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Should I-20 be named the Barack Obama Freeway? Print E-mail
by Will Lutz    Fri, Apr 3, 2009, 04:08 PM

ImageSen. Royce West (D-Dallas) has proposed a bill that names Interstate 20 between Dowdy Ferry Road and Mountain Creek Parkway as the President Barack Obama Freeway. The bill -- SB 1510 -- will be considered in a public hearing before the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Monday April 6 at the Capitol.

We have a tollway named after George H.W. Bush, so there are highways named after living people. But Bush was out of office by the time the highway opened. Should a freeway be renamed after a president who has just begun his term?

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written by , April 04, 2009

Sure why not! Lets give the new president a chance. He has a hugh responsibility to succussed and I for one believe he will deliver us all out of this mess made over the last 8 years. Give this new young President your good thoughts. Give I-20 a new name. Be sure to pray for President Obama and you will see things in a new light. Are you able to do this job? I for one could not and I rarly say I can not do anything. If we name I-20 after the new president doesn't that say we are for him and not against him. It has only been a short time since he took office and I for one feel the improvement. I say with all my heart Yes I-20 can be given the new Presidents name. And could we please start being a smig bit more positive. Thanks.

written by furrpiece , April 04, 2009

As I recall, Dallas has a policy that streets are not named after individuals until they are deceased. So, should we not wait until President Obama is at least out of office, and has accomplished something of note, before naming a major stretch of highway after him?

I'd MUCH rather name the road after Sen. West who has actually accomplished a great deal for Dallas than name it for a Washington politician who, so far, has not actually accomplished much of anything.

"Sen. Royce West Freeway" has a nice ring to it - if we're going to change the policy of naming 'in memorium'.

written by Clyde Hicks , April 04, 2009

No, furrpiece :

We should not wait until he is out of office. We should follow the policy and wait until he is deceased.

That said, let us hope he has a long, happy life; and also that he will leave office as a president who can be remembered for accomplishing something.

But let's follow the policy.

As for Senator West, let's hope he also has a nice, long and very happy life; but let's follow the policy for him. too.

I agree that Royce West Freeway has a happy "ring to it".

PS : let's hope that way out there in the future, when these two guys' names are eligible to be used as "Freeway" names, Texas still has some "FREE" freeways.......

written by Jonathan Green , April 04, 2009

Royce West took Republicans money and sold out the African American Community in Highland Hills which led to the closure of Wilmer Hutchins High School. And, you want his name running through this community? I dare you!!

written by G S , April 04, 2009

Lets wait until Obama actually accomplishes something before we name I-20 for him. And recall the crew the Democrats have sent out to Mt. Rushmore. They are a little early too.

written by furrpiece , April 04, 2009

written by Jonathan Green , April 04, 2009

Royce West took Republicans money and sold out the African American Community in Highland Hills which led to the closure of Wilmer Hutchins High School. And, you want his name running through this community? I dare you!!

So, we should mark you down as "Still Undecided" on whether to build a giant statue of Sen. West at Fair Park?

written by Shadrach , April 04, 2009

Clyde and Furrpiece:

The policy for city streets does not control state and federal funded highways. Last time I checked, President George Bush Highway was named after an ex-President who was still alive.

Since he is my former Commander in Chief, I am glad that he got to see a highway and airport named for him while he was still alive.

I appreciate Senator West's enthusiasm, but a highway named after a sitting President (or other sitting politician) has always seemed a bit much for me.

It always seems to me too much like a partisan endorsement to ever name anything after a politician who can seek reelection.

So, the Obama highway can wait atleast 8 more years.

written by Ken Dickson , April 04, 2009

why insult Texas over & over!

Obama has declared war on energy, Agriculture, & everything that is even close to the " American dream" of self reliance & private enterprise! Texans as a rule pays their taxes & it seems all the Obama crowd wants is for everyone but his cronies to pay theirs!

He has been in office for less than three months & has spent more money than all of the presidents put together!

No! No! No!

written by Austin , April 04, 2009

Houston got it right. The Gulf Freeway goes to the gulf, the Katy Freeway goes to Katy, the North Freeway goes north, the Southwest Freeway goes southwest, the West Loop is to the west of town, the South Loop is south of town, the Hempstead Highway goes to Hempstead. Why is Dallas so hung up on slapping names on streets that have no geographical bearing?

written by mary brady , April 05, 2009

Forgive me for being out of the loop, but which of the George W Bushes has died, as I was driving on a road just today as a matter of Fact named...the George W Bush. Can those of you that are blogging about rules and laws pls make sure to included your references as date for us that are not up to on laws that may or may not be true

written by Rick , April 06, 2009

What's Jonathan Green posting for? About three weeks ago he said he was done with his blog. Shocking he is back. It was nice while it lasted

written by Kayla Walker , April 07, 2009

YES! I traveled I-20 so many times as a child from Louisiana to Texas, I cannot count the number of times I used that highway. I am Democrat bron in Texas, reared in Louisiana and educated in the public school system...I say "YES, YES, YES!"

written by gwd , April 12, 2009

no no no no.Not even one hundred days and Mr.West wants to name a freeway after obama.Whats next? Changing Texas to-----.Can you wait til he's out of office.

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