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Good News Dallas
by Tom Pauken    Fri, Dec 23, 2005, 03:05 PM
rob allyn.jpg    

Public Relations Expert Rob Allyn

The firm of Dallas Public Relations/Media expert Rob Allyn has been hired by the Mexican government to improve the image of Mexico in the United States in the wake of widespread public pressure to tighten our common borders and crackdown on illegal immigration from Mexico. Allyn previously worked to help elect Vicente Fox President of Mexico in 2000. Fox was the candidate of the pro-business PAN party and defeated the PRI candidate in that race. PRI, a statist party, had controlled the government of Mexico for more than 70 years in what could charitably be called a "guided democracy".

While Fox’s government has made a serious effort to clean up the official corruption that is embedded in the Mexican system, there are widespread concerns in the U.S. and Mexican circles that the drug cartels still enjoy the protection of many Mexican military and police officials. The decision to hire the Allyn firm comes at a difficult moment for Vicente Fox who will be leaving office next year and who would like to see that office of the Presidency stays in friendly hands. Mexican Presidents are allowed to serve only one six-year term.

Mexican President Vicente Fox
Mexico’s election is only six months away, and the three leading candidates are locked in a very tight race with each of them enjoying support in the 27-29% range at the present time. Felipe Calderon is the candidate of Fox’s conservative National Party, or PAN. Roberto Madrazo is the candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which still remains the dominant political party in Mexico (although it has been losing support in recent years). The candidate who most troubles American policy makers along with conservative business and religious interests in Mexico is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the former leftist Mayor of Mexico City. Mr. Lopez Obrador may have a slight lead in the race at this time although Felipe Calderon (the PAN candidate) appears to be gaining support. The leftist former Mayor reportedly has the private backing of Hugo Chavez, the pro-Communist President of Venezuela who is closely aligned to Fidel Castro, and who is using his country’s oil revenues to extend leftist influence throughout the Western hemisphere.

Brazil, Argentina, and (most recently) Bolivia have elected leftist Presidents. President Vicente Fox
doesn’t want to see that happen in Mexico.

In an interview with DallasBlog, Allyn told us that the Fox government has made much progress in cleaning up corruption in the system and putting policies in place to encourage the development of the private business sector in Mexico. For a variety of reasons, Allyn believes that the story about the progress Mexico is making on many fronts has not been properly told in the United States.

Now, Allyn’s firm will see what it can do to correct that stereotype of Mexico as an unreliable neighbor.

Whatever one’s view of the immigration issue, it is not in our nation’s interest to see a leftist like Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador elected President of Mexico. We don’t need another Hugo Chavez across the border from us. So, anything Rob Allyn can do to improve relations between the United States and Mexico is welcomed here, particularly if it helps ensure that a hard leftist doesn’t come to power in Mexico.

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