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Sheriff Valdez Shows Demo Backing Print E-mail
by Carolyn Barta    Tue, Aug 14, 2007, 03:55 pm

Democrats are showing a unified effort behind incumbent Sheriff Lupe Valdez, with lupe_valdez.jpgan early release of an impressive list of backers, led by State Sen. Royce West, Commissioner John Wiley Price and District Attorney Craig Watkins.  With a strong show of support, Valdez might scare away other primary opponents and also send a message to Republicans that she may not be as vulnerable as they think. 

Word on the street shortly after Valdez announced her endorsements was that Peter Schulte, a Dallas County prosecutor and former suburban police officer, is dropping out of the Democratic primary race.

Valdez also has the support of other county elected officials, including County judge Jim Foster, District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons and Country Treasurer Joe Wells, all of whom were elected in the 2006 Demo takeover of the courthouse.

Demo State Reps. who have endorsed the sheriff's re-election include Roberto Alonzo, Rafael Anchia and Terri Hodge.  Both West and Alonzo said Valdez deserves another term to complete her work.

Peter Schulte announced this summer that he would seek the nomination. But it's the Republicans who are really smelling blood.  They have targeted the sheriff's race as the one to show they're not washed up in county elections after their losses in 2006. 

Republicans candidates include Lowell Cannaday, former Irving police chief who has resigned from the Irving city council to run; Cockrell Hill Police Chief Catherine Smit; and Charlie Richmond, a lieutenant and watch commander for the Mesquite Police Department.

Expecting opposition, Valdez cranked up her campaign earlier this summer, starting to procure endorsements and get the message out that she has made some progress in solving the problems she inherited at the Dallas County Jail.  West, the state senator and local Democratic kingmaker, said Valdez has worked with the Commissioners Court to hire over 400 new guards for the jail, brought in $2 million by overhauling the jail's commissary contract and established a training program for deputies.

"Does our Sheriff have more work to do in bringing change to the Dallas jail system? Yes," he said, but she has "earned the right to fiish the job that she has started."

The sheriff's endorsements include State Democratic Committee members, Young Democrat leaders and dozens of precinct chairs.  The list is available on her Web site,


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written by George B. Chamberlain , August 14, 2007

I am Precinct Chair #4501 in Dallas County and a member of the Dallas County Democratic Party Advisory Committee representing the 106th district.

Sheriff Valdez attended the Grand Prairie Democrats Club on the 11th and did a great job outlining the progress she has made at the Sheriff's Department. Democrat Lupe Valdez campaign did a great job with a new Power Point Presentation of progress at the department.

As it turns out the Dallas County Sheriff's Department compares very well on a state and national basis and is one of the largest Sheriff Departments in the country. One fact that came out in the presentation was the Sheriff’s credentials in law enforcement and homeland security. She has clearly met the requirements to function at high levels of law enforcement nationally and is experienced with federal agencies necessary to be the Sheriff of Dallas County

I also attended a recent press conference regarding the department’s budget. I took the time to attend because I was curious as to how the Sheriff handled the press. A member of the media revisited the issue of the grant writer's productivity. The Sheriff scored when she informed the media that the grant writer had been successful in wining $400,000 in grants.

It will be interesting to see what the Republican media will come up with to smear this candidate. This woman is effective, honest and experienced. Her approach is non partisan and she has succeeded where her Republican predecessor failed. Before and after photographs of the jail are startling.

written by McLaughlin , August 14, 2007

Thanks for this, Mr. Chamberlain. Nicely done report.

About the grant writer: Grant writing is an ongoing process. New grant money doesn't often flow in overnight, in 6 months or even in a year. This grant writer was obviously writing the all-important continuation grants and was successful. It bothered me that the story in the Dallas News was so uninformed. It was obviously a hit job and an attempt to criticize Sheriff Valdez. That was not fair at all.

Sounds like Sheriff Valdez is doing an excellent job!

written by AJ , August 14, 2007

Republican Media. That's funny. I don't think Fox will be covering the Dallas Sherriff's race. I guess somebody clued Craig Watkins in and told him it might not be a good idea to run one of his prosecutors against Valdez

written by Political Ad Guy , August 14, 2007

The media can't wait to start smearing this candidate.

Mostly because it will be easy and will require very little research.

written by George B. Chamberlain , August 15, 2007

Political Ad Guy

I would like to see your party compete with real facts about your candidate's qualifications. Come on now.

written by lol , August 15, 2007

Don't worry; we will. BTW, what are "false facts?"

written by Sharon Boyd , August 15, 2007

As a GOP, I sincerely hope Lupe Valdez is the Democrat nominee for Sheriff.

written by McLaughlin , August 16, 2007

Democratic nominee, Ms. Boyd.

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