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Good News Dallas
by Mike Fisher    Mon, Oct 13, 2008, 06:35 AM

I’m too stunned to comment intelligently on the Texas-OU result. (If you are aware of my belief that the Sooners were vastly superior, you might suggest that I was incapable of “commenting intelligently’’ before, too.) So I’ll go NFL, NBA, NHL … one morning donut for each:



   NFL: “Right now, it is all Arizona!’’

   It was a dramatic declaration by Fox play-by-play man Dick Stockton, and admittedly, it came at an exciting time in the game, at an imperfect moment for the Cowboys, and at a stand-on-your-feet period for the many fans (of both teams) assembled Sunday in the desert.

   Right now, it is all Arizona!

   Yeah, but, um, Myers issued that declaration 15 seconds into the game. So “right now’’ wasn’t supposed to last forever. Right?

   That was a crushingly sloppy 30-24 OT road loss to the temporarily-contending Cardinals. Reflective of Wade’s softness? Reflective of Pacman’s hardness? Let’s not overanalyze. Virtually every mistake made – and there were four fumbles, just for starters, so there were lots of mistakes made – is correctable. At 4-2, this is not a time to panic.

   It’s simply a time to correct mistakes so “right now’’ doesn’t last 10 more weeks.


   NBA: Yes, I say the Shawne Williams acquisition kinda counts as a Donnie Nelson “bullet.’’ And yes, we know that given the gifted Williams’ troubling background we have to hope that as he begins his Mavs career, all future bullets are figurative ones.

   I've got a skillion thoughts over at  on a trade that is anything but “small,’’ a trade that skates on “thin ice,’’ a trade that stuffs this franchise's bottle full of potential wing-playing lightning.


    NHL: Across the blogosphere, it is being reported that Philadelphia Flyers fans booed puck-dropping Sarah Palin this weekend because. … well, because Philly fans boo everybody.  Maybe. Or maybe they booed her because they don’t like her? Or because she’s beat that Hockey-Mom shtick to death? Or maybe because they view her to be unqualified to be the Second Most Powerful Person On The Planet?

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written by John M , October 13, 2008

The Cowboys O line colapsed after the 1st half of the Giants playoff game last year and has not been seen sinve & Wades 3-4 is a mess - need to go back to the 4-3

written by John M , October 13, 2008

The Cowboys O line vanished after the 1st half of the Giants playoff game last year and has not been seen since & Wades 3-4 is a no pressure can't stop the run when it has to mess - need to go back to the 4-3

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