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Open Letter to Roger Clemens Print E-mail
by Norm Hitzges    Tue, Jan 24, 2006, 03:39 PM

I may be out of town but Friedo tells me that Tom Hicks has sent a letter to Roger Clemens agent. I can only imagine how much fun the guys at the station are having with this. But in all reality this is the first step in bringing the Rocket to Arlington. He and his people are going to want some sort of formal notification that the Rangers are interested.

Friedo is more skeptical about the Rangers’ chances of landing this huge free agent. He has put himself in Mr. Hicks’ shoes and written his own letter to Roger's agent:

Dear Roger Clemens’ Agent

As you may be aware, the Texas Rangers are very interested in acquiring the services of your client, Roger “Rocket” Clemens.

You may also be aware of the fact that I not only own the Texas Rangers but I am also a top supporter of the University of Texas Athletic Department. An athletic department that your client also supports.

You may further be aware that my (and the Rangers’) interest in your client is not some knee jerk reaction to his pending availability. I (we) have coveted your client for the better part of two decades. We have flirted in the past. Flirted to the point that I was even planning on having Roger drop the puck at one of my hockey games. Things have not worked out in the past but I believe that now is the time for your client to become a Texas Ranger.

I believe that there are several reasons for your client to pitch for my team:

1) Run support—IF your client chooses our organization he will not have to worry about a lack of offensive support. We have proven that we can score runs. Your client will never have to worry about losing a game 1-0.

2) We are quietly building a strong pitching rotation—You may not have noticed but in this off season we have added a couple of top pitchers in our rotation (Adam Eaton and Kevin Millwood). If your client agrees to play ball with us, we will have one of the strongest rotations in the league.

3) Challenge of pitching in Arlington—Your client can single handedly change the entire reputation of our ballpark. When he succeeds in our ballpark he will prove that he is by far the best pitcher of his era.

4) The chance to make franchise history as the missing puzzle piece—If your client signs with the Rangers and the Rangers go on to win a World Series, just imagine the legendary stories that will evolve. Roger will be looked upon forever as the man who brought a Championship to Arlington…Something that hasn’t happened in the entire history of the franchise.

5) Fan support and desire—The Rangers’ fans want to see Roger Clemens in Arlington…They have even dedicated an entire website to bringing the Rocket to the Rangers…There is no other place in Major League Baseball that will welcome your client with such open arms.

6) Proximity to Home—Did we mention how close Arlington is to your client’s hometown?

Sounds good doesn’t it? But, in addition to all of the above, I also know your client. I know that all of this sounds good and looks good on paper. But I know that there are only two things that really matter to your client right now MONEY and MORE MONEY.

Your client might say that he wants to stay close to his family. He may say that he wants a chance to win a championship. But it all boils down to money. Doesn’t it?

So, here’s the important part of this letter:


I can tell you all about run support. I can tell you all about our promising pitching rotation. I can tell you how our fans will welcome your client with open arms. But, the truth of the matter is that I can’t guarantee any of that and, in all reality, your client probably really doesn’t care that much about that stuff.

There are a lot of promises that I can’t really make. But there are only two promises that I can guarantee. I can guarantee that there is not another owner in this league that wants you your client as badly as I do. I can also guarantee you that there is not another owner in this league that is willing to give your client as much money as I am.

And, at the end of the day, we both know that money is what really matters to both of us.

Let me say this:  I, in no way shape or form, endorse the above letter.  It is the work of my producer who is not ready to believe that Mr. Clemens would choose to pitch here for any reason other than money.  But, I will say that money probably will be the key in bringing the Rocket to Arlington. 

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