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by Mike Fisher    Wed, Jan 16, 2008, 04:48 pm
Busy Wednesday night for me: Waiting for the Dallas edition of “American Idol,’’ looking out the window toward Stephenville on UFO Watch, and pondering why the hell the Mavs are going five days between games. …


ITEM: Art Garcia, working hard,  fills us in on Dirk’s Romo take, Avery’s day off and the NBA’s hottest-selling jerseys. Nowitzki is No. 8. 

ITEM: I just don’t think Tony Romo fully understands what he’s gotten himself into by getting himself into Jessica Simpson. 

ITEM: Meanwhile, Dan Shanoff has a beautiful take on Romessica:  If Tony blames her for being a distraction and dumps her – thus “Pulling a Romo’’ -- he will become the coolest guy in all of sports.

ITEM: The lead columnist in Baltimore thinks Jason Garrett should become the head coach of the Ravens because it’s “one of the most coveted jobs in professional sports.’’

ITEM: Now on to steroids. … no, WAIT. The lead columnist in Baltimore thinks WHAT?!

ITEM: Steroids in the entertainment world? No wonder that Medea bitch is so HUGE!

ITEM: Props to the DMNews’ Cowboys Blog (and especially McMahon and Breer.) Their coverage of the Cowboys’ loss to the Giants, and the aftermath, has been funny, interesting, and most of all, exhaustive. Is it possible the Dallas Morning News finally gets it?

ITEM: Henry Abbott links us to news that the NBA might quit playing preseason games in Europe. And I say, good move. I’ve never really understand Chancellor Stern’s desire for Manifest Destiny. The idea, for instance, that someday there will be NBA teams across the pond has always seemed ludicrous to me – until, that is, we develop a Star Trek-like transporter.

ITEM: Star-Telegram columnist Jim Reeves is calling for the firing of Wade Phillips because. ... well, gosh, I’m not completely certain what the “because’’ is. One thing for sure: It’s NOT because Reevo is opposed to employing old white men with floppy gray hair and chubby waistlines. (Just funnin’, Reevo.)

ITEM: J-Ho didn’t take care of his braces properly. Damn kids.

ITEM: Jerry Stackhouse has an album coming out. Well, they used to be called “albums.’’ I don’t know what they’re called now. And it used to be called “coming out.’’ I believe the hepsters with their berets and their self-rolled marijuana cigarettes and their finger-snapping now refer to that action as “dropping.’’

ITEM: Joakim Noah is involved in a locker-room pissin’ match with his Bulls teammates. Somewhere in this mess it is being suggested that Adrian Griffin is not qualified to involve himself because he’s a benchwarmer. That uniformed opinion demonstrates a lack of understanding of the way a locker room works, and of the way Griff works. He is EXACTLY the right person. Hell, it’s one of the most important reasons you bother even having him on your roster.

ITEM: Chargers at Patriots. AFC title game. Philip Rivers is questionable. His knee might be bothering him, but I hear his middle finger is listed as “probable.’’

ITEM: I watched the first half-hour of the Congressional hearing on steroids in baseball. Grandstanding. I mean, these politicians are so deeply, deeply concerned about the issue. … and then can’t even properly pronounce the names of the major players involved in the theater?

ITEM: Surest sign a certain someone is preparing for 2008? Greg Ellis is already wondering about his job security and his wallet. I mean, geez, Greg, the body of the 2007 Cowboys ain't even cold yet.

ITEM: Tony Cubes – who has been there – feels the Cowboys’ pain.

ITEM: My man Jan Hubbard makes a damn good point that makes LeBron’s 101 MPH seem a lot less cute.

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