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Obamas' Use Wrong Hands for 'Pledge of Allegiance' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jan 27, 2010, 05:08 PM

21456cff[1].jpgWhen Americans attend school, they are instructed to give the 'Pledge of Allegiance" to the United States flag by holding their right hands on the hearts. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama attended an elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, so he may not have been properly taught how to show his patriotism to the American flag. But, the same cannot be said for his wife, Michelle Obama, who made the same mistake as her husband, when they gave their pledge to the flag at a public function. If you'll note in this photo, exclusively e-mailed to the Dallas Blog, the First Couple placed their left hands on their hearts, instead of their right hands.

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Comments (27)add comment
written by furrpiece , January 28, 2010

I had a friend of mine check this for evidence of PhotoShopping. There is none. Michelle and Barack Obama are really this stupid, unpatriotic, out of touch, and disconnected from ordinary Americans.

Remember, this is the same Barack Obama who has no clue how many states there are, and doesn't know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Look carefully at the photo, and you'll see that it's genuine. Obama's jacket buttons on the correct side, the flag pin is where he always wears it, and you can see the tan lines on Michelle's wrist where a watch generally is.

written by Tom McGregor , January 28, 2010

I was able to enlarge the photo and I could see that their wedding rings were on their ring fingers. Spouses normally wear their rings on their left hands.

written by ex-republicon , January 28, 2010

I remember when the photo when Bush had his hand on his stomach.

written by MJS , January 28, 2010

"... this photo, exclusively e-mailed to the Dallas Blog"

LOL. debunked this fraud that has been circulating among wingnuts since at least November, 2009. Look at the Marine in the background. His decorations are on the wrong side.

written by JKD , January 28, 2010

All you can see in the picture of the Marine in the background are ribbons, which are in the correct place if he is wearing Medals. Dependent on the amount of Medals and their placement; between the first and seccond button and centered on the left breast pocket. You cannot tell if he is wearing them or not. However if the picture as you state has been going around since November it is possible that the Marine is wearing Medals. As you know Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday are November holidays that the Marine would wear Medals.

As far as goes I disagree with the belief that they are unbias in their statements. I am assuming that you are using them as a validation to verfify the picture as a fake. I have searched statements on snopes (for example the email that is scirculating on the number of assistants that Ms. Obama has) and the wording and presentation is anything but bias. And who knighted them to be the final word on anything?

written by rufuslevin , January 28, 2010

I don't see any Marine in the picture, and Snopes had NO entry for this subject at all. MJS, where are you getting your info? Why do you call folks "wingnuts"? Do you believe the response to criticism is ad hominem attacks on the person instead of the argument? Where did you learn debate?

written by Shadrach , January 28, 2010

There are other more obvious signs that this is a fraudulently doctored photo.

1. Michelle's hair is parted on the wrong side;
2. The President's ears are on the wrong side (Like most men, his ears are not identical in angle or position);
3. The President's tie is tilted backward's (he uses a single windsor knot that always tilted).

What does it say so many people on the right wish so hard to make this man into a Demon that they are willing to fabricate photos to do so?

If lies are the tools of the devil, why would real Patriots use them?

What does it say that so many on the Right will fall for such fraudulent items related to Obama?

Is it that any assertion that backs up preconceived notions will be accepted without detailed examination, or is it that you do not care about the truth?

BTW - The Far left has the same problem. Both sides need to have reasonable skepticism, not unbridled opposition.

written by Shadrach , January 28, 2010


Though very hard to find, the Snopes entry and explanation can be found at:

(I admit, I could not find it either on my first look - it is article 81 of 203 that comes up with a search of "Obama")

The Marine is seen behind Obama's and the marine's reversed medals are just under Obama's bent elbow.

As a former military Officer I can vouch that the Marine's medals are on the wrong side.

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010

This is the America we in the Black Community have witnessed: Yet Supported by The Dallas Blg! http://washingtonindependent.c...rty-leader

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010

Barack Obama's election was seen by many as the dawn of the "post-racial" age, where we no longer needed to talk about equality. In reality, the racial age will not be over until the law guarantees all citizens equal opportunity and protection. And we must ultimately judge this not from the White House down but from ordinary houses up.
Without doubt, some of the criticism directed against Obama has been racially motivated. Four years ago, Senator Obama spoke in Selma, Alabama, at the annual commemoration of the 1965 civil rights marches which took place there. He talked of a Moses generation of leaders (people like Dr King and Jesse Jackson) and a Joshua generation of younger leaders. For this younger group, the issues were not about seats on the bus, or the denial of voting rights; they were about racial profiling by the police and other state agencies. We didn't have Jim Crow, the segregation laws. Instead we had Master James Crow Esq: the same thing, but done in a more sophisticated way.
In some respects Obama faces a greater challenge now than before he was elected. Many Americans never really expected him to win the presidency, but it seems they all expected him to change their lives and the world within a year.We need to remember that he ran for president, not for Messiah. The defeat in Massachusetts is a reminder that Obama already had a vociferous opposition; and if the majority of African Americans, along with the wider Democratic family, feel that we can somehow take our foot of the gas, we'll witness many more defeats.

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010

@ Furrpiece, why do they have to be stupid? Or Disconnected, even unpatriotic? You are promoted this idea, why? Do you know Barack Obama Personally? This is more than politics this is racism Furrpiece, just want all African Americans in Dallas County and abroad know is perpetuated on this blog.

written by Tom McGregor , January 28, 2010

Mr Green: I haven't heard from you in a while. In honor of your return, I should go back and do a Google search of Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins and see what I find. Maybe I'll type: "constables ... Craig Watkins"

written by Shadrach , January 28, 2010


Racism may exist still in many and it is hard to judge a person's heart by blog entires. However, I think those who frequently write on this blog are better defined as Partisan.

I think those who attack Obama here would be as scared of Obama if he were a White Bostonian like Senator Kerry.

Partisanship is like a Rose in that it has both a flower and thorns.

The flower of partisanship is that it allows valuable ideas to be developed and blossom into fullness.

The thorns (or poison) of Partisanship is that it brands all outside the clique as less than worthy in some manner.

In essence, it defines any different flower, no matter how beautiful, as a weed.

This poison of partisanship crosses all parties, religions, races and genders, and can be found even in goodhearted people.

Since parties are not going away, IMO, the issue is how can we minimize the thorns of partisanship without killing the flower?

My goal on being in this website is not to destroy the Conservative Rose, or even to better it in some fashion, but to make it and all the other flowers blossom more completely.

We will either be governed by the best ideas of all sides or continually be dragged down by the lowest common denominator of all sides.

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010

@Tom McGregor; Yes, Constables good topic. He should be put under the Jail but Mr. Watkins had nothing to do with the choices of the constable and his wife, he was just a pure crook that is why Mr. Watkins is going to hide him in TDCJ.

written by furrpiece , January 28, 2010

Mr. Green, the problem with Obama isn't his race; it's his far-Left Progressive and very Socialist philosophy.

Both he and his wife are Left-wing radicals, and have been isolated and incubated in a Black Liberation Theology Church, surrounded by ACORN, Wm Ayers, Tony Rezko, SEIU, and others who do not see America for the way it is or the way most of us see good and bad points.

If Obama hadn't refused to honor the flag by putting his hand over his heart, and had to be brow-baten to wear a flag pin, nobody would pay attention to a photograph like this. But, that's not the case.

Obama really is disconnected from mainstream America. There are subtle signs; but they are telling.

As for me, I'm not a racist at all. I'm one of the people on this blog who admires Craig Watkins; not because he is black, but because I believe he has a crusading heart to free those wrongly convicted.

I just worry about the other part of his job that has to do with keeping us safe.

So, why it is 'racist' to criticize Obama on the facts, and not racist for blacks to criticize George W. Bush for what they see as facts?

While you ponder that, I'll ponder why Obama is the first president in our history to go abroad and criticize the United States, and apologize for things it hasn't even done.

Yes; I see Barack Hussein Obama as being very unpatriotic.

written by Tom McGregor , January 28, 2010

Mr. Green: If D.A. Watkins finds enough courage to grant me an interview, I'll ask him why there have been such long delays in the investigations of the constables, as reported by Kevin Krause at the Dallas Morning News. I heard that D.A. Watkins was behind those delays. He could explain if that's true or not true.

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010

The District Attorney is under pressure from any media entity to leak, or act in a manner that would jeopordize public safety. The facts of this investigation perhaps were complex, and his office handled it the way they saw fit. As a tax payer, I have no worries about the job Mr. Watkins in doing in office, in addition, as a voter, my support leans to his candidacy for reelection, not because he has freed innocent men incarcerated, but because he has delivered as he originally stated he would. As for Mr. Watkins providing you an interview, if I was in Mr. Watkins shoes, and to read all the gibberish you have posted on this Blog about me, I would be hesitant in providing you the time you are desperately desiring. Remember, giving you time takes away from the business of protecting and serving the people.

written by Jonathan Green , January 28, 2010


The District Attorney is under no pressure from any media entity to leak, or act in a manner that would jeopordize public safety.

written by Jason K , January 29, 2010

Why does Dallas Blog still have this fake photo up?

written by Jennifer Adams , January 29, 2010

I personally find it ridiculous that this was ever posted on a blog that claims to be like a newspaper. And, knowing that it's a photoshopped image, why would you leave this up? I think it's a bad representation of the people in Dallas.

This article has nothing to do with race. You can like Obama or dislike him. But judge him on his politics and put a stop to the FALSE slander that continuously goes on in the political arena by removing this post and refusing to post further on topics like this without GETTING THE FACTS STRAIGHT and being sure it's true.

written by Smarter than Dallas , January 30, 2010

You Dallas Dolts are dumber than a sack of rocks. You ought to be smart enough to tell a mirror-image from the original, which was taken during a commemoration of the victims of 9/11 on the South Lawn of the White House, September 11, 2009, and originally published in Newsday.

Thank goodness you fellas stopped killing presidents you disagree with.

written by ElHombre , January 31, 2010

Allow me to educate conservatives. There is a method you can use when trying to make a decision. First, when someone tells you something, BE SKEPTICAL. Second, see the Rule #1. Third, it's the 21st century. It's about time you learned what Google is all about. Ahem...

This took all of .22 seconds.

Look on the bright side. You've handed the world reason number I've Lost Count Why Conservatives Can't Be Trusted On Anything.

written by TPL , June 10, 2010

Actually, the Marine's ribbons are on the correct side, if he has reserved his left-breast for the placement of medals. The standard of ribbons being worn upon the left-breast of the uniform, is for when no medals are being displayed.

written by A Sailor , February 07, 2012

The only problem is that the idiot who posted the photo forgot to photoshop the Marines ribbons onto the correct side. the photoshop job on the rings is pretty piss poor too. Next time you flip a photo to embarass someone ensure you edit the photo correctly so you don't make yourself out to be the assclown.

written by GSM1967 , August 14, 2012

Here is the original photo. I do not claim to be a liberal or a conservative. I am increasingly a skeptic when the vitriol from both parties starts to fly.

written by GSM1967 , August 14, 2012


written by From California , September 14, 2012

Lies how dare the right stoop so like. Please excuse I have to go get my GRANNY ...".SOMEONE FROM THE GOP PUSHED HER OVER THE CLIFF

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