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Jobs aren't created at job summits: Look to Texas for Answers Print E-mail
by Peggy Venable    Thu, Dec 3, 2009, 07:42 PM

Texas Director, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

The Obama Administration should look to Texas for ways to create jobs. While jobs aren't created at job summits, businesses large and small look for certainty in taxation and regulation.

Instead, the Obama Administration and Congress are considering two of the biggest tax bills in history in the health care reform and the cap and trade legislation. And federal government debt has hit $12 trillion.

While Texas has created more jobs than any other state in the country, and touts creating more jobs last year than all other states combined, and has a rainy day fund of over $8 billion, officials in the Obama Administration will be convening a jobs summit.

We in Texas could have saved them the effort. Washington officials should look to Texas to see that tort reform, lower taxes, limiting government growth and debt, and common-sense regulations open the door to job creation.

Texas is No. 1 in the country for job creation and is the No. 1 state for business relocation. For the first time in history, Texas has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state. Texas also is named as the No. 1 state for tort reform.

We have good news in Texas, which also includes having been named the top state for government spending transparency.

So as the jobs summit is convening in Washington, D.C., Americans for Prosperity recommends that Congress and the Administration look to Texas for ways to boost job creation and improve the economy.

AFP Foundation-Texas has created a website <> which lists some of the ways Texas is No. 1 in the country.

Rather than holding summits, Washington officials should look to Texas for ways to create jobs and improve the U.S. economy.


Peggy Venable is the Texas Director, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

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written by Jonathan Green , December 07, 2009

It was regarded as one of the most historic days in our nation’s history. Unprecedented numbers of young people and minorities hit polling stations and cast their ballots in a national election. A little over a year later however, I ask, have things on the ground really changed all that much?

The Labor Department recently reported a loss of some 11,000 jobs in November, and rejoiced that the unemployment rate fell to 10% - down from 10.2% in October. President Barack Obama highlighted possible new tax incentives and other mechanisms that could further slow down record high unemployment during a recent summitt. But what gets lost sometimes in all the summits, discussions and stats on our dwindling labor situation is the continued dilemma of racial inequity.

Several days ago, the NY Times published an in-depth article on the continued difficulties among Blacks to gain employment - despite equal education and experience to their White counterparts. According to the NY Time’s article, the unemployment rate for Black male college graduates 25 and older this year has been twice that of White male college graduates (8.4% to 4.4%). The piece further emphasized studies that indicated applicants with Black-sounding names received 50% fewer callbacks, and that White males received substantially more job leads for high-level supervisory positions than women and people of color.

As the nation works to rectify its many wrongs against the disenfranchised, minorities continue to suffer discrimination in the most basic sectors of society. You would think that when we have reached such heights as the highest office in the land, that equality would permeate throughout housing, employment and the financial realms of our lives. though we may not blatantly be called the ‘N word’ to our faces in a job interview, the subliminal acts of discrimination have just as detrimental results as if we were. The facts just don’t lie.

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