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Hillary: Obama Part-time Senator Print E-mail
by Carolyn Barta    Sat, Jan 12, 2008, 08:25 AM
Hillary Clinton suggested while campaigning in Nevada yesterday that Barack Obama has been only a part-time senator.  According to the Real Clear Politics blog, Clinton said:

"He was a part-time state senator for a few years, and then he came to the Senate and immediately started running for president. And that's his prerogative...But I think it is important to compare and contrast our records."  I agree and think It's time for the media to spend time reporting on what Obama has done and not just what he says.

In other Hillary news: She has been endorsed by former San Antonio mayor and HUD secretary Henry Cisneros and is trolling for Hispanic votes in California and Nevada.

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written by Dallasite , January 12, 2008

Almost enough to make a Republican vote for Hill.

written by Chris Fowler , January 12, 2008

This is rich coming from someone who shopped for a state with lenient residency requirements for running for Senator, and who has been "running for president" since she took office. Pot, meet kettle.

written by Amy , January 13, 2008

Mrs. Clinton is the biggest hypocrite out there in the political universe. Yeah, you media go right ahead and examine Senator Obama's record; any honest account of it will make hers look woefully lacking.

She identifies with Hispanic-Americans about like Bush does.

written by Dallasite , January 13, 2008

"She identifies with Hispanic-Americans about like Bush does"????

What does that mean? Are you implying Obama "identifies" with them any better? Because he is a minority? Or because he "believes in hope"?

Such BS. Yes, Hill has been running for president for decades. I'll guve you that. But she has paid her dues.

Obama is just some guy who was in the Illinois state senate four years ago, then gave a really good speech at the DNC about how there were not "two Americas" (novel, I know!). Take away all the hype about "the audacity of hope" or whatever he rants about, and you have just some junior senator who has much too high an opinion of himself. There are about ninety senators better qualified than him to run for prez.

written by Judge Carlos R. Cortez , January 13, 2008

I bet Edwards is sitting around scratching his head wondering how in the world is he losing to these 2!

written by Tom , January 13, 2008

We all need to really work to get people to understand that they must not vote for Hillary or Obama etc, instead we must vote for REAL CHANGE: Vote Gravel
see amazing

written by Amy , January 13, 2008

Dallasite: "Paid her dues"??? She'd have us believe that spending time in the White House should count. She was NEVER part of her old man's government. And what exactly has she accomplished as a Senator? Zilch.

She's the one with too high an opinion of herself. The fact is she's divisive, conniving, untruthful and ineffective. At least 90 senators would make better candidates than that loser, and Obama is at the top of that list.

written by Dallasite , January 14, 2008

Excuse me? What did Obama accomplish as a senator, either in DC or Illinois???!!!????!!! OTHER than writing two books!

And by the way, Obama is only not divisive among Democrats dumb enough to think that ranting about "change" and "hope" will help Obama beat McCain or Rudy. Obama is one of the few Dem candidates who could actually manage to lose to the GOP candidate, whoever that may be - because his resume is as thin as his message.

written by Amy , January 15, 2008

The political whore's resume reeks of mediocrity and non-accomplishment. She lies and goes negative on Senator Obama because she can't run on her own lousy record. She's already being divisive within the Democratic Party; just imagine how that act will play in the White House.
4 more years of partisan politics? NO THANKS. Obama is by far our best hope for the future.

written by TRACEYYoung25 , March 14, 2010

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