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Good News Dallas
by Sandra Lewis    Sun, Feb 19, 2006, 03:47 PM

I’ve always told my girls that I am determined to never grow old; age is a number, old is an attitude.

Then, overnight, it seemed that reading anything clearly closer than an arm’s length away was difficult no matter how hard I strained to focus. This included my computer screen, the dinner menu, signature lines on credit receipts (not to mention the preprinted total), books, the back of DVD covers, and my cell phone screen.

A visit to the eye doctor this week confirmed my dreaded suspicion. It’s time for reading glasses.

I sulked for a couple of days, but decided I could deal. 

BeatlesLp_record_album.jpgA couple of days later I was shopping and asked a salesperson to point me in the direction of the “record” section – yes, like vinyl; remember 33 1/3 RPMs?

The request flowed forth like I had purchased a record just the day before instead of more than 20 years ago. Where did that come from?

She had no clue what I’d asked for so I quickly corrected myself with the word choice of “music” and she pointed me in the right direction.

I returned home from my shopping outing that evening, treated myself to a much-needed bubble bath and reflected on both of these life moments.

One had snuck up on me subtly, like watching grass grow – you don’t notice its slow, daily ascent from the earth until you wake up one day and it’s time to mow that sneaky grass. The other had been a surprise attack except it was friendly fire, a faulty neuron connection or something.

Aging isn't always fun and it had been a double-whammy-age-reminder in one week.

Regardless, I want to be one of those octogenarians (and beyond) for whom age isn’t an impediment to living life to the fullest.  And some have even picked up their hobby late in life like Gordy Shields - I hope you’re still going strong Gordy.

As for me, I’m learning to play golf, want to learn to play tennis, I’ve dabbled in gardening, and I’m a self-taught candle maker. I need to use my gym membership more often, but hey, nobody’s perfect.   I can still share clothes with my teenage daughters so I’m not complaining.

I am determined to enjoy life's journey, abide in each moment, and take scads of bubble baths along the way.

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