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TEXAS taxes funding ACORN? Print E-mail
by Peter Morrison    Mon, Dec 7, 2009, 06:56 pm

This past June, a press release announced that Texas Comptroller Susan Combs would hold a joint press conference on the 11th of that month with a group called The Network of Texas IAF Organizations to "recognize their work together to pass legislation creating a $10 million competitive state grant program to invest in strengthening the skills of Texas workers." At the time, this event flew under the radar, not attracting much attention from either the media or many conservative watchdog groups. That's unfortunate, because it's extremely troubling that the State of Texas is not only partnering with The Network of Texas IAF Organizations (NTIAFO), but is also giving them millions of dollars in grant money.

If you're like most Texans, you've probably never heard of the NTIAFO. The name may sound innocuous, but the group is anything but. They are a broad coalition of radical left wing groups of "community organizers" and others (many of them church based), which are constantly agitating for left wing policies. Many of these groups deliberately choose bland sounding names in order to mask their radical left wing agenda. The key part of NTIAFO is IAF, which is quite revealing.

What is the IAF? It's the Industrial Areas Foundation, which is another one of those deliberately vague names favored by these groups. The IAF is the national umbrella group which ties these local left wing radical organizations together; they receive guidance and leadership from the IAF. Here's what the IAF's website says about its aims: "The leaders and organizers of the Industrial Areas Foundation build organizations whose primary purpose is power - the ability to act - and whose chief product is social change." They claim to be non-partisan, but as all their goals are on the far left of the political spectrum, that's merely a ruse.

If that part about "social change" sounds familiar, that's because Barack Obama got his start as a "community organizer" in these circles. IAF was founded in 1940 by a man named Saul Alinsky, whose ideas are often considered the driving force of the left wing social revolution of the 1960s. Alinsky wrote a book called Rules For Radicals, which he actually dedicated to Lucifer, "the first radical." He opened the book with this: "The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away." The "Haves," of course, are taxpayers, and the "Have-Nots" are those who want your hard earned money for themselves. The IAF continues Alinsky's legacy, and now the Comptroller of Texas is partnering with them and giving them millions of dollars from the state treasury.

According to the Washington Post, Barack Obama has been an Alinsky disciple since the early 1990s: "By then, Alinsky had died, but a group of his disciples hired Barack Obama, a 23-year-old Columbia University graduate, to organize black residents on the South Side, while learning and applying Alinsky's philosophy of street-level democracy." It's easy to understand why a radical leftist like Obama would be attracted to Saul Alinsky and his IAF goals, but why in the world is a Republican state official funding the IAF's quest for "power" and "social change" with our tax dollars?

Comptroller Susan Combs would no doubt protest that the millions of dollars in grants are for job training. That may be the case, but recent events have shown us that there's strong reason to be suspicious of just how these left wing "community" groups are using our tax dollars. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, (ACORN) the infamous group of "community organizers" with strong links to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, has been all over the news the past several months. Their employees have been videotaped advising undercover journalists posing as a pimp and a prostitute on how to launder money, cheat on their taxes, and even how to get away with smuggling underage girls into America to work as prostitutes!

In addition, the Louisiana Attorney General just raided the ACORN headquarters there as part of a criminal investigation. ACORN has been called a criminal racketeering outfit in a Congressional report, and they've had a huge embezzlement scandal, as well as still being embroiled in charges of widespread voter fraud on behalf of the Democrats. Much of this was done on our dime, as the federal government has given ACORN at least $53 million dollars in grants since 1994; much of this came even under George Bush and a Republican Congress. Given ACORN's track record, and the fact that they were founded and organized to put Saul Alinsky's principles into action, suspicion about similar Alinsky-inspired "community organizing" groups like the IAF is more than warranted.

Even if the IAF groups getting millions of dollars from the state of Texas spend all of it on legitimate job training, that's no excuse. For one thing, private sector initiatives are always more efficient in these areas; the free market should decide what resources are devoted to job training, where, and by whom. Secondly, this gives the IAF groups legitimacy in the eyes of their beneficiaries and communities, helping to recruit followers and further their radical left wing agenda. As the IAF website clearly states, they want "power."

One of their favorite ways of gaining power is through organizing angry mobs to confront politicians, in what they call "accountability sessions." Legendary Texas conservative Tom Pauken wrote about these IAF tactics in his book, The Thirty Years War: The Politics of the Sixties Generation. In 1984, he had gone to the Rio Grande Valley as part of his job with the Reagan Administration, where he received many complaints about the confrontational tactics of Valley Interfaith, the local IAF group. He then announced that Valley Interfaith would no longer be calling the shots when it came to spending federal grants in the area. Not long after, thirty or so IAF activists came to his hotel in an attempt to intimidate him.

Tom Pauken wasn't intimidated, but apparently Susan Combs was. A news item from 2002, when Combs was Agriculture Commissioner, is quite revealing. It's an announcement that the Texas IAF Network would be bringing 10,000 people to the Frank Erwin Center in Austin for an "accountability session," and they were demanding that all state officials attend. Naturally, most Democrats did so. Few Republicans did, but one of them who pledged to appear was Susan Combs. She evidently learned her lesson well.

Whatever Susan Combs' motivations are, there's no excuse for using taxpayer money to fund radical left wing groups, allowing them to build their base of supporters for their socialist agenda. It's outrageous that a Republican official would think we elected her to fund our political enemies; if we wanted that, we would've voted Democrat. Contact Comptroller Susan Combs today to let her know we're watching, and we don't want any more grants going to radical "community organizing" groups. Send a free fax here:

Please also call her office to protest at (512) 463-4444.

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written by furrpiece , December 08, 2009

If the State of Texas is giving one thin dime to this organization, or any group, founded by or associated with Saul Alinsky, then it is contributing to the demise of the United States and to radical change politics that would make Karl Marx blush.

I don't understand why this is continuing at all!

ACORN has literally hundreds of alter-ego names and groups that are still ACORN, no matter what you call them.

Susan Combs should investigate this, and stop immediately giving the group any more money.

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