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by Mike Fisher    Wed, Nov 28, 2007, 01:11 pm
Crumbs and cobwebs and notebook-emptying with some items actually having something do do with somebody besides Tony Romo. ...


ITEM: So, how soon does Tony Romo start dating Amy Winehouse?

ITEM: I know this is a terribly insensitive time to be pointing this out as Sean Taylor is being buried, but: a) In the 75-Member Staff’s dealings with the late Redskins star, we found him to be a selfish punk, the kind of guy more than happy to make enemies of people. And b) Do burglars really randomly break into gated-community million-dollar homes while people are in the house and then shoot the homeowner in the crotch region? I’m no detective, but given the two issues mentioned here, if I was a detective, I’d have no problem coming up with leads.

ITEM: Bobby Knight allegedly shoots people. "Ridiculous,'' the Texas Tech basketball says of the charges. "That's all been taken care of, that's over with. You haven't heard anything from that guy for two weeks. That's done. I got no comment on that whatsoever because that's absolute (expletive).''

I’ll go again with the A-B Format: a) It’s odd that Bobby would first dismiss the charge as “ridiculous’’ but then claim the issue has “all been taken care of.’’ What issue? What would there be to “take care of’’ if it didn’t happen? And b) The kind of man who would angrily use the word “expletive’’ when discussing with media, law-enforcement or school officials – and he’s done so for a lifetime – is the kind of guy angry enough to probably find a hobby that doesn’t include guns.

ITEM: I’m not prepared to say Eli Manning isn’t any good. I am prepared to say he now habitually throws off his back foot, the sort of thing that sometimes happens to QBs in the twilight of their careers (go watch some tape of once-valiant Mark Brunell’s last extended time) but should not be happening to a kid still trying to establish himself.

ITEM: MavsCentral with a nice piece comparing this year’s first 14 games to last year’s.

ITEM: Listen, I’m not saying I’d be real happy if my daughter announced she was dating Terrell Owens. But that same logic applies to a lot of football guys; I would be even less pleased to learn that my mom was dating Bill Belichick, who I’m sure would cheat on her, film it, and then go all Mr. Woodcock on me.

But T.O. has now played 26 games in Cowboys silver-and-blue and he has 22 touchdowns. I mean, he’s a goofball and he’s a front-runner and he can be a little embarrassing sometimes. But 22 TDs? Is there any way the NFL can present Jerry Jones with a retroactive 2006 NFL Executive of the Year for pulling off that signing?

ITEM: Yes, Avery, it is time to consider Brandon Bass as a potential starter.

ITEM: MAVS QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We’re not good enough to coast.’’ – Dirk Nowitzki.

ITEM: As the Cowboys close in on clinching the NFC East before the first sleet: Don’t the Giants always seem to start 6-2 or so before an annual second-half collapse? What a bunch of high-profile frauds they are.

ITEM: The T’wolves, in town tonight, positively reek. Antoine Walker is attempting to become the “face of the franchise,’’ if that tells you anything. And yet, given the present state of the Mavericks, I’m mildly worried. Mildly.

ITEM: Is T.O. really selling enough of those “Touchdown Towels’’ to justify him earning a $10,000 fine for the promotion-minded waving of it on the sidelines?

ITEM: Tony Romo’s is now the top-selling of NFL jerseys. The world loves him more than L.T., more than Brady, more than Peyton, more than Urlacher. How can it be so?

Easy Theory No. 1: It’s the Cowboys. Cowboys sell.

Easy Theory No. 2: He’s San Antonio Romo; the Hispanic population has itself a hero.

Easy Theory No. 3 – and the one I prescribe to: Romo’s story is so compelling, his play is so dazzling, his personality is so charming, that he supersedes the issue of race. And he even supersedes the issue of being a Cowboy.

ITEM: Torii Hunter visits with the Rangers one day, and then the next day signs with the Angels. I assume the only reason he met with Texas is because he had a layover at DFW between his Minnesota-to-California flight and was happy to let Tom Hicks feed him something besides airline peanuts.

ITEM: More QB stuff: Romo is fibbing when he says he didn’t idolize Favre, whom he’ll oppose on Thursday night. In fact, Romo STILL idolizes Favre, and is only denying it to deke himself into believing they are equals. Which, by late Thursday night, they might just be.

ITEM: Lots of talk out there about how the Mavs’ lack of assists are the problem. This talk comes from people who probably don’t watch the games. And from people who certainly don’t talk to Mavs players and coaches. The problem, at this moment, from a numbers standpoint, is the Mavs’ penchant for letting opponents score 105 points. Period.

ITEM: I was prepared to make jokes about the Stars’ changing front-office suits being akin to shifting deck chairs on the Titanic – except that this Titanic, rather than trying to avoid ice, actually plays on it. And then, by gosh, the Stars get good all of the sudden. So yeah, fine, it was all the suits’ fault.

ITEM: Somebody at the Morning News' QUICK paper urged UT to fire Mack Brown because it's been two years since he's won a national title.

ITEM: Not to be a party-pooper here by bringing up that DFW-area body builder who is claiming to be the Cowboys’ steroid provider, but. …

Somehow, some way, the NFL keeps an incredibly powerful lid on these things. The day after a local TV station broke the story, the Dallas Morning News wrote up a blurb – and buried it on Page Infinity.

Here we are a couple of weeks later and. … hey, whatever happened to that story?


ITEM: How weird is it that all of the sudden, no GM in the league would take Eli Manning – who is as pedigreed as they come, and while sporting a clueless-looking face is a perfectly good pro – over Tony Romo?

Is this the East-Coast-Media-Bias thing, all twisted around, when ESPN radio guy Mike Greenberg says Eli should be off the hook in comparison to Romo because Dallas’ weapons are better, “no comparison.’’

Really? Shockey vs. Witten. Burress vs. Owens. Toomer vs. Crayton. Jacobs/Ward/Droughns vs. Jones/Barber. An offensive staff led by Tom Coughlin vs. an offensive staff led by Jason Garrett.

No comparison? Even blinded-by-bias Cowboys fans don’t believe that.

ITEM: This information is not to be used as evidence that Tony Romo is better than Troy Aikman. This information is to be used to prove that, with Brady and Payton and Romo, football has changed in the last decade or so: Aikman’s top TD total in a season was 23. Romo has 29 already, and will end up with, what? Maybe 36 easy, right? With a shot at 40-plus? Crazy.

ITEM: Three things on my list of things to do: 1, Ask Mario Elie exactly what he brings to the staff. 2, Ask Paul Westphal exactly what he brings to the staff. 3, Ask Del Harris what he’s taken away from the staff.

ITEM: LeBron goes for triple-doubles in back-to-back games, and call me a Negative Nellie, but. … imagine what that Batman could do if he had a Robin? Or hell, even an Alfred.

ITEM: Thank God the Patriots won again Sunday night. Otherwise, who would Sports Illustrated put on its cover again this week?

ITEM: Speaking of which: After the too-tight win over the Eagles, John Madden began the now-oft-repeated chant that Philly had “created the blueprint’’ for beating NE. Really? What’s the blueprint? “Pressure the QB.’’ “Control the ball.’’ “Double Randy Moss.’’

How creative! I never thought of those things before! Finally, a “blueprint’’!

ITEM: Want proof that the coaching business is a who-you-know business? A&M hires Mike Sherman, whose greatest credential is that he’s an Aggie kind of guy. And Nebraska wants to hire Turner Gill, whose greatest credential is that he’s a Cornhusker kind of guy.

ITEM: Did you catch ESPN’s feature comparing/tying together Tony Romo and Snoop Dog? (If you didn't, do yourself a favor and DON'T find it.) In one three-minute segment – Snoop is a freestyle rapper, Romo is a freestyle quarterback, get it? – the network created Exhibit A for exactly what is wrong over there. It wasn’t hip, it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever, it wasn’t insightful, it wasn’t anything but lame and nonsensical.

Scores, highlights, interviews, trends, analysis and games, fellas.

Scores, highlights, interviews, trends, analysis and games.

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written by john k. , November 30, 2007

Tony Romo can date or see whoever he pleases with 11 Million Dollars up front money in his pocket. I wish him well until he finds out the IRS gets a large piece of it. The woman he is seeing or dating gets the other piece of the up front cash. "When the green is gone the queen is gone." William Snaklespere"

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