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WEEKEND WARMUP (sept 21) Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Fri, Sep 21, 2007, 09:12 am
Emptying out my notebook for a Weekend Warmup. ...


ITEM: I love the moral outrage over the Cowboys' signing of Tank Johnson. 'What will this mean to America's children!?' I happen to be the parent of two American children. So I can testify first-hand, the signing of Tank means NOTHING to two of America's children.

Speaking of kids -- and I won't mention any high-school football programs specifically here because they are, after all, just kids -- but every time I find out that certain teams feature a few too many 19-year-olds, I find myself rooting even harder against those certain teams.

Hey, wait a minute. ... if they kids are 19, do they still qualify as kids?

ITEM: Want another piece of evidence to support my belief that while Mark Cuban would give baseball the kick in the ass it needs, the game’s powers that be will never let it happen? Check out this angle regarding the coverage of Tony Cubes’ recent visit to Wrigley Field. 

ITEM: A better approach to Cuban’s night at the yard: A first-hand account from a neighboring seat-holder. 

ITEM: Speaking of baseball: That Bonds guy, the one who hit the ball, doesn’t think much of that Ecko guy, the one who owns it.

ITEM: AK-47 is demanding a trade. On his blog. But it’s in Russian. So why link to it?

ITEM: Did Donovan McNabb play the race card in discussing how difficult life can be for a black QB? He blogs a response to the criticism. The most interesting aspect of this to me isn’t about black QBs (most points made about the issue seem tired to me). No, the most interesting thing about it is that McNabb skipped over interviewers to simply “interview himself’’ on the subject.

ITEM: And then there is this: Vince Young – himself a black QB – declines to participate in the (non-)controversy. “Not my fight,’’ VY says. Vince is catching some heat for this, but again: What would you like him to say that doesn’t sound trite? Why does he not have the right to disassociate himself with a story that isn’t his? And most of all, what exactly is the controversy?

ITEM: Vinny Testaverde gets himself a nice crib.

ITEM: The Patriots turn in more “cheat-like’’ evidence to the NFL. … and the NFL destroys it. Let loose the conspiracy theorists! 

ITEM: Sorry, Aggies, but that didn't look very Top-20ish, did it?


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written by Right Wing Republican Volunteer , September 21, 2007

Mr. Randy's comment about Tank was perfect: "Hey, I like gun guys!"


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