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Davis gets F from state gun rights PAC Print E-mail
by Mark Lavergne and Will Lutz    Sun, Sep 21, 2008, 08:59 am

The Second Amendment has just become an issue in the state senate race between Wendy Davis and Sen. Kim Brimer (R-Fort Worth).

The Texas State Rifle Association has awarded Davis an “F” on its candidate scorecard, a rating reserved for only a handful of the most stridently anti-gun candidates.

She becomes the only incumbent or challenger on the Senate side to receive the designation. On the House side, TSRA PAC awarded a mere six “F”s.

Alice Tripp, TSRA’s legislative director, had some scathing criticisms in a recent issue of the TSRA Sportsman. Tripp called Davis “one of the most anti-gun challengers to come along,” criticizing her “extremist liberal ways.”

Why so? In the summer of 2000, as a Fort Worth City Council member, Davis opposed the upcoming Fort Worth Gun Show. Then-fellow Democratic City Council member Chuck Silcox contacted Tripp, saying the show was in danger of being cancelled as a result of Davis’ stand. He asked TSRA to intervene.

Tripp did some scouting to find out if the man running the gun show, Bob Norman, had been a bad tenant for the city’s Will Rogers Coliseum, where the gun show was held annually. Perhaps, Tripp thought, he had been subject to raids by the Comptroller or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

She discovered nothing. “I never heard that he didn’t take the garbage out even,” Tripp told LSR.

So Tripp put out an email alert to other TSRA members in Fort Worth and filled the City Council chamber to capacity with signs and stickers and people.

Recalled Tripp: “She never had another reason that she stated, I mean it was just like some giant mommy who said, ‘Well, I just don’t think the city of Fort Worth should be in the business of selling firearms.’ I mean nothing more than that. I tried to listen for a business reason, something that I or another adult would consider a real reason. And there wasn’t.”

Ultimately, Davis’ motion to shoot down the gun show never came to a vote, because the council could not manage a quorum.

The Davis campaign declined to comment on the “F” rating.

After Norman’s passing in 2005, his daughter Michelle Finucane inherited the business, and now runs it with husband Tim Finucane. Mrs. Finucane told LSR that she is supporting Brimer. Asked if she was concerned of the fate of the gun show should Davis be elected, Mrs. Finucane said, “I really am.”

Brimer, on the other hand, received an “A” rating from TSRA’s PAC. For incumbents, the TSRA ratings are based on that member’s voting record on Second Amendment and firearms issues. For challengers, it’s based on the group’s questionnaires as well as that incumbent’s record in other elective office, if any.

TSRA sent the questionnaire to Wendy Davis’ campaign and never received it back.

“It’s not often that we have such profound information” about a candidate’s position, Tripp said. “If I knew nothing about somebody, I would be certainly more open-minded than what she brings to the table.”

Tripp makes it clear in the Sportsman that Brimer’s re-election is one of TSRA’s top priorities for the cycle. She calls on gun owners statewide to help his campaign. “Rally around Senator Brimer,” Tripp exhorts gun owners, “whether you can vote for him or not, and protect the Texas Senate.”

The TSRA’s endorsements are among the most coveted of the cycle for two reasons. First, they are made objectively. Leadership and politics play little if any role in the TSRA endorsements. The only factor is the candidate’s actions on Second Amendment and firearms issues. Second, Texans tend not just to talk but to vote pro-gun. Even Democratic-leaning parts of the state want those Democrats to be pro-gun and will consider someone else if they are not.

More Brimer-Davis updates

* Brimer’s lawsuit challenging Davis’s right to appear on the ballot has been moved from the Fort Worth Court of Appeals to the Dallas Court of Appeals. The Texas Supreme Court ordered the move Sept. 16 at the request of the Fort Worth Court.

It is common to move cases between courts of appeals at the beginning of a case to equalize the docket. But docket equalization moves cases away from the Dallas Court of Appeals, not towards it. It is very rare for a move to be made within a week of oral arguments after briefs have been filed. Second Court of Appeals Chief Justice John Cayce has declined media requests for comment. The letter requesting transfer does not state the reason the transfer was requested.

* Meanwhile, Brimer released the endorsement of all the district’s mayors Sept. 17. The most noteworthy of these was Fort Worth’s Mike Moncrief, a former Democratic member of the Texas Senate.

Davis was a Fort Worth City Council Member before she resigned to run for the Texas Senate. “Kim Brimer gets things done,” said Moncrief. “No city problem is too small nor too large, he tackles them all and gets results.”

In response, the Texas Democratic Party unleashed a broadside at Moncrief.

“Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief’s endorsement of scandal-plagued Kim Brimer is nothing short of ironic given that Moncrief allowed Brimer and his Republican cronies to push him out of his own Senate seat 6 years ago,” said party spokesman Hector Nieto. “If Mike Moncrief truly cared about the people of Senate District 10, he would have run for re-election. Instead, he chose to be bullied by Republican politicians and is once again bending at their will.”

The Democratic Party has just attacked a long-term Democratic member of the Texas Senate and a former Democratic County Judge for Tarrant County who is the sitting mayor of a major Texas city, and comes from one of the most respected (and wealthy) oil and gas families in the state. This could get interesting.

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Comments (4)add comment
written by Homer Fincannon , September 22, 2008

Thank you TSRA for that "A' rating. I`am Homer Fincannon for Texas State Representative District 111, which is Duncanville, part of DeSoto and some of Oakcliff to Kiest. All these areas and the rest of Texas we need to be a packing. The incumbent in my race a Y. Davis also has a "F" rating from the TRSA. Let`s load up, and unload these carpetbaggers,gun haters and these Pac. and special interest lobbyist welfare queens that taken in the last three years $400,000.00 and only spenting $175,000.00 on campaign expenses. Where did the rest of the money go, it sure didn`t go back to the Democrat party.

written by John McClelland , September 22, 2008

I see I received a D. However, the survey I responded to came from the NRA, if I recall correctly.

Also note that in their voter guide, nobody can see our questions or answers. So that isn't very objective. Why not let everyone see how we answered?

And to Mr Fincannon, last I checked we couldn't spend our campaign donations on personal items, so inferring that Representative Davis is a welfare queen is rather uninformed. The TSRA is a special interest group too. I am sure you gladly accepted any contribution they will be handing you.

written by Homer Fincannon , September 23, 2008

J.M.~ If you have the time or the money to hire someone to do the research try the Texas Ethics Commission for the last three years . And no I haven`t received or would I ex cect any money from Pac`s, lobbyist or specical interest groups.....

written by Oahu Sheer , September 27, 2008

I sure hope that the other candidates running for office in the D/FW are better educated in grammar and spelling than these two are...Shame!

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