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Rams Season Ended Weeks Ago Print E-mail
by Norm Hitzges    Wed, Dec 28, 2005, 01:47 PM

It all comes down to the final week of the season.   The biggest question in Dallas this week is: Will a win over St. Louis put the Cowboys in the playoffs?  By the time the Cowboys take the field Sunday night, they will know the answer to that question.  If that answer is YES, the Rams better watch out!

For a couple of weeks now Mark Friedman has been laughing at me because I disrespect the Rams. I disrespect teams that have talent and it doesn’t seem to show. The Rams will reorganize in the off season.

Right now I look at the Rams and I try to put myself in a Rams fans position. I would be so distraught with my football team if I were a Rams fan this season. The Rams have 5 wins this season. They’ve beaten Arizona, Houston, Tennessee, New Orleans and Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is their only quality win.

Let’s go to their losses. They’ve lost to some good teams: NY Giants, understandable; Seattle twice, undedrstandable, Indianapolis, yeah I can buy that; Washington, I can buy that too. But they’ve lost to some pretty sorry teams as well: Arizona, yuk!; San Francisco twice, YUK YUK!; Philadelphia at home two weeks ago.

The Rams should be 9-6 Sunday. They should be playing for the Wildcard spot against the Cowboys on Sunday. The Rams are not an untalented football team. But Mike Martz, the Head Coach deserves to be fired.

He deserves it because for years he has ignored special teams and defense. Now he is paying the price. The Rams have folded their tents this season.

This Rams team is waiting to have it’s butts kicked on Sunday.

And if the Cowboys should be so fortunate to have Atlanta or Philadelphia upset Carolina or Washington, I would not be surprised if the Cowboys won by 28 points or more. If this game has meaning, I think that the Cowboys will come out and shred this team.

That is a bold prediction in this NFL. I don’t think that this is so much about the Cowboys as much as it is about the mental state of the Rams. They have quit. They have quit on their coach. They have quit on their season.

The Rams have nothing to play for. And, by the way, I also have a strong feeling that things will fall into place and the Cowboys will be playing for a playoff spot. If we are presented with a situation where the Cowboys can capture a playoff spot, watch out! I think that the Rams will be plastered.
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