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Sen. John McCain Should Not be President Print E-mail
by Tom Pauken    Thu, Apr 19, 2007, 01:16 PM

Appearing at a rally at a VFW Hall in South Carolina on Wednesday, Sen. John McCain was asked if an attack on Iran was in the works. According to the Georgetown Times, the Presidential Republican contender began his answer by changing the words of a popular Beach Boys tune and singing, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

That’s all we need – a dramatic escalation of the war in the Middle East. What does Sen. McCain think would happen to our troops in Iraq if we launched a nuclear attack on Iran? Pardon the expression, but all Hell would break loose in the Middle East.

John McCain, who I first met when he was a naval attaché on Capitol Hill after his release as a POW by his North Vietnamese Communist captors and whom I voted for in the 2000 Republican presidential primary in Texas, has shown himself since then not to be the man to lead the Republican Party in the next presidential election. Conservatives like myself already had many good reasons not to vote for John McCain for President next year. Moreover, he has been losing support in the polls over the past year.

His latest outburst may put an end to McCain’s quest for the presidency once and for all. This conservative sure hopes that’s the case.

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written by Sam Merten , April 20, 2007

I agree, Tom. McCain is not fit to be president. Having a stance like that along with the insensitive way he expressed himself are troubling. Throw in his stance on immigration and he's just not a good candidate. Unfortunately, Giuliani isn't any better. His stances on abortion, gay marriage and gun control are far from conservative. Unless someone else is able to emerge, I have little hope for the Republican Party in 2008.

written by Francine Borden , April 20, 2007

It doesn't make any difference. The next president will be a Democrat no matter who the Republicans nominate and no matter who the Democrats nominate.

So, I guess that means I agree with you about McCain.

Happy Days Will Be Here Again! January, 2009.

written by ChrisJ. Martin , April 20, 2007

You've gotta be kidding.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tom Pauken and Sam Merten into the ranks of the Political Correctness police. (applause)

Did you say the same thing when Reagan made his "bombing Russia in five minutes" quip?


Perhaps you both could search eBay and craigslist and find a good deal on a sense of humor.

BTW - McCain would be a great president for this simple reason: Conservatives don't like him and Democrats will at least listen to him.

written by Francine Borden , April 21, 2007

Democrats have more sense than to listen to McCain. He has destroyed all credibility by kissing up to Bush for the last six years.

I do find it humorous that those who supported Bush think they have any credibility as to who would or would not make a good president.

Happy Days Will Be Here Again! January, 2009.

written by Dr. Little , April 22, 2007

No, Francine : Happy Days will not be here "again". FDR is long gone, and the most likely "DEM" who might become president is Hillary Rodham. She is no FDR. In fact, in a "DEM" party today that at the national level is in fact controlled by the Hard-left, she is way out at the fringe of extremism. Hillary is not only "way out" there : she is also disloyal to America, and is in fact a tool of the CHICOM. Francine, I wish we did have "old fashioned" Democrats like FDR in control of the Democrat party; but we must realize that in fact that is not the case. A "DEM" victory in the 2008 presidential election may invoke the old tunes and memories of FDR and his "New Deal"; but in fact such a victory will be a "Raw Deal" for America. If you doubt this, read THE EMPRESS PROJECT..........

written by Francine Borden , April 24, 2007

Oh, well, Dr. Little. You'll just have to get used to it.

As for your book, I would take the time to read it except that the things you say here have convinced me that it isn't worth reading.

written by Dr. Little , April 26, 2007

FRANCINE : At the risk of incurring your wrath, I suggest that you should read the book. You will learn some things, and while you may not like them, you will end up being glad that you have learned these things. Sometimes it is best to know unpleasant truth in time to stop further unpleasantness from occurring. Sometimes it is necessary to tell stories about things that people need to know about and think about : that is what the book does; and it does so politely and in language that you can read safely to any person. I believe that if you read the book you will end up agreeing that the time you have spent reading it will have been well spent. If you have doubt, you might want to go to AMAZON and see the reviews posted there by a number of people who have read ths book. If you read the book I would invte you to post a rating [any rating you deem appropriate] and a review [again, any review you deem appropriate].

written by Francine Borden , April 28, 2007

Sorry, but I am too busy reading books written by Democrats about the evil Republicans.

written by Elsbeth , April 28, 2007

Dr. Little,

I'll read the "Empress Project" if you'll read both of Senator Obama's books. I highly endorse both of them.

Demonizing Hillary is such sport for the Republican Party. It's gotten really old and boring.

written by Francine Borden , April 28, 2007


Republicans demonize Hillary because they are afraid of her.

It just hope that when she is president Hillary remembers that Republicans tried to destroy her husband's presidency before he was even sworn in -- and extracts extreme revenge on the Republicans with great energy, creativity, and viciousness.

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