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Good News Dallas
by Mike Fisher    Sun, Oct 19, 2008, 05:05 PM
Some Cowboys screams, some Mavs trend-spotting, and some making fun of cheerleaders, which is always. …um … fun …


COWBOYS: You would actually have to pay attention to one of the non-“America’s Team’’ member franchises of the NFL to know this, but. … every team deals with acquisitions and injuries and money and emotions and suspensions and boos and losses and controversy.

It’s just that this is the Cowboys. And this is Texas. Where every acquisition and injury and dollar and emotion and suspension and boo and loss and controversy seems bigger.

Ask the St. Louis Rams. Dane Looker’s brain. Richie Incognito’s mouth. Coach Scott Linehan’s firing. Stephen Jackson’s contract dispute. Leonard Little’s haunting drunk-driving tragedy. Trent Green vs. Marc Bulger.

But wins can be a soothing balm.

Ask the St. Louis Rams again. After starting the season 0-4, they have now won two straight – including Sunday’s 34-14 upset win over the beleaguered Cowboys. … who will now experience a soap-operatic sequel to last week’s episode.

Every team is a mini-drama. Every team is a weekly soap opera. The Cowboys, however, are a silver(-and-blue)-screen prime-time soap opera that plays seven days a week for audiences infinitely larger than those of most other programs.

So even the little stories are big stories. And yet even the most absurd week is a normal week.

It was hoped that by the time we graduated to actual football this week, all those screaming headlines would be victims of shrinkage, put back into perspective by all that matters.

But no. Dallas is 4-3, losers of three of their last four, injury-plagued and snake-bitten and distracted.

And now the screaming is more justified.

I review the week of screams over at

MAVS: With less than two weeks to go before the start of the regular season, I trend-spot the Mavs in three specific areas: The starting lineup, “risk aversion’’ and the one lagging factor. … check it out at …

CHEERLEADERS: Technically, they’re called “Dancers.’’ “Mavs Dancers.’’ And the gang at the Observer’s Unfair Park apparently had some fun with the ladies this weekend at the W Hotel. … and then posted some photos making fun OF the ladies! C’mon, Unfair Park!  That’s so. … unfair.

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written by Right Wing Republican Volunteer , October 25, 2008

Hey, Fish!

If you had listened to RWRV you would have spared yourself the embarrasment of being chewed out by the Mavs braintrust!

Back last summer, I commented that JET was a better PG than anyone else they were looking at as a backup and suggested getting rid of McLeod and the others. JJ is OK on the end of the bench if you are paying min. Dumping 5 mil on him is really dumb but, what the heck, I like seeing a kid with little talent but works hard steal Cuban's money.

Out of all the fodder they were looking at, Rhodes was actually the best of the bunch but obviously there was no place for him on this roster, esp with Williams and Green coming in.

BTW, did you see Stack take that charge? Love that guy!

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