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Good News Dallas
by Sandra Lewis    Sun, Mar 19, 2006, 10:21 AM

Back in the day silver-colored blood coursed through my veins and blue stars ruled my Sunday afternoons and Thanksgiving Days.

That was until Jerry Jones committed the unforgivable sin of firing Tom Landry shortly after purchasing the Dallas Cowboys in 1989.

I’ve held a grudge all these years and the number of hours I’ve devoted to watching the Cowboys since then would barely reach the double-digits.

And although I know there were some glory years with Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston, my perception of the team has mostly been that of a bunch of selfish hooligans who get paid too much money and look like fools when they strut around like love-sick ostriches after making a simple tackle or touchdown.

Then one player caught my eye this last season. Through some twist of fate the TV happened to be on when Jason Witten caught a touchdown pass then walked over to the stands and handed the football to a child in a wheelchair.

Wow. Could this be a return to the Cowboys I once knew - a team with dignity, class, and true sportsmanship with the likes of Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, and Tony Dorsett?

I wasn’t sure, but I cared a little more after that. I even thought that a few of my Sunday afternoons this fall might include a couple of Cowboys games.

Not now.

I am not a regular reader of the sports page, but Terrell Owens’ story fascinated me months before I had an inkling that he was coming to the Cowboys.

Here was an extraordinary athlete with the disposition of a three-year old. How much would a professional sports organization put up with?

I applauded Philadelphia for its decision to say adios to Terrell and sticking to it even after the whining Terrell promised to be a better boy.

Sometimes the price tag for talent can bankrupt a team even if the bank account can bear it.

Except if you’re Jerry Jones.

Whatever the cost to win Jerry is willing to pay it if he thinks he can achieve another Super Bowl even if it means the addition of the egomaniacal, narcissistic, self-serving Terrell Owens to the team.

But the joke’s on Jerry. Terrell isn’t out for anyone but himself. Take one look at Terrell’s website (sorry, I won’t link to it) and that’s obvious.

Jerry, you just made a big, fat investment in Terrell Inc.

Thank you for giving me my Sunday afternoons back, Jerry.  I have better things to do with my time.

I’d rather chop 100 pounds of onions than watch the shenanigans of Terrell Owens in a Cowboys uniform.

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