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Tiny-Tot Condoms Protect Pedophiles from STD's Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Mar 4, 2010, 10:30 AM

Pedophiles no longer need to fear getting a sexually-transmitted-disease from boys that they molest. A company called Hotshot, which is based in Switzerland, is selling extra-small condoms for 12-year-old boys.

The condoms were manufactured after so-called government research revealed that 12 to 14-year-olds did not use sufficient protection when having sex. These tiny-tot condoms may cause legal nightmares as pedophiles can more easily hide DNA evidence as they commit their atrocious crimes.

The Daily Telegraph of London reports that, "the study, conducted on behalf of the Federal Commission for Children and Youth, interviewed 1,480 people aged 10 to 20. It showed more 12 to 14-year-olds were having sex in comparison with the 1990s."

Hotshot sells a packet of six tiny-tot condoms for over $6.00, which has been created by Lamprecht AG, a leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland.

The corporation announced that the United Kingdom would be "top priority" if they expand abroad, since it suffers frm the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

According to the Telegraph, "Nysse Norballe, a spokesman for the company, said: 'at the moment we are only producing the Hotshot in Switzerland. But the UK is certainly a very attractive market since there is a very high rate of under-age conception. The UK would definitely be top-priority if we marketed it abroad."

Hotshot's diameter of 1.7 inches compares to a standard condom with a diameter of 2 inches, but both have the same length of 7.4 inches.

To read the entire article from the Daily Telegraph of London, link here:

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Comments (6)add comment
written by Mother of 11 yr. old boy , March 04, 2010

May God forgive your sick, twisted mind. Repent or burn in hell.

written by Doug , March 04, 2010

This is a silly article. Does anyone else think it is ridiculous and irresponsible to blame a condom manufacturer on a pedophiles behavior? That would be like me writing an article about how Ford builds cars for drunks to kill people in. That is lame.

I get it. Pedophiles are horrible people that perpetrate horrible crimes against children but to blame a condom mfg. is a little ridiculous.

Do I agree that we should be making sex products for 12-14 year olds? NO! I think we should work to do a better job at educating our children about the importance of abstinence and/or safe sex.

Why is it that we, as a society, can't seem to take responsibility for raising our children. When they do bad things, we blame the schools or television or someone else.

If my child were shooting up heroine, I would not go out and buy him or her clean needles. I will tell them to STOP!! We have to be PARENTS!

written by manny s , March 05, 2010

I see that you have been working at the FOX NEWS headline department and i see that mother of 11 bit...congrats tom!
but the 2nd part of the article is about teen sex,, the study is about teen sex i assume you added the pedophile part. now tom let me help you with this ,,,if they make a smaller condom then the condom is for the teen so the teen is *blanking * the pedophile, normally it is the pedophile that commits the aggression.. so how is the dna being hidden,,,i dont get it you went WAY OFF THE PAGE on this ,,,tiny tots condom,,,nice headline tom it gives the impression that a 4 yr old is wearing a condom.,..foxnews headline dept have taught you well! [ you can pull a glen beck here and say why are you defending pedophiles your sick ] i am not i am pointing out the silliness of your tying in an article to your logic,,what were you thinking dude??

written by apathy sucks , March 09, 2010

Its a shame that someone trusted you to write a blog about this. What's worse, is that you, a writer, wasted an opportunity to do something good. You could have reached someone in your audience that had no idea that there are 35,000 people living with AIDS in Texas alone. Instead, you chose to use your platform to make a crude homosexual/pediphile joke that embodies the old stereotype of HIV and AIDS. You had a chance to educate. You should visit AIDSARMS, talk to someone living with this disease and see how your funny your wit is there.

written by Terry , March 09, 2010

Ummmmm, OK.

written by jessieamelio , April 02, 2010

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