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Novak Unloads on Al Gonzales Print E-mail
by Tom Pauken    Fri, Aug 31, 2007, 09:27 AM

Gonzales.jpgConservative columnist Robert Novak has harsh words for former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who resigned from that post this week. In a column for Human Events, Novak says of Gonzales’ appointment as AG: “it would be hard to find anyone so inappropriate for the job”.

Novak described how he first met Gonzales during the first year of the Bush Administration when Gonzales was serving as Bush’s White House Counsel: “I met Gonzales for the first time in 2001 when, along with other conservative journalists, I went to the White House for a background briefing on the new president's judicial nominations by presidential counsel Gonzales. I was stunned by the incoherence by the briefer. After checking with several Republican senators, I received the same verdict. Their judgment was that Gonzales was not qualified for a senior government position.”

Nor was the conservative columnist impressed with Gonzales handling of the US attorneys controversy in his position as Attorney General. “Gonzales's handling of the crisis over the firing of U.S. attorneys set new standards for incompetence. In the midst of the furor, he agreed to address the National Press Club May 15 (insisting on breakfast instead of the usual lunch). It by chance was the 44th anniversary of this column, and I never before had seen anything like it. Gonzales arrived in time for the speech without making a customary greeting to other head table guests. With the capital poised for something about the U.S. attorneys affair, he delivered an irrelevant speech prepared by the Justice bureaucracy. In the question-and-answer period, however, Gonzales repeatedly blamed the problem on Paul McNulty, who had resigned that day as his deputy.”

To read the entire Novak column, link here.

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written by RelicMM , August 31, 2007

Thanks for the link to Novak's columnn, Tom. I value his opinion highly. I am wading through his lengthy autobiography and reliving the political skullduggery of the last 50 years that no columnist in my estimation has consistently analyzed any better than Robert Novak.

written by Lee , August 31, 2007

And where were Novak and those Senators when the Gonzales appointment came up for consideration in the Senate. Were they to beaten down by the White House to express in public their private opinions?

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