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Super Bowl XL Means Extra Large Complaints Print E-mail
by Norm Hitzges    Mon, Jan 30, 2006, 11:09 AM

Today’s posting comes to you from Friedo. Friedo is already in Detroit for Super Bowl XL. He arrived Saturday. I will land in Detroit sometime around 10pm tonight. I will withhold judgment on this year’s host city until I have been there for a day or two. So here are some thoughts from Friedo.

It is finally here. Super Bowl week is a huge week for the NFL. A week full of hype. A week full of staged press conferences. A week of staged celebrity sightings. This is a week where just about everything is staged.

It’s also a week in which you will read and hear all sorts of media types complain about the host city. It has become a tradition to rip the host city. It doesn’t matter where they play the game, the host city will be torn to shreds.

This year the main complaint will be about the weather in Detroit. The jokes will be about the downsizing of the auto plants, the boarded up buildings and the general filth of the city.

Last year Jacksonville took the beating…Houston took it two years ago…And, the media even found reasons to complain about San Diego in 2003.

I have never understood this. First of all, every city has flaws. Secondly, the Super Bowl is a HUGE event with a lot of moving parts. The fact that any city can pull it off without disaster is pretty impressive.

But more importantly, there is absolutely no reason for anyone fortunate enough to take a trip to the Super Bowl to complain. It doesn’t matter who the host city is, the week of the Super Bowl is quite an experience.

Look at the people complaining. Look at all the perks they get this week. All the parties that they can attend, all the free food, all the free gear, all the access to celebrities and most of all, access to the game. They have absolutely nothing to complain about.

So, why do they complain? Well, I can’t really speak for sportswriters or TV guys but I’d be happy to share my thoughts on the radio side.

I think that some them have the twisted logic that forces them to think that their audience actually enjoys listening to the complaints. But, this logic has never made sense to me and I don’t think it ever will. As a radio producer or talk show host, you are talking to people that would give their left arm to attend the Super Bowl and the events that surround the game. Do you really think that they want to hear you complain about it? That’s just crazy. I just can’t buy that logic.

Even worse than that, though , are the media types that are seriously complaining. And, believe me these people do exist. It takes a very bitter personality to be upset that he has to go to the Super Bowl.

Another reason that the media complains about the Super Bowl is deception. Look at it this way as a media type covering the Super Bowl:

1) you getting a free trip to the largest sporting event in the nation,

2) most of the time the game is held in a great vacation spot (ie…Arizona, Miami)

3) you get access to some of the top celebrities

4) you get invitations to all the great parties

5) you get to go to the game


Do you really want your boss (or your wife) to think you are having this much fun? If they knew how great it was, eventually they’d stop paying you to do this.

And then there is the reason I complain. GUILT. That’s right, pure guilt plain and simple. I am very lucky to get to experience Super Bowl week every year. It’s something that I wish all sports fans could get to do at least once in their lives. There is nothing else like it. But, the last thing I want people to think is that I am actually enjoying this.

So get ready for a week full of media complaints…Get ready for the reports of how cold it is in Detroit…Or what a hassle transportation is…Or how the parking situation is awful…But, as you are reading the column, listening the talk show host or watching the TV reporter whine and moan about having to cover the Super Bowl, understand that after he’s through filing his list of grievances, he is probably headed to the next party.
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