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Good News Dallas
by Mike Fisher    Thu, Oct 16, 2008, 11:46 AM
Bill Parcells wanted Tony Romo to be "a bus driver.'' Obama and McCain probably want him to be "Joe The Plumber.'' Tony himself wants to be Brett Favre -- and if he seems a bit pouty recently, it may not be because of his pinkie. It might be because he thinks the Cowboys have steered him back to bus'driver/plumber status. That, plus Cliche'vry Johnson, Stephen A. Smith and Dirk Nowitzki, all in this noontime roundup... 

1 Cliché’vry Johnson has a new gig. Rather predictably, he’s going to give it a go as an ESPN studio analyst. I’ve got nothing smart-assy to say about this. Good for him and God bless him and everything. I guess I should note that Avery's initial post-Mavs plan was to spend more time with his family. Which is lovely. His family lives in Houston. His new job will require him to be in Bristol, Connecticut.

But otherwise, I've got nothing smart-assy to say about this.

Meanwhile, the equally big news, from Barry Horn:  Avery’s hiring means Stephen A. Smith is getting bumped.

The never-ending problem with SAS, though, recalls the "tree-falls-in-a-forest'' question. Yes, even if SAS is unemployed, you will hear him. Because he's that LOUD.

2 I’m not going to link to all the columns that are all but ordering Tony Romo to not play with his broken pinkie. Let me just say: While Jennifer Floyd-Engel might be an expert on football injuries, I lean toward trusting the Cowboys’ medical staff, coaching staff and Romo himself.

It’s funny. In Jen’s FWST column, she instructs Brett Favre (who apparently is encouraging Romo to play) to “MYOB.’’

Favre should Mind His Own Business regarding whether Romo should risk playing. … but the lady writer from Fort Worth shouldn’t Mind Her Own Business on the same subject?

Meanwhile, there is a problem with Tony that might be larger than a digit. It might be his psyche. From what I'm hearing, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett's solution to Tony's too-frequent roll-the-dice errors is to urge Romo to get back to fundamentals, to go less on instinct and more on situational football, to quit playing Riverboat Gambler and to instead make certain the bus stays out of the ditch.

And Romo isn't completely in agreement with the notion. Stay tuned here, because there is a compromise point between Joe the Plumber and Brett the Flag-Football Behind-The-Back Passer. And whether Romo plays this week or not, the Cowboys simply must find that compromise point.

Because ultimately, they need Romo. And they need him not pouting.

3 From my man Henry Abbott at TrueHoop:

I saw an NBA promo last night featuring Dirk Nowtizki and it included the line: "Where My Best is Yet to Come Happens." He's 30. The Mavericks are making changes (point guard and coach in the last year) trying to get back in the elite. You think that line in that commercial is true? Is Nowitzki getting better?

You know what? Yeah! Sure! Why not? Thanks to Kidd or Carlisle or excellent conditioning or whatever, could The UberMan score around 25 ppg with 10 rpg and be the best player on a 55-win team and get some MVP votes?

Yeah. Sure. Why not?

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written by John M , October 17, 2008

Almost every shot of Romo on the sidelines the last 3 games he looked disgusted with something -

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