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NeoCon Michael Rubin Defends Pro-Iran Leader in Iraq Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Feb 10, 2010, 09:22 am

AEI Rubin.jpgThe American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is considered to be the think-tank headquarters of neoconservative thought. Neoconservatives had been strong supporters of George W. Bush's administration and seized control of former Vice President Dick cheney's foreign policy initiatives.

Mr. Bush was persuaded by neoconservatives to topple the Saddam Hussein regime, which worsened the geo-political situation of the Middle East as Iran exploited its opportunity to start a nuclear weapons program and covertly infiltrate pro-Iranian, Muslim-extremist elements into Iraq, amidst the chaos. Michael Rubin has been a featured speaker at numerous AEI conferences.

The Nation magazine reports that, "the 2000s produced a panoply of villains, cretins and bunglers of Iraq and the broader Middle East, however, none of them can hold a candle to pudgy-faced boy wonder of the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin.

Mr. Rubin will be a featured speaker at an AEI conference entitled: 'Iraq's Elections: Progress or Peril?' on March 1, six days ahead of Iraq's March 7 parliamentary election.

The AEI has been stunningly silent on Iraq lately, although the organization sttod at the forefront in the period before and after the 2003 Iraq invasion, when it hosted a seemingly endless series of 'black coffee briefings' on Iraq that frequently featured Ahmed Chalabi and his confreres. Perhaps, Rubin has been silent upon learning that Chalabi has been exposed as a pro-Iranian politician purging Tehran's opponents in Iraq.

According to the Nation, "yet Chalabi's ties to Tehran doesn't faze Rubin. In a February 1 article in his favorite outlet, National Review Online, Rubin wrote a piece so mind-bogglingly stupid ... While the world, including countless good-hearted Iraqis, expressed outrage over the McCarthyite purge of more than 500 Iraqi candidates by Rubin's comrade, Chalabi, because of trumped-up charges about his ties to the deposed Arab Baath Socialist Party, Rubin cavalierly dismissed the purge."

To read the entire article from the Nation, link here:  To learn more about the American Enterprise Institute, link here:

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