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Sea World Serial-Killer Whale 'Wanted' for 3 Murders Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Feb 25, 2010, 10:14 AM

Death Tilikum.jpgApparently, Sea World has a killer whale that's living up to the murderous reputation of its name. Tilikum, the killer whale, has been implicated in the homicides of three human beings. Perhaps, he should be called, Tilikum, the serial-killer whale.

According to the Guardian Unlimited UK, "the fate of the whale that killed its trainer in Orlando, Florida, yesterday has not yet ben decided, although this is the third time the animal has been involved in the death of a human."

Witnesses claimed that Dawn Brancheau was petting Tilkum from a poolside platform in the Sea World park when the six-ton serial-killer whale reached up, grabbed her ponytail and pulled her into the water, where she inevitable drowned.

Chuck Tompkins, the head of animal training at all Sea World parks, noted that Brancheau's hair had swung out in front of the whale.

Tompkins said, "that's when the trainer next to (Tilkum) said that he grabbed the hair pulled her under water. And of course, hold her under water.

As reported by the Guardian, "earlier a police spokesman suggest she may have slipped and fallen into the tank, but members of the audience were adament that she had been dragged under water by the whale.

A visitor from Michighan, Eldon Skaggs, told WKMG-TV, the local television station, that , "the woman was lying on the platform, massaging the whale, peting it. All of a sudden, (it) latched on and took her under. He came up one time out of the water with her in his mouth. That was the last (we saw) of her because (they were) running us out of there."

To read the entire article from the Guardian Unlimited UK, link here:

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