’t gonna play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, huh? And no way Nolan Ryan is right about the Rangers winning 92, right?

    The race between the Mavs and the Lakers is getting just a little tighter. Same with the Rangers and Angels, I think. Meanwhile, the distance between the Cowboys and the mountain tip has tightened, too. But you know who really needs to loosen up?





   You know who you are. A Mavs example: Those of you saying “The Butler/Haywood trade is a failure if it doesn’t make Dallas better than the Lakers.’’ Those of you saying “Dallas can’t beat LA.’’ Those of you saying “Dallas won’t beat LA.’’

   Stop it. You are making yourself look ridiculous.

  This goes Mavs, this goes Rangers, this goes Cowboys and this goes – for me, personally – Vikings … which just happens to be the NFC team that might most stand in Dallas’ Super Bowl path next year.

    There will be a right time to play with the NFL Football Odds and there will be time to listen to the directives given you by the poofs at ESPN.

    But now? It’s cancerous for you, I tell you, if you are failing to enjoy the ride.

    A football-fandom example:

    I can promise you, as a Vikings fan, that the acquisition of Brett Favre – as controversial and newsworthy and conflicting a thing as it was (him being such a hate-able Packer and all) is in no way considered a failure by Minnesota fans. It wasn’t “good enough.’’ But it was damn good.

    The ride was a thrill. The wins were aplenty. The team came within a bounce of a ball of going to the Super Bowl. I watched every snap of every game, as I pretty much have my whole life, and the 2009 Vikings season was worth watching every snap of every game.

    Worth. It.

   So much so that you cannot find a Vikings fan who now has anything but love for Our Brett … and every Vikings fan wants him back for one more try.

    As it is with smart Mavericks fans: You want Dirk, Kidd, Caron, Marion, Haywood, Jet and Damp to take their best shot at a potentially all-time great Lakers team.

    And if it doesn’t quite work? If the ride is a thrill and the wins are aplenty and the team comes within a bounce of a ball of going to the NBA Finals?

    If you are smart, you will gather up for one more try. And another after that. And another. …

    Like I always say – and consider this in regard to Mavs, Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, whomever: There is no such thing as “Super Bowl or Bust’’ or “the Window is Closing.’’

    Your team always has a chance because there is always another chance.

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